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B. B. King lyrics

 1956 Singin' the Blues
 1960 B.B. King Wails
 1960 The Blues
 1960 Sings Spirituals
 1961 My Kind of Blues
 1961 More
 1962 Blues in My Heart
 1962 Easy Listening Blues
 1963 Mr. Blues
 1964 Rock Me Baby
 1965 Let Me Love You
 1965 Boss of the Blues
 1965 Confessin' the Blues
 1966 The Soul of B.B. King
 1966 Turn on to B.B. King
 1967 The Jungle
 1967 Blues Is King
 1968 Blues on Top of Blues
 1968 Lucille
 1969 Completely Well
 1970 The Incredible Soul of B.B. King
 1970 Indianola Mississippi Seeds
 1971 In London
 1972 Guess Who
 1972 L.A. Midnight
 1973 To Know You Is to Love You
 1974 Friends
 1975 Lucille Talks Back
 1977 King Size
 1978 Midnight Believer
 1979 Take It Home
 1981 There Must Be a Better World Somewhere
 1982 Love Me Tender
 1983 Blues 'n' Jazz
 1985 King of the Blues Guitar
 1986 Ambassador of the Blues
 1987 Introducing B.B. King
 1988 Six Silver Strings
 1988 King of Blues: 1989
 1992 There Is Always One More Time
 1993 Blues Summit
 1993 Better Than Ever
 2003 Reflections

· (I'd Be) A Legend in My Time
· (You've Become A) Habit to Me
· A New Way of Driving
· A Story Everybody Knows
· A World Full of Strangers
· A World I Never Made
· Ain't Gonna Worry My Life Anymore
· Ain't Nobody Home
· Ask Me No Questions
· Baby Get Lost
· Baby, Look at You
· Back in L.A.
· Bad Breaks
· Bad Case of Love
· Bad Luck
· Bad Luck Soul
· Beautician Blues
· Better Not Look Down
· Blind Love
· Blues at Midnight
· Boogie Woogie Woman
· Broken Heart
· Business With My Baby Tonight
· Buzz Me
· Caldonia
· Can't Get Enough
· Catfish Blues
· Chains and Things
· Confessin' the Blues
· Crying Won't Help You
· Darlin' You Know I Love You
· Days of Old
· Did You Ever Love a Woman
· Don't Answer the Door
· Don't Change on Me
· Don't You Want a Man Like Me
· Driving Wheel
· Drowning in the Sea of Love
· Early in the Morning
· Every Day I Have the Blues
· Everything I Do Is Wrong
· Eyesight to the Blind
· Feel Like a Million
· Five Long Years
· Fool Me Once
· Gambler's Blues
· Gamblers' Blues
· Get Out of Here
· Ghetto Woman
· Go On
· Go Underground
· Going Home
· Gonna Keep on Loving You
· Good Man Gone Bad
· Got 'Em Bad
· Guess Who?
· Happy Birthday Blues
· Heed My Warning
· Help the Poor
· Hold That Train
· Hummingbird
· I Can Hear My Name
· I Can't Explain
· I Can't Let You Go
· I Gotta Find My Baby
· I Just Can't Leave Your Love Alone
· I Like to Live the Love
· I Love You So
· I Need You Baby
· I Stay in the Mood
· I Want to Get Married
· I Wonder Why
· I'll Survive
· I'm Gonna Do What They Do to Me
· I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town
· I'm King
· I'm Moving On
· I've Always Been Lonely
· I've Got a Right to Love My Baby
· I've Got Papers on You, Baby
· If I Lost You
· Inflation Blues
· Into the Night
· It's Just a Matter of Time
· It's My Own Fault
· Key to My Kingdom
· Lay Another Log on the Fire
· Let Me Love You
· Let Me Make You Cry a Little Longer
· Let's Straighten It Out
· Long Nights
· Love Me Tender
· Make Love to Me
· Mean and Evil
· Midnight Believer
· Mr. Pawnbroker
· Night Life
· Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
· On My Word of Honor
· One of Those Nights
· Part-Time Love
· Past Day
· Paying the Cost to Be the Boss
· Please Accept My Love
· Please Love Me
· Please Remember Me
· Power of the Blues
· Pray for You
· Recession Blues
· Rock Me Baby
· Roll, Roll, Roll
· Same Old Story (Same Old Song)
· Second-Hand Woman
· Sell My Monkey
· Shake Yours
· She Don't Move Me No More
· She's Dynamite
· Shut Your Mouth
· Since I Met You Baby
· Sneakin' Around
· So Excited
· So Many Days
· Someday Baby
· Something up My Sleeve
· Stormy Monday
· Strange Things
· Summer in the City
· Sundown
· Sweet Little Angel
· Sweet Sixteen
· Sweet Thing
· Take It Home
· Take off Your Shoes
· Teardrops from My Eyes
· Ten Long Years
· That Ain't the Way to Do It
· That Evil Child
· That's How Much You Mean to Me
· The Beginning of the End
· The Blues Come over Me
· The Blues Has Got Me
· The Letter
· The Lowdown
· The Other Night Blues
· The Thrill Is Gone
· There Is Always One More Time
· Three O'Clock Blues
· Time Is a Thief
· Time to Say Goodbye
· To Know You Is to Love You
· Tomorrow Is Another Day
· Tonight I'm Gonna Make You a Star
· Treat Me Right
· Troubles Don't Last
· Troubles, Troubles, Troubles
· Undercover Man
· Until I'm Dead and Cold
· Walkin' and Cryin'
· Walking Dr. Bill
· Watch Yourself
· We Can't Agree
· We Can't Make It
· What a Way to Go
· What Can I Do?
· When It All Comes Down (I'll Still Be Around)
· When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer
· Who Are You
· Worry, Worry
· You and Me, Me and You
· You Don't Know
· You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
· You Know I Go for You
· You Never Know
· You Shouldn't Have Left
· You Upset Me Baby
· You Won't Listen
· You're Gonna Miss Me
· You're Still My Woman
· You've Always Got the Blues
· Your Letter

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