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Believer lyrics

Album: Extraction From Mortality [1989]

 01  Unite
 02  Vile Hypocrisy
 03  D.O.S. (Desolation Of Sodom)
 04  Tormented
 05  Shadow Of Death
 06  Blemished Sacrifices
 07  Not Even One
 08  Extraction From Mortality
 09  Stress
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Rise up, so you can take a stand against the schemes of evil,
courage, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.
Struggle, not for flesh and blood but against dark forces,
rulers and authorities of sin from the spiritual world.
Attack, oppose the prince of death in the heavenly realms,
power from the armor, you must stand your ground.

"We will UNITE AS ONE,
we'll stand and FIGHT AS ONE."

Take up the potent shield of faith with which you can extinguish,
flaming arrows of the one who seeks to slay the chosen.
Uphold the double edged sword which is the Living Word,
piercing unlike any other blade judging thoughts and actions.

Weapons of divine power to destroy all strongholds.
Fighting the good fight of faith intent on final conquest.
Join us disciples of the light in this spiritual warfare,
take hold of eternal life saving souls from hell.


Romans 7:23, 8:37, 12:5, Ephesians 4:13, 6:12,
Galatians 3:28, 1 Timothy 6:12, 2 Timothy 2:4back to top
Vile Hypocrisy
Obeying worthless idols, the prophets prophesied.
Manifesting omens, delusions of their minds,
Claiming total wisdom, Knowledge from above.
Ordained not from the Father, ignorance of love.

Woe to you o'teachers, instructors of the law.
You who play religion, impelling men to fall.
Legalistic actions, neglecting man's distress.
Outer shells of virtue, inner wickedness.

"You blind the eyes that seek to see, deceiveing humanity.
Denying God by deeds, yet claiming intimacy."

Drawing lambs to slaughter, victims of deceit,
Unaware they follow, minds becoming weak.
Vile hypocrisy, method of defense.
For rejection of Christ, eternal consequence.

Heed the written warnings, of deceptive lies.
Neglect deceitful guidance, apostasy defy.
There is nothing concealed, that won't be made known.
Sifting inner motives, judgement for what's shown.


Matthew 7:15,13:22, 23:28, Mark 13:22, Titus 1:16,
Jeremiah 2:8, 5:31, 14:14back to top
D.O.S. (Desolation Of Sodom)
All the men of Sodom, sin had infested.
Rampant wickedness, perverse mortal race.
Evil running loose, misleading minds and souls.
Vile unrestraint, malignant disgrace.

the heavens poured forth fire.
repentance the Lord does require."

Lifeless without breath, wood and rock were hewn.
Men did idolize,these pagan gods of stone.
Heathens disobeyed, defying God's command.
But Lot was undefiled, mercy was his alone.

Devastation of life, brought by God's own might.
Eternal punishment, for all with corrupt desires.
God despises sin, for the blood shed on the cross.
Refines us within, and spares eternal fire.

Genesis 19, 2 Peter 2:6back to top
When evil men advance to devour my flesh,
When enemies attack, their will to oppress.
When bloody wars break loose and armies draw near,
in the day of distress my heart will not fear.

"PAIN, MENTAL torment,

Trapped in mental pain, agony within,
life consumed by anguish, endurance wearing thin.
Tormented by misery, struggling to stand,
growing weak with sorrow, my grief is in Your hands.

Struck down but not destroyed, You lift me from the depths,
You brought me from the grave, redemption from death.
Hard pressed on evry side but not in despair,
never on my own, Your presence everywhere.

Psalm 30, 31, 2 Corinthians 4:8back to top
Shadow Of Death
Running scared, fighting for your life.
Swords are drawn, midst the battle strife.
You feel your life slip away.

Limbs grow numb, your flesh starts to burn.
Wounds grow deep, slowly you discern.
Your life blood will drain away.

The sands of time, drain from the hourglass.
Your life thread, fraying in your grasp.
The gates of death draweth nigh.

Morning dawns, the sun begins to rise.
Blood and sweat, cloud your weary eyes.
Straining to view your cruel foe.

Gripping fear, no one can be seen.
Fighting air, yet your wounds bleed real.
You fight the Shadow of Death.

Distant form, drawing into sight, a man draws near.
With no armor for the fight,
Death thrusts the sword in His side.

Hope has gone, surely you must die.
Suddenly, through the blackened sky.
He rises and conqueres death.

We must die, our sins will bring us death.
At the end of Time.
Jesus Christ, Death no longer reigns.
Human sacrifice.back to top
Blemished Sacrifices
Living a lie, waiting to die, drowning your soul in sin.
Moral decay, you will pay, injecting the venom within.
Hiding your sorrows, running away, destroying the Spirit's shrine.
Wasting your life, unbearable strife, the drug infests your mind.

"Going nowhere, living nightmare.
Endless falling, He is calling."

Ice cold, you sit in fear, your body weakens inside.
Lethal dose, invading you, you're running out of time.
Blackest night closing in, ripping you to the core.
Suicide, the terminal lie, yet eternal life can be yours.

Evil defied, escape the lie, misery freed within.
Spirit control leading your soul, victory from what has been.
Gaining wisdom, growing in strength, attaining dependence on Christ,
Forgiven sins, life through Him, He was the sacrifice.back to top
Not Even One
No one is righteous, not even one,
there is no one who understands.
The Anointed One of God they shun.

All born of the flesh have turned away,
worthless together they have become.
No one does what is right, all disobey.

"Blood sacrifice, faith had begun.
No one must die, not even one."

Their throats are open graves,
their tongues practice deceit.
Ruin and misery mark their ways.

The poison of vipers their lips outcry,
their feet are switft to shed blood.
There is no fear of God before their eyes.

A righteousness from God has been made known,
through the faith one has in Jesus Christ.
Believing that His shed blood will atone,

There is no difference for all have sinned,
falling short of the glory of the Lord.
But redemption comes from Christ within.

Romans 3:9-31back to top
Extraction From Mortality
What good would result for a man,
by gaining the world but losing his soul?
Love not the world,
or the wrath of the Father you will behold.

Do not conform to evil,
the desires conceived in ignorance.
Choosing to befriend the world,
brings hatred from God as a consequence.

Extraction From Mortality.
deliverance from agony."

Men would love you as their own,
if you belonged to this earthly realm.
Mankind hates the ones,
who do not conform but rebel.

Everyone born of God,
will not face eternal decay.
Death they will overcome,
the ways of man will pass away.

Be transformed by renewing,
the intentions and thoughts of your mind.
Your life must be hidden in Christ,
leaving the corrupted flesh behind.

Exodus 23:2, Romans 8:29, 12:2, 1 John 2:15, 5:4,
1 Peter 1:14, Matthew 16:26, James 4:4,
Colossians 3:23, 1 Corinthians 7:31, Hebrews 11:25back to top
What's the use of worrying,
what good will it do?
Will it add a single day,
to your life?

"PANIC - no more,
WORRY - about what?
STRESSING - no need,
when you HAVE THE LORD."

Constant troubles of your mind,
past, present, future time.
Problems building up inside,
leave it all behind.

Rid yourself of needless tension,
lay your burdens on the Lord.
He will give you strength you need,
if you'll believe His Word.

Luke 12:22-31back to top
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