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Bethlehem lyrics

Album: Reflektionen Auf's Sterben [1998]

 01  Wolfsstunde (Vargtimmen) 1. Hour of the Wolf (Norwegian way of saying it)
 02  Angst atmet Mord 3. Fear breath murder
 03 Du sollst dich t�ten 4. You must kill yourself
 04 Vargtimmen 5. Hour of the Wolf
 05  Reflektionen auf's Sterben 6. Reflections on dying
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Wolfsstunde (Vargtimmen) 1. Hour of the Wolf (Norwegian way of saying it)
Das verbannte Leid
begraben in der Leichenbl�sse The banished sorrow
verursacht leblose Erregung buried in aurora
in der flamme meines welken Herzens causes lifeless emotion
in the flame of my faded heart
Wenn totes Leben
am Ende der Nacht versinkt If dead life immerses in dawn
und sich der Schatten meines Schisma and the shade of my schism
in heiterer Schw�rze verliert is to be lost into brightened
wird Tod die einzige Erl�sung sein blackness
death will be the only redemption
Gestern starb ich schon Heute Yesterday I still died todayback to top
Angst atmet Mord 3. Fear breath murder
This is a cool song, too bad it's only 3:23 and an instrumental. But it
starts off with a very black metal touch and then go back into the vein of
Dictius - SUiZID era of muscianship.back to top
Reflektionen auf's Sterben 6. Reflections on dying
Okay, this isn't really a song, except they put 2:04 of "Wo Adlers Wagen"
in the background (which sounds really fucking cool) while some talking goes
on, here's basically what's going on.

I wish they would have put the entire song of "Wo Adlers Wagen" on there,
but due to some controversial issues, the song never made it onto the Cd
(except this excerpt of course).

At the beginning there's two guys smoking a joint and talking, I'm not
100% sure of what they're talking about because they're speaking too quietly
and Landerfermann's on vocals in the background. So all of a sudden you hear
someone knocking on the door and eventually he breaks in. Now the two guys
turn out to be drug dealers because the guy who broke in is asking for some
dope for free. So one of the guys says "Don't you have something?" and then
the guy who broke in keeps saying "Come on... Come ON, COME ON!" begging for
it. And the dealer says "No money, no drugs." And then they get into a big
arguement and the guy who broke in kept yelling "GO AWAY! GO AWAY" and then
he kicked them out.back to top
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