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Blood lyrics

Album: Gas. Flames. Bones [1999]

 01  Screaming With No Face
 02  Flames And Gas
 03  Auto Cannibalism
 04  Ebola
 05  Perishment In Utter Ecstasy
 06  Defaced Total Mutation
 07  Der Henker
 08  Fleshconsumer
 09  Multiglobablized Fallacy
 10  Derangement
 11  Woundead
 12  FH-70mm
 13  Holy Rot
 14  Mankind
 15  Serial Infanticide
 16  Amputation
 17  Hecatomb
 18  Positional Warfare
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Screaming With No Face
loud screams torments my ears
bloodcurdling, I'm going insane
female figure, not already dead
incredible bleedings, head trisect

her face is torn beyond the bone
howling unbearable in a shock
be victim of a killer dog
is screaming with no face

purest horror
stupid little girl
no fodder for the dog
die in a sea of bloodback to top
Flames And Gas
flames devour - skin and hair
flames devour - flesh and blood
only a one way route
countless wagons arrive
selected ones have to take a shower
a shower of gas!

first they hold their breath
gas crawls through their lungs
the incinerator must be fired
fired by human corpses
flames and gas

flames devours all skin
flames devours all hair
flames devours all flesh
those flames devours all bones

flames devours everything
remaining gold and bones divided

the smoke smells strange
like a cemetary placeback to top
Auto Cannibalism
locked in a camp of perversion
the allotment is not enough

many were killed and demoralised
deliver found pictures of horror

some corpses had several bite marks
up and down the length of both arms
gods of war - auto cannibalism -
demonised war - self dissection

in her frenzy - a woman sat in front of her hut
taking bites cut of her own arms ever and ever again

into a big pot - a soup of human flesh
was their own delight - in this camp of putrefaction
and it's true - that was first
reported case - of auto cannibalismback to top
something loudless, invisible has infected your body
can't recognized that your days are counted
you think you got a cold
but the next day you spit out your innards

your lungs are just a braddlin mud
feasting from inside your body
you cry bloodstained tears of the incredible
pressure from your eyes

braincells rotting, fever burns - Ebola
skin is bursting, everything hurts - Ebola
the virus got ya, the virus kill ya - Ebola
you're cursed to death with Ebola

you'll die a painful death and all
who be with you get infected
no way to escape
the virus will survive!back to top
Perishment In Utter Ecstasy
I'm waiting for the last sun down
I'll bring the world to an end
for the murder and my lust
excruciation, fulfillment needed

the tank is my horse to ride
I'l charge this horse on through death

a perishment in utter ecstasy
I'll kill the slut called hope

when darkness enshrouds the light
I'll destroy your futile race

your children will learn to be warriors
on the land soiled by their parents blood

when mt bayonet drips red
you'll see me in another world

bodies dressed in earth's mud
morality is a funeral pyreback to top
Defaced Total Mutation
born as a cripple, body misfigured
tortured from continious hurts
creeping through existence
no conversation, no tender caress
only spitted upon, pushed around
and get punched in face face?! - but in what face?
just lump of deformed skin
howls and screams - all unheared
incredible suffer mental desolation

no chance for healing
born as the inhuman creation
you are the defaced total mutation

2011... deathback to top
Der Henker
die Haut so bleich, so unberührt die Lichtung
der Blick so klar in des schöpfers Richtung
es ist nicht einfach die Lebzeit zu verwalten
doch um so leichter das Schicksal zu gestalten

Dein Körper wankt im regnerischen Wind
17 Jahr, fact noch ein Kind
Du küsstest mich, es war ein Traum
doch jetzt hängst Du am alten Baum

ich bin der Henker... Schicksalslenker

durch Dein Ende herrscht nun
Schweigen, der Strick,
er knant, reibt an den Zwiegen
unsre Liebe durfte es nicht geben...
ich war Deinem Schoß hoffnungslos ergeben...
verfaule im Wind
schuldiges Kind
Du hast Dich versündigt durch Versychung
es hat mir höllisch Spaß gemacht
und jetzt hab' ich Dich kalt gemachtback to top
maggot are goin' to enter you,
maggots in your face
maggots all conciding you,
passing through your veins

maim all bloody flesh
slipping in your ears
maggots eat rotten maggots
you are the dead defenseless feast

watch at your remains in grave
the plague left behind
a handful of bones
it's the kingdom for worms
embedded in mucus slimeback to top
Multiglobablized Fallacy
global economy, gobal jury
territorial goverments, worldwide punishment
torture, sufferance on those who won't comprehend
global poison, global lies
territorial sundicates, worldwide terrorize

we pay tribute - only for a heap of rubble
battue on innocents and corruption
a multiglobalized fallacy -
an effusion of effronterys
that's the truth 'bout our history

we pay tribute - only for this heap of rubbleback to top
take heed and bear witness
to the truths that lie here in
for they are the last
legacy of conflict

there is a war
that rages on even now
beyond the fields
of derangement

War ~ between kingdoms of burning hells
it is known as the great conflict

it has raged and burned longer
than any stars in the sky
neither side ever gains
sway for long

as th eforces of light
and darkness constantly
vie for control over all creation...

war, war, war...back to top
move on, hold and drag
invade no ones land
take a look in their starved eyes
mean more than a leading hand
now scrape and borrow in grimness
the groaning, fever and praying
the convulsion and screams of dying
reach for you
you are the borderguard between life and death
the game you play is the game against godback to top
Blut und Flisch klebt an der Wand
zuvor dort noch ein Mädchen stand
ihre Puppe hatte sie festgekrallt
jetzt liegt ihr Kopf rauchend im Asphalt
der Einschlag hatte sie zerfetzt
nur noch ein schwarzer Klumpen von ihr übrig ist
verbrannte liegen überall
beginnt der Menscheit Untergang
verstümmelte Körper, Gesichter nur noch Fetzen
die noch schreien wollten vor Entsetzen
Geruch vom Sterben steigt in die Nase
klagende Frauen in Ekstase
ein Choral des Jammers une des Leids
daß Gott selbst nach Erlösung schreitback to top
Holy Rot
everyday you read the news
everyday you watch the tv
religious fanatics call themselfs soldiers of god
and fell in war with also stupid idiots

shooting and bombing in the streets
tongues of the feast its meat
'holy wars' their leaders scream

holy war - we don't care about you
we won't waste any tear
keep on lightning stupid violence
die by bullets then rules silence

believe your leaders - believe your god
keep on bombing thatback to top
mankind - a plague on earth
destroyer of environments
bury all creatures expect itself

mankind will kill itself
...kills everyday that moves

mankind - this word means death
destruction, agony, ignorance
blood of the innocent unborn life

mankind will kill itself
...kills everything that moves

mankind will also kill you!back to top
Serial Infanticide
look out - he follows you, follows gentle
took his might from your blood
guarded at your homedoor
as a child you felt his greed
behind stack and darkened doors - he could be
slipping in shadows on and on - he is teacherous it an animal? dust over the bay it him? Darkman behind the tree
now he got you - now you are wreck and slave!
no vanity fight - you feel the razor as it cuts your vein
this tower will kill you - the serial infanticide
covered with glory - blissful

only one look - you feel like a worm
you shrink, the door is closed - no escape
you shreak with pain
you have words - he is deaf
his eyes shine glowing fire
fight and pain is true real
drop-shaped blood you hardly feel
his black work like a shredderback to top
you got two arms,
you got two legs
but if you think this will last for the rest of life,
you are wrong...

feel the axe, feel the knife
feel the saw, feel the razor

too fast is the way,
the way of an infection
virus is crawling - your extremities will suffer
this is an dead infection!

feel the axe, feel the knife
feel the axe, feel the razor
amputationback to top
death rides with me tonight
inflamed with endless hate
a victim in my sight
I will be your fate

how many bombs to kill?
how many tons of dynamite?
how many corpses to build a heap?
how many hecatomb to fill massgraves?

death rides...

bombs and bombs and deaths and deaths,
but no one wants to stop this stress
two tribes dream to win
but only loosers in this fucking sin

hecatomb - no one's staying alive
hell's on earth an will rest for a while
the epidemic is satan's right hand
to suffer the remaining ones to death

mass destruction for their greed
million victims have to bleed

death rides...back to top
Positional Warfare
break the spell to a netherworld
fight against the tricks of the enemy
picked to pieces by machinegunfire
survivors in a trench
order to destroy
lawless is the battle
remorse is unknown
prisoners get liquidated

merciless the tanks
blasting steel beyond horizon
shatters the stand of the opponent
pulverise all men

in a positional warfare...
we crush them down!

bombs smash down the huts
napalm erases all snipes
this village is wiped out
just craters to the gorund

in a positional warfare...
we crush them down!back to top
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