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Bauhaus lyrics

Album: B-sides and Rarities

 01  Telegram Sam
 02  Terror Couple Kill Colonel
 03  Scopes
 04  Third Uncle
 05  Bela Lugosi's Dead
 06  The Sanity Assassin
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Telegram Sam
telegram sam
telegram sam
you're my main man

golden nose slim
golden nose slim
i know's where you 'bin

purple pie pete
purple pie pete
your lips are like lightning
girls melt in the heat

telegram sam
you're my main man
telegram sam
you're my main man

bobby's alright
bobby's alright
he's a natural born poet
he's just out a sight

jungle faced jake
jungle faced jake
i said make no mistake
about jungle faced jake

automatic shoes
automatic shoes
give me 3d vision
and the california blues

me i funk but i don't care
i ain't no square with my corkscrew hair

telegram sam
telegram sam i'm a howlin' wolfback to top
Terror Couple Kill Colonel
His eyes were heavy
He carried a card
One couple questioned,
the other discharged
Terror couple kill colonel
In his West German home
Three shots from three feet
Dragged himself to the phone

Terror couple kill colonel
Terror couple kill colonel

And as he lay there
Playing games with his pain
He felt his choice of jobs
Was such a mistake
He could have been a doctor in a soft easy chair
Instead he chose three stars
A territorial affair

Terror couple kill colonel
Terror couple kill colonel

In his West German Home
In his West German Home
In his West German Homeback to top

The twenty scopes
The twenty scopes
The twenty scopes
The twenty scopes
The twenty scopesback to top
Third Uncle
there are tins
there was pork
there are legs
there are sharks
there was john
there are cliffs
there was mother
there's a poker
there was you
then there was you

there are scenes
there are blues
there are boots
there are shoes
there are turks
there are fools
they're in lockers
they're in schools
they're in you
then there was you

burn my fingers
burn my toes
burn my uncle
burn his books
burn his shoes
cook the leather
put it on me
does it fit me
or you
it looks tight on youback to top
Bela Lugosi's Dead
white on white translucent black capes
back on the back
bela lugosi's dead
the bats have left the bell tower
the victims have been bled
red velvet lines the black box
bela lugosi's dead
undead undead undead
the virginal brides file past his tomb
strewn with time's dead flowers
bereft in deathly bloom
alone in a darkened room
the count bela lugosi's dead
undead undead undead

oh bela
bela's undeadback to top
The Sanity Assassin
sinister echoes clutching at straws
letter boxes screaming
you try to pin him to the wall
you end up on the ceiling
locked in a dome
the shadows flicker by
he's the madcap pusher
delerium the drug he's dealing

he drops a capsule in your drink
and spikes your dreams with madness

he's the sniper in the hills
hiding in the holes in your head
he's the poison in your poison
the razor in your bed
hanging on a picture
eye lid needle and thread
you empty yourself once again
he's always one step ahead
was it whispers in your ear
nothing that you said ?
he's walking in your sleep now
he keeps your fat paranoia well fed

he drops a capsule...

the sanity assassin stays up all night stalking
the sanity assassin picks off victims like flys
the sanity assassin lets his fingers do the walking
the sanity assassin the crack shot between your eyes
he's got you in his sights

he drops a capsule...

rback to top
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