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Blessed Death lyrics

Album: Destined For Extinction [1987]

 01  Digital War
 02  Painkiller
 03  10000 days /of Bloodshed/
 04  Incoming wounded
 05  Pray for death
 06  Death in th sky
 07  Curse of Weapons
 08  Alien Impregnation
 09  Destructions Eve
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Digital War
Stockpile weapons of war
Mutual assured destruction
Sensors and readout decide the time to die
Terminals linked for digital war
Decisions non left to computers
Warfare convention is gone
Binary codes to the thinking
War's need for man shall be gone
Digital war - encode the death
Digital war - meet your death
Pushbutton war is upon us
No time to life the guns
Destruction of man comes in minutes
Who will determine who won
First strike has no meaning
Retaliation is too complete
The answer lies in the question
Will man produce his own defeat
Decisions have been made for us
we have no fuckin' say
Don't try and save the future
Cause it doesn't matter anyway
When warnings come over the airwaves
The buttons have now been depressed
Expect your world to end in seconds
For this is not just a testback to top
Sentenced to death
For crimes of hate
Injection of drugs
Pushed by the heads of state
Their orders are clear
Watch him squirm and die
Snuff out his life
For living lies
No - stop the pain,
No - killing my brain
You have killed
Now you die
Slow with pain
Death's hand reigns
Acid - laced chemicals cruise throught my veins
Seizing my heart, lungs and brain
For the lies have crushed
I pay now with mine
Oh what will stop this pain
Death - death will save
Death - death will save
Gasping, thrashing, crying, dying
Gasping, thrashing, crying, dying
Gasping, thrashing, crying, dying
Gasping, thrashing, crying, dying
As I lie across this slab
And repeat for my sins
I feel my insides screaming
Oh, death stop this pain
Acid - olaced chemicals cruise through my veins
Totally seizing my heart, lungs, and brain
Death is your painkiller, Death is your painkiller
Death is your painkiller, Death is your painkiller
Death is your painkiller, Death is your painkiller
Death is your painkiller, Death is your painkiller
No...back to top
10000 days /of Bloodshed/
Wars blood screams out death
Battle cries can't be heard
Viet lies - hear my word
Think it's gone: this war's so young
10000 days of Bloodshed
That' now long it lasts
10000 days of Bloodshed
Taste the blood, showered in the blast
Numbered in remenbrance
For the minds that were not there
Just seems so inhuman not to think
Or just not care
This war destroyed the souls of those who lives
Not those who died
And every bloody fuckin' night
Lives on in those who once survived
10000 days of Bloodshed
Sick reminder of the past
10000 days of Bloodshed
Feel the scars how long they last
Pain Just a sympton of the universe
Burns That's the way of war
Deep pain
10000 days of Bloodshed
Never leaves my fuckin' mind
10000 days of Bloodshed
Got to leave it all behindback to top
Incoming wounded
Incoming wounded
Mortars flying, flames are flashing
Bullets ripping by, I don't want to die
Incoming wounded
Lying in this field for two days bleeding
Incoming wounded
Maggots crawling, my flesh their feeding
Incoming wounded
Someone take me away
Incoming wounded
Just to die another day
Medevac come take us out
So many wounded don't know what nam's about
Got to get somewhere to kill this pain
57000 died in fuckin' vein
Incoming wounded
War machine just keeps turning
Incoming wounded
Men are dying on this killing floor
Incoming wounded
Take us out, stop the bleeding
Incoming wounded
Bring us back to feed the war
Never again will the sound of war
Prepare my mind to kill
I gave my life to pigs of war
To kill or just be killed
Bring us to the front line
And watch from war away
Evacuate the ones who bleed
And ship more up today
Nam screaming in my head
Never forget the M.I.A.back to top
Pray for death
Pray for death
Pray for death
Destruction's eve has slowly passed
Regret the fact that you live
For soom enough you'll find a world
For nothing nothing left to give
So ask yourself and decide
There's living corpses left inside
Drop quickly toyour bloody knees
And pray, pray intensely for death
Snow blind there is no sin
Death and dying slowly spun
Earth is in post mortem
Swallowed slowly, nowhere to run
Pray for death
Pray for death
Pray for death
Pray for deathback to top
Death in th sky
Second ficking, life slipping
Rockets lifting into the sky
Flames escaping, boosters breaking
Death only seconds away
Humans are splattered, shuttle is shattered
Now you have death in the sky
Earth's in mourning
Nation on its knees
Systems failing
Fallen to the sea
Onto the shores wash human flesh, bloodied bone
Death in the sky
Massive metal, chunks of death, clues unseen
Death in the sky
Pressured to launch, should not have been
Wagering life
Now pay your price for your death in the sky
Must go on Must go on
Have you learn Space explored
Death in the sky find new life
Futures burned Seek the cause
Sea of graves Suicide
Blown to hell Want to go
Billions lost Death in the sky
Human cost Watch below
Death in the sky
Death in the sky
Death in the sky
Death in the sky
Earth's in mourning
Nation on its knees
System's failing
Falling to the sea
Death in the sky
Death in the sky
Death in the sky
Death in the skyback to top
Curse of Weapons
Up from the sea of man
Crawled life cro Magnon man
To hunt, fuck, kill and die
Weapons of life he must rely
One man sick and evil
Grabbed that stick, rock or bone
Used it to kill for his own
The first to use a weapon
Blessed with the curse of weapons
One man sick and evil
Tought to kill, kill with weapons
Millions of years have come and come
Now you wonder what went wrong
Man is animal he kills for life
The curse of weapons shall remainback to top
Alien Impregnation
Down from space, came the dying race
Life beyond our sight
To plant its seed among the stars
Chosen earth for its great site
And picked primate to bare its flight
>From animal evolved man
God of man never did exist
You prove my theory wrong
Advanced mutation from another world
Has landed man here today
Allien impregnation
Is the eather of your mind
Alien impregnation
Evoluted ape, to sick mankind
Wonder why there's harted
It is bred within
We carry demented symptons
There is nothing I call sin
We are the sons
Of distant stars
Facing extinction, we searched for earth
And injected our destructive seed
Not knowing, you search for answers
In UFO's we do come back to see!back to top
Destructions Eve
Stripped away of humanity and mind
And given up the right to survive
Man forgot the cause of life
And hatred bred his future life
For centuries man had fooled himself
Thinking that night might never arrive
But as the end of life is inevitable to man
So must the earth have a time to die
And as his future swayed in the balance of extinction
All was lost on that eve of destruction
Time has slipped away
No more sunrise to dawn another day
Brittle human fossils
To tell the ways of man
And his evil human curse
Eve of Destruction
Earth's end is near
The dead will earth will rest
In the frozen gloom
Of spaceback to top
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