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Beltanie lyrics

Album: First Scream Of Bohemian Winter [1990]

 01  Celestial Bodies
 02  Cry of insanity
 03  Eclipse
 04  The Lake Of Brine
 05  Morrighan
 06  Pagan Gods
 07  Samain
 08  Visions
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Celestial Bodies
When the clouds throw the moon into the shade
I am sullen
A new star will come from the space to us
I feel it deep in me
Our destiny is written in the sky
by the fire
And the ancient empires will fall.

I see again
the celestial bodies over me
they watch my way
... I wanna break them.

When creed is lie and hope is dead
false desire
I hear the mourning hymn in air
my scream in frozen ice
Our destiny is written in the sky
by the fire
And the ancient empires will fall.

Hypocrisy never hides
Rebellion in my heart
I won't kneel in front of you
I only wanna break your rules
Rebellion sets me free
Submission is lie !!!

Don't creep
Rebellion breaks the rules
I'll find
a new place...
escape from disgrace

I won't kneel
I won't pray
I scream...struggle with me !back to top
Cry of insanity
When will you see the burning eyes?
When will you feel the power of fire?
Have you forgotten hurts and lies,
bleeding for stately aim?
Never dies..... cry of insanity.

When will you know the fool and blind?
When will you wake the power of mountains?
Sick of your body, nails in mind.
The eulogy stained with gore.
Suicide..... cry of insanity.

In the name of good they burn your eyes and take your soul
quench your fire, break desire, turn you to a hole
termination, expiration, scar upon my brain
there will be a day when I will wake, so keep me sane!

Fire-up and they will be a poisoned drop in sea
I can only win, Ilive in sin, so follow me
fine illusion for the chosen: "freedom is my law"
be in heaven, wane, forever pious, we say no!back to top
Any day, any night, any season
followin' year goes away
Solitude, pain in my heart
I've never seen before.

Experience, all in my life
I'll never feel again.

Follow me
follow sign
follow wish
and any way reach for the sky
Take all if you want
until you fall in grey.

Dream, all in my life
I'll never feel again.

Burns in my veins!
...and the fear in the eyes
burns me
...and the fear in the eyes.

When silent torture comes to
eclipse my heart
you can't help me, my friend
to break shadow.

Bury me
in the wood
to the grave-mound
nevermore waste any time
Days go by and life
you'll never live again.

Fear of oldage...back to top
The Lake Of Brine
War inside...spills blood from your veins
Voice of your deadly own
You fade like the portrait...that's bygone.

You sip from the chalice of bane
Weakness poison your soul
The shine in your eyes...burns low.

Hear my cryin' from outside
Don't believe in their lie
You should's late
and you'll die ...
... in the lake of brine.

You fall like the autumnal leaf
in the garden of pain
Broken in your room...lost in vain.

You should wake up from eternal sleep
Hear the noise from bellow
Life flows to nowhere...
...and the centuries go.

Flagelation - the one way
of your moaning and grime
You should's late
and you're dyin'...
... in the lake of brine.back to top
Morrighan will be forever
If she dies, she'll rise again
Like a poisoned soil
New life grows from her pain.

Morrighan a womb of being
She's a cradle and my grave
Veiled in black
Fear, when she rave.

See the shade of doom
See this is spirit of Morrighan.

Why you leave me alone?
Why you kill me? I groan.
Once for all.
Pain and raven is her sign.
Wasted years and time
will sweep your cry away.

Scar in me
dyin', my son
Scar in you
tell me who won
Scar in us
sorrow and fate
Scar in life
look to the price of hate.back to top
Pagan Gods
Beings from outside are forever
essence of knowledge
an eternal fountain
glowing amber

The Gods still live in me.

Feeling the roots in soil and heaven
I am aware of
Alight from the thrones
through the gate of the age.

The Gods still live in me.

We are like the beasts
who wait for tomorrow
suddenly we arose
"nevermore in the shade"
I will feel again
savour of revolt
avoid me, I am saved
- Donation
you give to me
you give to me
... Pagan Gods.

Arise as fire
from a piece of coal
war, desire
stir to find your own.back to top
See the dyin' sun in me
and winter closes the door
silent voice will curse the day
when I was born...
now comes the time to pay.

Last day in Cantlos
black wind blows from the north
night throws a day into the darkness.
Last day in Canlos
we will die with sundown.


See the clouds in the dark grey sky
and the nature calls
silent earth will curse the day
when we were born...
now comes the time to pay.

I hope in new dawn
which was divined in runes
Time will revive
the circle of life and death.
I hope in new dawn
which will come me.


... An Ghrian Beag ... An Ghrian Beag...

Samainback to top
Begin this passage
Wake me from darkness
Enter to the being
Sharp light blinds me
Walking through the inner self to find the answer
Vision stay... Blind eyes can't corrupt my way!

The way of inspiration
my dream swallows me
I feel the power
Four winds call
Purification by flames - The burning shaman
High and higher... Spread my wings and let me fly!

Falling to vision - I fly
Crossing the passage - In time
Seeking the jewel - Which is lost
Loking to fire where come my visions from.

Out of space and time
Voice from bellow
In the grip of fever
They call my soul.back to top
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