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Ben Folds Five lyrics

Album: Whatever and Ever Amen [1997]

 01  One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces
 02  Fair
 03  Brick
 04  Song for the Dumped
 05  Selfless, Cold and Composed
 06  Kate
 07  Smoke
 08  Cigarette
 09  Steven's Last Night in Town
 10  Battle of Who Could Care Less
 11  Missing the War
 12  Evaporated
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One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces
September '75 I was 47 inches high
Mom said someday I would have
A bad ass mother g.i. joe
For your little minds to blow
I still got beat up after class

Now I'm big and important
One angry dwarf
And 200 solemn faces
Are you
If you want to see me
Check your papers and your t.v.
Look who's tellin' who what to do
Kiss my ass good-bye

Don't give me that bullshit
You know who I am
I'm your nightmare little man
Vic you stole my lunch money.
Made me cry.
Jane remember second grade
Said you couldn't stand my face
Rather than kiss me you said
You'd rather die

You'll be sorry one day
Yes you will, yes you will
You shouldn't push me around
Cause I will, yes I will
You will be sorry when I'm big
Yes you will be sorryback to top
He shouted out his last word
And he stumbled through the yard
And she shattered her last china plate
And spun off in the car
When he lunged onto the hood
She stopped to tell him she'd been wrong
He was thrown head over heels
Into the traffic coming on
But then
All is fair in love

Did you get my other letters
Sometimes I think I oughta call
Cause you know I often
Wonder if you open them at all
Every couple nights or so
You know you pop into my dreams
I just can't get rid of you
Like you got rid of me
Ohh but I send my best
Cause God knows you've seen my worst
But then all is fair in love
All this breathing in never breathing out
I guess she made her way
Through the mob too late to hear him say

That he'd gotten all he'd wanted
A crowd to watch him bear the pain
He'd been keeping in
So what-
All is fair in loveback to top
6 am day after christmas
I throw some clothes on in
The dark
The smell of cold
Car seat is freezing
The world is sleeping and
I am numb
Up the stairs to her apartment
She is balled up on the couch
Her mom and dad went down
To charlotte
They're not home to find us
And we drive
Now that I have founds someone
I'm feeling more alone
Than I ever have before

She's a brick and I'm drowning
Off the coast and I'm headed
She's a brick and I'm drowning

They call her name at 7:30
I pace around the parking lot
Then I walk down to buy her
And sell some gifts that I got
Can't you see
It's not me you're dying for
Now she's feeling more alone
Than she ever has before


As weeks went by
It showed that she was not fine
They told me son it's time
To tell the truth
And she broke down and I broke
'cause I was tired of lying
Driving back to her apartment
For the moment we're alone
She's alone
And I'm alone
Now I know it

Chorusback to top
Song for the Dumped
So you wanted
To take a break
Slow it down some and
Have some space

Well fuck you too
Give me my money back
Give me my money back
You bitch
I want my money back
(and don't forget to give
Me back my black t-shirt)

Wish I hadn't bought you dinner
Right before you dumped me
On your front porch
Give me my money back
Give me my money back
You bitch
I want my money back
And don't forget

And don't forget.back to top
Selfless, Cold and Composed
I said what you wanted to hear
And what I wanted to say
So I will take it back
Are all the dishes intact?
Let them be broken, broken

It's easy to be
Easy and free
When it doesn't mean anything
You remain selfless, cold and

You've done me no favor
To call and be nice
Telling me i
Can take anything I like
You don't owe me to be so
You've done no wrong
You've done no wrong
Get out of my sight


Come on baby now throw me
A right to the chin
Don't just stare like
You never cared
I know you did
But you just smile
Like a bank teller
Blankly telling me
Have a nice life
Come on baby now
Throw me a right
To the chin
Just one sign that could
Show me that you give a
But you just smile politely
And I grow weaker and i
Said what you wanted to hear
And what I wanted to say
So I will take it back

Chorusback to top
She plays wipeout on the drums
The squirrels and the birds come
Gather round and sing the guitar
Oh i. . .have you got nothing to say
When all words fail she
Her mix tape's a masterpiece
Walks through the garden
So the roses can see
Oh i. . .have you got nothing
To say
And you can see daisies
In her footsteps
Dandelions, butterflies
I wanna be kate

Everyday she wears the same
I think she smokes pot
She's everything I want
She's everything I'm not
Oh i. . .
Have you got nothing to say
She never gets wet
She smiles and it's a rainbow
And she speaks and she
I wanna be kate

Down by rosemary and cameron
She hands out the
Bhagavad gita
I see her around every couple
I wanna see her so that
I can say. . .hey kateback to top
Leaf by leaf and page by page
Throw this book away
All the sadness all the rage
Throw this book away
Rip out the binding and tear the
All of the grief we never even
We had it all along
Now it's smoke
The things we've written in it
Never really happened
All the things we've written in it
Never really happened
All the people come and
Never really lived
All the people come have gone
No one to forgive

We will not write a new one
There will not be a new one
Another one another one

Here's and evening dark with
Throw it on the fire
Here's the time I took the
Throw it on the fire
Here's the time we didn't speak
It seemed for years and years and
Here's a secret
No one will ever know the
Reasons for the tears
They are smoke


Where do all the secrets live
They travel in the air
You can smell them when
They burn
They travel
Those who say the past is
Not dead
Can stop and smell the smoke
You keep saying the past is
Not dead
Well stop and smell the smoke
You keep on saying the past is
Not even past and
You keep on saying
We are, smokeback to top
Fred jones was worn down
From caring for his often
Screaming and crying wife
Burning the day but
He couldn't sleep at night for fear that she
In a stupor from the drugs that didn't even
Ease the pain would set the house on blaze
With a cigarette.back to top
Steven's Last Night in Town
Everyone gather round now
Sing us a song
Just in case by tomorrow
It happens he's gone
For two weeks and seven days
Our fair foreign friend
I have this feeling
We might never see steven again


We thought he was gone
But he's come back again
Last week it was funny
But now the joke's wearing thin
Everyone knows now
That every night now
Will be steven's last night
In town

He's charmed [live:fucked] everyone here
Except tamara easter
Who later revealed to him
Her innermost secrets
Won us over with stories
About linda mccartney
Lost points with the ladies
For saying he couldn't love a
Woman with cellulite

[on demo: I'm wondering how
Your decorations are standing up.
In fact, the lawn's looking a little
Shabby, but we can discuss that later.
How's the chimney stack doing?
And the door arches, they're ok? ]
We were talking 'bout something
Seems like was funny
Then steven got quiet
I think steven was mad [live: pissed]
Maybe he wasn't mad
But we felt very strange in
The moment
But the moment was passed
And forgotten about

Chorusback to top
Battle of Who Could Care Less
Do you not hear me anymore
I know it's not your thing
To care
I know it's cool to be so bored
But it sucks me in when you're aloof
It sucks me in, it sucks it works
I guess it's cool to be alone

Will you never rest
Fighting the battle of who
Could care less
Every day you wake up late
Sometimes I wish I was
That way

And you think rockford files
Is cool
But there are some things
That you would change
If it were up to you
So think about your masterpiece
Watch the rockford files and
Call to see if paul can score
Some weed
Will you never rest
Fighting the battle
Of who could care less
Unearned unhappiness
That's alright I guess

I've got this great idea
Why don't we pitch into the
Franklin fucking mint
Fine pewter portraits of
General apathy and major boredom singing. . .
Whatever and ever amen.
Oh well maybe not try
This should cheer you up
For sure
See I've got your old i.d.
And you're all dressed up like
The cure

Will you never rest
Fighting the battle
Of who could care less
Unearned unhappiness
You're my hero I confessback to top
Missing the War
All is quiet his tired eyes
See figures jotted down
And clothes all strewn around
The bedroom flood
Now nothing's adding up
And nothing's making sense
She's sleeping like a baby
She doesn't like a baby
She doesn't know he wasn't meant for this
I'm missing the war
I'm missing the war all night
Missing the war
He drove home again
Pissed and beaten
Its really no big deal
It happens all the time
Its no big deal

I'm missing the war
I'm missing the war all night
Missing the war
I'm missing the war

'till beads of sunlight hit me in the morning
So much time so little to say
Time may fly
And dreams may die
The shaking voice that tells him go
Still thinks he might
He knows he won't
I'm missing the war
Missing the war all night
Missing the warback to top
What I've kept with me
And what I've thrown away
Don't know where the hell I've ended up
On this glary, random day
Were the things I really cared about
Just left along the way
For being to pent up and proud

Woke up way too late
Feeling hung over and old
And the sun was shining bright
And I walked barefoot
Down the road
Started thinking about
My old man
It seems that all men
Wanna get into a car and go

Here I stand - sad and free
I can't cry and I can't see
What I've done
God. . .what have I done

Don't you know I'm numb, man
No I can't feel a thing at all
'cause it's all smiles and business
These days
And I'm indifferent to the loss
I've faith that there's a soul somewhere
Who's leading me around
I wonder if she knows
Which way is down. . . [on demo:which way is up and which is down. . .]


I poured my heart out
I poured my heart out
It evaporated. . .see?

Blind man on a canyon's edge
Of a panoramic scene
Or maybe I'm a kite
That's flying high and random
Dangling a string
Or slumped over in a vacant room
Head on a stranger's knee
I'm sure back home
They think I've lost my mind.

Chorusback to top
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