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Black Dawn lyrics

Album: Absence Of Time [1997]

 01  Eyes Of The Bottle
 02  February
 03  Shaded tree
 04  Rock covered grave
 05  Room of white
 06  Wait
 07  When Am I
 08  Wasted time
 09  Hostile intentions
 10  Bill's song
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Eyes Of The Bottle
yo black dawn in the fuckin' house man comin' to you with another hardcore track
called eyes of the bottle) no one ever fuckin' listened.
No one ever fuckin' cared.
Ridin' on your blanket of lies.
Fallen down to this world of truth.
Don't you know that i do hate?
I could rape your shallow mind.
Fill your lungs up with my soul.
Leave you here dying somewhere cold.

Now that i'm looking through the eyes of the bottle.
You know i can hardly fuckin' see.
I can hardly see.
Lay you down you lay me low.
Still i've got so far to go.
Cause you were always getting fuckin' stoned) go!back to top
But it's so hard when you don't know your name searching for answers to find.
Still it's so hard when you don't know your name searching for answers to find.

As i wait here for you to come back home to me.
Never again do i hear all these thoughts of wasting my life here i am.
Trying so hard everyday we change still we drift apart.
I touch my hands to your face so pure i'm tasting the tears again

why can't i just let go leave it all far behind?
But it's so fuckin' hard when you don't know who you are.back to top
Shaded tree
Tell me who's wrong.
Wrong for thinking twice.
Sorry that you.
You have to pay the price.
But i'm not to blame.
Blame for your mistakes.
So now you ask.
Who will it be to save you now?

Tucked behind the shaded trees i see now.
Don't you ever try to be me.
Everyday we look outside but don't you ever see.
Takin' all the things you've taken from me.
Just to think you'd say your sorry.
But you've never given back now given back to meback to top
Rock covered grave
I don't know what's gone wrong with me.
I don't know what is now gone.
I don't care or give a damn for me.
I don't want anyone, anymore.
Slowly thoughts i lay to rest.
While flowers wilt and turn to sand.
As we lay here silently.
All these thoughts go race back to me.

I'm on my own now.
I don't know love now.
Feel so alone now.
I said i've lost that someone to love

Take me away.
As i sit here i'll still wait for you to come back to me again.
As i sit here i still think of how it all and how it used to be.
My shallow grave's been dug for me.
There is no place that i'd rather be.
Don't want to live in pain anymore.
Just let me in and i'll close the door behind.back to top
Room of white
Turn this key a little more now.
Unlock the doors that close this mind.
Float away upon these puddles (of rain).
Pray they wash away what you find.
Sitting here you ponder confusion.
Asking what is next to come of this.
Close your eyes and i will help you.
Together we'll find this place called home.

See what you do to (me).
Feel me deep inside of you.
Tasting you I feel the pleasure.
Of your legs wrapped around.
Close my eyes I'm leaving never.
This is where I wish to die

This room of white surronds me.
Breathe my soul you now become me.
Close your eyes reach out you've found me.
Tears of love sorrow without me.
Candles burn and wave their shadows.
Upon this wall that bares your face.
I close my eyes and hope to find.
I hope to find this other place (room of white)

(chorus)back to top
I wait to see a golden sun it leaves and then it colors me.
Embrace all these thoughts descend down to me you float so free.

Wait for me now.
Don't you take another piece of me you found.
Wait for me now.
Don't you take another piece of me you found

I see you now as you move before my hands that greet your face.
Close distraught eyes have no time to breathe your beauty steals me


So you sit here and you think of all these things that could've been.
With your hands above the shadows and your head upon the sand.
Shrouding all the ground around me as we watch the sun it rises.
And the wind it whispers sweetly blowing your voice through the trees.
I'm laughing aloud so silently i'm closing my eyes as you fade into me (to me).
So you think you can take another piece of me.
And leave me dying here well close your eyes and some day you'll see.
Wait, wait cause someday you'll see that maybe i'll come back so.
Take, take another piece of me cause you never listened.
Wait, wait for me cause some day i'll be home.
Wait for me cause some day i'll be home.

Chorusback to top
When Am I
Drawing me out to nowhere.
When is it going to end?
These eyes are melting.
I've lost another friend.
Don't you take it so hard now.
Don't you let them get down to you.
I'll be back once again now.
I'll be back once again i've found.
When am I comin' home?
When am I comin' home?
I said i do not know.
When am i comin' home?
(when am I) when am I comin' home?
Liquid sunshine dance upon my face again and again.
I lay on the ground and I look at the sky as the rain it blesses these eyes.
Nothing is going to take me down not today.
Do for myself what has never been done for me when am i coming home.
I don't mind.
I don't care.
Don't seem to give a shit.
To what the fuck's out there.back to top
Wasted time
Where have I seen your face a thousand times as I cried?
You would say it's all right now but you're gone.
Now I have no one to lean on.
Cause you took everything from me.

Wasted time it's on my mind.
Thanks for playing with my mind.
I don't care I've got myself.
I've got my friends that's all I need.
Wasted time that's all it is)

Wasted time is on my mind and I never know what it is to be.
Been dealt these cards of shit but I'm sitting here and dealing with it.
Everyday I look outside and see the grey remains of fall and I question all the things i think.
Do really give a shit if you're still here with me?

Chorusback to top
Hostile intentions
Find yourself know yourself don't lie to others.
Don't you fuckin' lie to me just to save some face.
You've plagued us all with your thoughts and your disillusions.
You'd die for me kill for me take away this pain.
The smallest thing as a friend sorry you couldn't be.
Speak not to me with hostile intentions.

Turn around and look at me shadows without a soul.
I've fallen down onto my knees to crawl out from this hole.
Just a man without a face drifting out of sleep.
Insecurity consuming you as your mind swallows you deep

Blood shot eyes and swollen veins wont heal your soul.
When I take I take to heal but misery sleeps with me.
A talking myme cloudy mind lacidazical.
When you take you take to steal so misery wakes with me.
When I'm wasted sinkin' down.
Down into this chair.
This desert moon surrounds me and the sand becomes my bed.


I think there's something really sad about the way you live your life.
You always want respect from me well respect me not you die.
Sorry that you had to ruin all of your precious dreams.
Deny me not for being high well
She gives me all, gives me what i need.
Don't you fuckin' lie!

Chorusback to top
Bill's song
Looked up to the sky was fallen I knew not where I was.
Looked around to all the people the one's that had turned to dust.
Sitting here with all my thoughts they were raped and torn away.
Fighting through this world of sorrow so I can live today.

Fallen from her grace led me to another place inside.
Of hell I dwell so long in pain Ii said goodbye.
(she died)
Fallen from her grace led me to another place inside.
Of hell i dwell for so fucking long

Take my hand and show me the wayback to top
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