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Body Count lyrics

 1992 Body Count
 1994 Born Dead
 1997 Violent Demise: The Last Days

· A Statistic
· Body Count
· Body Count Anthem
· Body Count's In The House
· Body m/f count
· Born dead
· Bowels Of The Devil
· Bring It To Pain
· Cop Killer
· Dead Man Walking
· Dr. K
· Drive by
· Evil Dick
· Here Goes The Neighborhood
· Hey Joe
· I Used To Love Her
· Killing floor
· KKK Bitch
· Last breath
· Last Days
· Masters of revenge
· Momma's Gotta Die Tonight
· MY WAY (featuring Raw Breed)
· Necessary evil
· Now Sports
· Oprah
· Out In The Parking Lot
· Root Of All Evil
· Shallow graves
· Smoked Pork
· Street lobotomy
· Strippers
· Strippers Intro
· Surviving the game
· The Real Problem
· The Winners Loses
· Truth Or Death
· Violent Demise
· Voodoo
· Who are you ?
· You're F**Kin' With Bc

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