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Behemoth lyrics

Album: ...From The Pagan Vastlands [1993]

 01  From Hornedlands To Lindisfarne
 02  Summoning (Of The Ancient Ones)
 03  Blackvisions Of The Almighty
 04  Thy Winter Kingdom
 05  The Dance Of The Pagan Flames
 06  Fields Of Haar-Meggido
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From Hornedlands To Lindisfarne
They came from the cold north
Carried on the wings of waves
No one knows the cult
Bloody acts were only a legend...
Eternal hate and horned sodomy
Came to the lands of virgin's goodness

Moonless night showed me their return
I saw drakkars between the silence, in the dream
When the witches called the spirits from forest
From hornedlands to lindisfarne...

Lords of the fjord, turned daylight
Into december frost, fathers of ice
Proclaimed the new century, marked the paths
Which i follow now, enter the forest
Like you open your veins
In the night of the pagan union

Moonless night ... (see above)

Witches among the night, lead me to the horned moon
I entered my evil soul to fortify my frosty hate
Freezing breath of the blackheart fill the interior
Pagan wings rise me over the evil palace

Massacre will be the beginning of iron holocaust
Evil enters the skies for the return of sodomy
Black snow covers the horde of christ
Winterwinds destroy jehova's palace

Ancient spirits proclaimed the return
Coldnights await like hungry wolves
The powers join among the mountains
The oaks sing funeral songs of frost
I drink the blood for all pagan soulsback to top
Summoning (Of The Ancient Ones)
See "The Return Of The Northern Moon" demo 1992back to top
Blackvisions Of The Almighty
Flames reflects in my eyes
The wildness and hate are born
I draw the magic signs in the air
The pride, act of holy bastards burnt
Here's no more place for them
There's no day, only the moon and the night

I turn into ashes all the holyness
I destroy the altars of contempt with my sword
Then i hide in a blackrain, naked trees
The depths of the forests are my home
As the wolf i appear this night
As the wild dog i'm howling with lust for blood and hunger

I'm the warrior of the night obsessed by hell
Bringing hate, pain and desire
I observe the blackwitches of beauty
Protected with the shadow of my sword
They gave me the wisdom, fed with blasphemy
They assist in my every journey, my heart belongs to them

At midnight i call the winds of mayhem
The power of the horned evil protects me
I see how jesus tears mix with angel's blood
In my visions i observe ....
How the skies turn to black, with the upcoming fire

I'm playing with the view of this night
I love the gloomy landscapes of my world
Obsessed like an animal, old as the planet
I speak words of the ancient knowledge
I give you things, which in paradise
Could be only a dream ....back to top
Thy Winter Kingdom
Enslaved in a cloud above the vast sea
I've finished my journey through the 7 incarnations
The blaze of my glory die out for this world
As the blaze of my rustly steel died

Dark forests, unknown vast lands
Were my home, my dream which came true
Wild as eternal fear of the blackness
I live primeval life under the horned one's rules

Steeps resounded with the howl of the wolves
Searching alone for the victim
And from the deep forest rised you chant
About the god of coldwinds and desire

Crushing the last wound of the crucified one
I stalked the path of the sword, fire and blood
My armies of the ships like dragons
Spread fear among the holy lands

Altars were burning with black fire
For the master of eternal spaces
Born for our blood and fiery steel
Victorious wave of warfare and mayhem

Steeps resounded ... (see above)

Immortal, invincible, dark warrior
(i) leaded my troops through countless battles
And the scream of the dying was our pride
I split a lot of blood, stole human souls, cruel

Now it's time to finish my journey, to rest
I fall into oblivion with weapons
No one will feed my razor with blood again
And the ships sing the psalm of the immortal ...

Steeps resounded (see above)back to top
The Dance Of The Pagan Flames
Oh, cursed profanated thougths of glory return to me
Receive my every fall, my every pain and misfortune
And wrath will born inside you
Stronger than sounds of bells
Primeval instincts will wake
Pagan brothers of our blood
Professing to the majesty of horned evil

The war we'll begin
Will be the final fall of god's flock
We'll have a bloodbath and covered with gore
We'll praise the name of the highest
What's you fallen god for us
He had leaded people to eternal slavery
His angels falling into night like dead swans
To rise never again

Pagan around the wooden symbols
Transmitting the power from hands to hands
Blood for god of gods, king of kings
Unholy masterback to top
Fields Of Haar-Meggido
Observe the message from the darkside of the moon
Spectral warrior all in icy steel
As i proudly touch my cold weapon
The pagan steel sighs with the fullmoon

So the war has just began
Enslaved nations of the tombworld
Can finally reach their weapons

Evil arrives in glory, comes on the four winds
And the masters of hellthrones
Ride the darkness on devilwings
Forces of the earth unleash the storms

Final day is here my children
Lambs of christ, my believers
We must destroy the reign of evil

And the holy armies of heaven rode the sky
All the angels saw the abyssic fire
And some of them threw the swords in fear
And fell down into the pit

Hordes of the goatlord:
Our mayhemic, bloody steel
With the thunders of the drums
Wil crush the weak holyness

The forces gathered down the haar-meggido
Spilt with hate all the angels blood
In black chaos hell reigns

So we won together with the evil winds
Streams of blood flow through the land
Open for the sons of satanback to top
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