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Believer lyrics

Album: Dimensions [1993]

 01  Gone
 02  Future Mind
 03  Dimentia
 04  What Is But Cannot Not Be
 05  Singularity
 06  No Apology
 07  Trilogy Of Knowledge
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I feel fine now. The past is gone.
The book reads my name. I've been
issued a new life.

Stupidity flows, the more you speak
insanity grows, the more I think
religious ideals, cross parallels

Static thought, swallowing me
Crippled mind, all I am is gone

reality fades, time rules my life
kaleidoscopic days, lost within cries
confusion consumes, broken, I bleed

Static thoughts, swallowing me
Broken wing, horrific dream
Crippled mind, all I am is gone

Rev.20:12back to top
Future Mind
I. Living proof of what can be,
escaping from life's tragedy
learning through another's mind,
to catch a glimpse beyond the skies

II. Mental rush of abstract pain,
never asking what's to gain
never lost in splintered eyes
focused on what inward lies

Return to me, I'll return to you
I will not change to justify you

III. Living proof of what must be,
broken from the misery
never lost in present time,
always seeking future mind

Return to me, I'll return to you
I will not change to justify you

Mat. 7:3, Malachi 3:6-7back to top
I. Reason argues the existence of God.
If the incarnate was crucifed,
the dialectical paradox concludes,
that God has already died. 1

II. The very nature of man's independence,
implies accountability for one's actions 2
My decision to be free or not to be,
reveals the magnitude of my freedom. 3

Where is the wise man,
scholar of this age?
Their dementia calls,
from their dimension

III. Freud argued that God is but mere illusion,
our need for some cosmic comforter,
to resolve our deepest childhood neurosis,
a belief based wholly on an unfulfilled wish. 4

IV. Or is this world a random orccurrence,
a chance reshuffling of matter?
Particles in motion in a corner of the universe,
the origin of life and evolution an accident? 5

Where is the wise man,
scholar of this age?
Their dementia calls,
leading men to the grave.
Where is the wise man,
scholar of thes age?
Their dementia calls,
from their dimension

I Cor. 1:19-20

1 Thomas Altizer - "The Gospel of Christian Atheism"
2 Jean-Paul Sarte - "Being and Nothingness"
3 Ludwig Feuerbach - "Essence of Christianity"
4 Sigmund Freud - "Future Of An Illusion"
5 David Hume - "Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion"back to top
What Is But Cannot Not Be
I. Possibility cannot,
account for actuality.
Whatever can come to be,
is caused in order to be.

II. Nothing cannot be something.
I am but can not be.
My existence depends on,
what is but cannot not be.

III. Every effect has a cause,
principle of causality.
The existence of God is,
theistic relativity.

the God the heart needs,
the mind only grievesback to top
I. Theoretical physics
mathematical speculation
Scientifically seduced,
by abstract calculation

II. Gravitational waves
sci-fi investigation


III. All hope abandon,
those who enter here
Region of infinite density
end of time, realistic fear


IV. Beware of what you ask for,
for you might get it.
The Darwinist, the humanist,
the hedonist, the legalist

Infinityback to top
No Apology
I. No longer will I regress backward,
from that which I believe.
I owe no man an explanation,
expect no apology.

II. Logic defends age old prophecies,
Christ's life, death and resurrection.
Proof of absolute deity,
expect no apology.

Not one regret

III. No more will I regress backward
from that wich I believe.
I owe no man an explanation,
expect no apology.

Not one regret
Impenitentback to top
Trilogy Of Knowledge
Movement I: The Lie
The fruit from the tree was so
pleasing to my eye. The serpent
said that I would not die.

The serpent shall be cursed, he
will crawl about and eat dust.
I will put enmity between the
woman and you. Man will crush
your head, you will strike his heel.

The wisdom of the world will be
mine if I eat. What can it hurt
if I take it and eat?

I will greatly increase the woman's
pain, when bearing children all of
your days. You will desire man.
He will rule over you.

Take some, man. Gain wisdom, too.
Eat from the tree.
It's what you must do.

The land will be cursed because of man.
Producing thorns to make him bleed.
By your sweat you will live until death.
Dust you are and to dust you will return.

Gen. 3:1

Movement II: The Truth
(Then Jesus was lead by the Spirit into
the desert to be tempted by the Devil.
After fasting 40 days and 40 nights, He
was hungry. The Tempter came to Him
and said...)
If you're the son of God, tell these
stones to become bread.

Man does not live on bread, but by
words from the mouth of God.

If you're the son of God, throw
yourself to the ground.
God will save you.

But it is written; do not put your
God to the test.

All the world I give you. If you bow
and worship me.

Leave me now and worship the Lord
your God. Serve Him only.

When Satan left Him there the
angels came to Him.
Temptation lost.

Matthew 4:1-11

Movement III: The Key
Evil scheming, wicked violence,
and such is the end of all with ill
gotten gain.

Hatred rejection, mocking others,
this takes the lives of those with ill
gotten gain.

Do not walk on paths of the wicked.
They are the darkness and they
don't understand.

The path of the righteous first
dawns, gleaming, shining brighter
'till the full light of day.

Do not offer body to sin.
Offer yourselves to God as those
brought to life.

Therefore put on the armor of God,
so when that day of evil comes, you
can stand your ground.

Pr. 1:19, 4:14-19 Ro. 6:13 Ep.6:13-14back to top
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