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Ben Harper lyrics

 1994 Welcome to the Cruel World
 1995 Fight for Your Mind
 1997 The Will to Live
 1999 Burn to Shine
 1999 Innocent Criminals: Live
 2001 Live From Mars
 2003 Diamonds on the Inside
 2004 There Will Be a Light

· Alone
· Amen Omen
· Another Lonely Day
· Ashes
· Beloved One
· Blessed to Be a Witness
· Breakin' Down
· Bring the Funk
· Brown Eyed Blues
· Burn One Down
· Burn to Shine
· By My Side
· Diamonds on the Inside
· Don't Take That Attitude to Your Grave
· Everything
· Excuse Me Mr.
· Faded
· Fight for Your Mind
· Forever
· Forgiven
· Give a Man a Home
· Glory & Consequence
· Glory and Consequence
· God Fearing Man
· Gold to Me
· Ground on Down
· Homeless Child
· How Many Miles Must We March
· I Shall Not Walk Alone
· I Want to Be Ready
· I'll Rise
· In the Lord's Arms
· Jah Work
· Less
· Like a King
· Like a King/I'll Rise
· Mama's Got a Girlfriend
· Mama's Got a Girlfriend Now
· Mama's Trippin'
· Not Fire, Not Ice
· Number Three
· One Road to Freedom
· Oppression
· People Lead
· Picture of Jesus
· Please Bleed
· Please Me Like You Want To
· Pleasure and Pain
· Power of the Gospel
· Roses From My Friends
· Sexual Healing
· She's Only Happy in the Sun
· Show Me a Little Shame
· So High So Low
· Steal My Kisses
· Suzie Blue
· Temporary Remedy
· The Drugs Don't Work
· The Three of Us
· The Will to Live
· The Woman in You
· Touch from Your Lust
· Two Hands of a Prayer
· Waiting on an Angel
· Walk Away
· Welcome to the Cruel World
· When It's Good
· When She Believes
· Whipping Boy
· Widow of a Living Man
· With My Own Two Hands
· Woman in You

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