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Body Count lyrics

Album: Violent Demise: The Last Days [1997]

 01 Interview
 02  MY WAY (featuring Raw Breed)
 03  Strippers Intro
 04  Strippers
 05  Truth Or Death
 06  Violent Demise
 07  Bring It To Pain
 08 Music Business
 09  I Used To Love Her
 10  Root Of All Evil
 11  Dead Man Walking
 12 Interview End
 13  You're F**Kin' With Bc
 14 Ernie's Intro
 15  Dr. K
 16  Last Days
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MY WAY (featuring Raw Breed)
Yo it's my way, no way,
get dumped on the highway.
Buck, buck feel the blast from my gun
Yea, you're gettin drowned in the
a bug, thug, feel the cops catchin

Yo, it's my way, I slay, I play,
you stay down, you fuck around in my
town, you drown.
Fuck you, fuck them, fuck that,
we come back through,
murderin your crew - what!

You don't know shit about my lifestyle,
it's buckwild,
late night gunfights, three strikes, i'd
rather fight.
Caught in the street, ya get beat down
ta raw meat,
fuckin with me and the Breed, you'll
soon bleed.

Yeah, it's Raw Breed - BC killin over-
droppin off rooftops, punks hang from
Night vision, incision, the opposition,
It's never your decision.

My way!

You can't tell me jack shit, suck my
out my face with that drama, I'll kill
your fuckin mama.
Iller than a postal worker, born to
suckas in my face with that bullshit die

It's Bizarra, ha, cause mad horror,
it's the dusted world of Bizarra.
High on acid, the ghetto bastard,
yo punk I'll put your ass in a casket.

You in a world of shit, fuckin with the
We pack full clips, and then we're done
with it.
Come with it, we get it on yo, you ain't
demolishin, the demolishion.

Piss on your grave, a killin craze.
In your town right now on any stage.
Who the fuck are you ? Trying ta diss
my crew ?
Who dies tonight bitch ? - You!

My way!

I will do what I choose,
and if I loose
Well then I loose, My Way!
This is my fuckin' life,
and if I die
Well then I die, My Way!back to top
Strippers Intro
Suck the rangers dick , bring him to mothafuckin pain,
Suck the sheeys up my ass crack, act like my balls are full of oxygen and your
drowning bitch,
Play real, all that old im cute and,
Bitch go get a basketball player, this is rock bitchback to top
A porno star, you're in 3-D,
you're right in front of me,
under the strobe lights,
moving that ass right, lap dance,
I'm 'bout to bust in my pants.

Goddamn baby, take my money,
take my life, I'll diss friends,
I'll leave my wife.
Every night I'm in the front row waitin.
Contemplating, masturbating.

Tell me what to do and it's done,
You whisper in my ear tell me
I'm the one,
last night I think I gave you 15 hun,
but as for a date, I can't get one.

I want my dick sucked.
I wanna bust a nut.



You're worse than a whore,
you won't fuck.

I wanna fuck you so damn bad
I'll give you anything you want
you can have my pad.
Girl I'll kill for you,
take my jewels, my cash.
Just put that pussy on my dick
and baby move that ass.

Your tits are so fat, I wanna
suck 'em dry
Push your clit near my face, I just
might try
Stick that ass out, stick it out baby,
you simulate your suckin my dick
drives me crazy.

I wanna ram it in your ass right now,
tonight baby I think I gave ya damn
near two thou,
you push your puss on my dick
you make my balls turn blue -
Don't make me rape you.


CHORUSback to top
Truth Or Death
Lies, betrayal, lies
truth or death.
Lies, betrayal, lies.

Who the fuck can I trust
the whole fuckin' world is built on
false perception,
look you dead in the eye and lie,
your best friend'll stab you in the back
yo, what the fuck is that.

Politicians lie,
what the fuck is that
your lover lies,
what the fuck is that.
The police lies,
what the fuck is that
the church fuckin' lies,
what the fuck is that.


Somebody tell me where's the truth
every holy book is written by man
probably by a liar's hand
and if you feel that public schools are
truth to the youth, motherfucka you
livin' a lie too.

Lawyers lie,
what the fuckis that
doctorslie, what the fuck is that
doctors lie, what the fuck is that
your mother and father lie,
what the fuck is that
You lie to yourself
yo, what the fuck is that

There is no truth
only varaiations of lies.
Don't try to figure it out
honesty is extinct and if
it ever did exist the human race took it
out.back to top
Violent Demise
Shot in the head
Car crashed
Burnt alive
Violent demise

You're goin down hard
Violent demise
Violent demise
You're goin down hard

Violent demise

Gunned down
Stabbed in the neck
Buried alive
Violent demise


Live your life,
you probably won't live to see 25.
Those trusted to protect you will get you.
Watch your back you still die.

Every man must die,
we walk around in this illusion called life.
You gotta go for it now there's no time,
there's no time.

Violent demise

Poisoned to death
Skull split
Spikes in your eyes
Violent demise

CHORUSback to top
Bring It To Pain
The moment I laid eyes on you,
I knew a close encounter was inevitable.
Now we're alone,
your eyes staring deep into my soul,
together we sit in darkness.

You knowI want you,
your voice sounds like a God in head.
You know I am you,
don't ask my name, it don't matter at all.
You know that love just ain't my style,
I feel the haet of your lust in the air.
We have no choices left,
as you walk into the vampire's eyes.

Let me bring it to pain.

You say your love is a spiritual thing,
I hear you.
You lick your lips like a lioness,
I fear you.
YOu touch me and my blood runs cold,
am I the hunter or hunted ?
God put us here together tonight,
you can't escape fate.

Let me bring it to pain.

My tongue journeys deep inside you,
your juices arouse me.
I am your slave tonight and forever,
dominate me rape me.
Your orgasm so wild it's a trip,
we cum together as one.
You say you gotta have it hard and rough,
is this rough enough ?

Let me bring it to pain.back to top
I Used To Love Her
I loved her with my heart and soul,
gave her everything diamonds and gold.
She stabbed me in the back,
fucked my friends,
partied in my house, bitch wrecked my

I used to love her
she did me wrong, now she's gone.

I trusted her with cash and jewels,
she laughed in my face,
called me a fool.
The love I gave to her was in vain.
Now I think it's time to return the pain.
I came home one night, she was in my
with my best friend giving him head.
What really pissed me off about this shit,
the bitch had never even sucked my dick.

CHORUSback to top
Root Of All Evil
I love you, and will always love you.
When I'm without you I feel so alone.

When I was young I didn't know you
but introduced to you still as a child.
Mom and dad used to fight about you
each night,
to obtain you wasn't easy for
certain types.
As I grew too many friends died
over you,
I didn't have you so my sex life was none.
I needed you and street life was the
I found you with the use of a gun!

Money - can kill men.
Money - controls sin.
Money - can move all.
Money - is true power.

Root of all evil.

As I grew my love for you
became deeper,
addicted to you, I was sprung on
your juice.
The more of you I possessed,
the more power
anything could be obtained with your use.
But the quest for you spelled pain
for my victims,
cause for you I'd take a life without
Anything in my way would be
chopped down,
cause for me happiness would be bought!


People lie and say you really
don't matter,
Singers front and say they
really don't care.
If they don't want you, yo well send
you to me then,
cause you and I are in an endless affair.

CHORUSback to top
Dead Man Walking
I don't remember my mama,
dad sold crack all night.
My life was fucked from the jumpstreet,
now this kite I write.
Never had half a fuckin chance,
my whole trial I was broke.
Circumstantial that's bullshit,
my defense was a joke!

[You go in a motherfuckin courtroom,
with a fuckin public defender - the public
defender works with the fuckin D.A.!
Motherfuckers ain't got no chance, you
ain't got no money you're fucked, you're

Now this cell is my residence,
my address is The Row.
24 hour lock down,
when they'll kill me who knows ?

Guilty - we the unfree!
Dead men walking
Guilty - we the unfree!
Dead men walking

I'm a genius from books now,
Never read on the street.
Never lifted a fuckin weight,
now my boys concrete.
Filed a hundred appeals or more,
no response from the state.
Get no phone calls or visits,
My mentality's hate!

[When I was on the street I had mother-
fuckin boys, where's my bitch ? She won't
even accept my fuckin phone calls! Yo,
they better not let me up out this mother-
fucka, you this shit's on, fuck that word!]

I get visits from doctors,
analyzing the ill.
Families pray for my death now,
vengeance lays for the kill.


[Does the defendant have any final words
he would like to say to the court ?
Yeah, I got somethin I'd like to say. Yo,
you, judge, you a racist motherfucker. I
feel like bustin your, let
me go...I'm gonna kill everyone one of you
jurors. If I ever get out of here, I'm
comin one by one and blow your mother-
fuckin brains out. You motherfuckers!
No, keep your motherfuckin hands off!
Fuck that!]

So I think 'bout my past now,
my future holds only pain.
Involuntarily drugged by the state
for years,
now I know I'm insane.
When I'm moved shackled hands and feet,
my skin's covered in ink.
I read the bible 'bout twenty-five times,
now fuck god's how I think!

[You can save all that religious bullshit,
stay the fuck out of my cell. If that priest
comes in my cell, I'm a bust him in the -
I'll break your fuckin neck with my bare
hands, fuck that.]

So live your life to the fullest,
but remember don't trip.
One mistake you're my neighbor,
and there's no one here rich!

CHORUSback to top
You're F**Kin' With Bc
Do you know who you're fuckin with ?

The ill niggas!
You're fuckin with the
kill niggas!
You're fuckin with the
hard liquor!
You're fuckin with the
bitch dickas!

You're fuckin with the
cash makin, life takin, overlord,
street hustlin, quick bustin, snitch dustin,
body dumpin, gauge pumpin,
clean dresser, mic blesser, shallow
graves are in the desert,
fuckin with my niggas from the Central,
why ? You'll die!
I can make ya missin fuckin with
the unforgiven,
cop killer, blood spiller, but still a
million seller.
Run and tell your fuckin mother,
Body Count is on the cover,
of Murder Monthly, bitch best back up
off me.

You're fuckin with BC.
You're fuckin with BC.
You're fuckin with BC.
Do you know who you're fuckin with ?

Ghetto dwellin, drug sellin, pussy suckin,
hard fuckin,
drive by'n, do or die'n, bitch smackin,
cash stackin,
switch hittin, game spittin, hustlin's how I
make my livin,
hit ridin, pit fightin, motherfuckin street
Gang related, frustated, gun tote'n, ran-
some note'n,
park muggin, born thuggin, jewelry wear-
er, hood terror.
Steppin's where you made your error,
now you're bleedin, heart speedin.
Now you feel your life leavin,
Yo, your fuckin mom's grievin.


The ill niggas!
The kill niggas!

Benz mashin, club crashin, high fashion,
jewelry bashin,
child snatcher, hoe catcher, neck slasher.
Mic rippin, set trippin, coke boilin,
gun oil'n,
car jackin, head crackin, bank robbin,
roof jobbin,
laser scope'n, hostage ropin,
known to get your safe open,
shoot you in your back nigga,
the hair trigga.
Banana clip loader, LAPD get my
fuckin folder,
known killer, jaw sweller, feds dug up
my fuckin cellar.
Drama maker, law breaker, violent talker,
pig stalker,
Shot gunner, drug runner, blowin up this
fuckin summer.
Handgrenade'n, home invadin, vest
wearin, cold starin,
Body Count the street vets, known to get
your chest wet!


Do you know who you're fuckin with ?

The ill niggas!
You're fuckin with the
kill niggas!
You're fuckin with the
hard liquor!
You're fuckin with the
bitch dickas!

Do you know who you're fuckin with ?back to top
Dr. K
Prozac attack,
feeling whacked,
my damned boss won't gimme no slack,
disconnected phone,
didn't get that loan
seems like everything's going wrong
flat broke, outta luck, ain't got no hope.
When it seems like it ain't no way call up
the doc
he'll be with you right away

You think your life is tough
[call Kevorkian]
you think your life is tough
[call Kevorkian]
you think you're out of luck
when you're had enough

Need some xanax,
want some pills, 'cause I don't like the
way I feel
can't sleep at night,
can't get no rest,
I want the grim reaper as my guest!
Missed my bus,
missed my plane,
life seems like a constant pain
think it's bad
could be worse,
call the doc up
he'll pick you up in a hearse.

CHORUSback to top
Last Days
Last days,
last days.

As I stare off the stage and try to
understand why you feel that I am
someone you can id with, how ?
When you and I come from two totally
polar opposite lifestyles.
Under normal circumstances I would be
waking you and your rich parents up at
Demanding the combination to the wall
While your little sister screams suffering
from pistol-whipped pain.
Or looking back at you in a courtroom
filled with absolutely none of my peers.
Why are you here ? Is this some
voyeuristic bullshit ?
See black man sing ?
Or maybe, just maybe, you've been sub-
jected to so many audio drive by's and
gang shootings that you yourself have
become numb to the pain like me.
And you - check this out - have become
insane from overdoses of reality.
Well stomach this, at the rate we're
going right now white boy, yeah you, you
and I will die holding each other's
That's real, the world's at war, we're at
Check yourself, don't be me check your
goddamn self.
It's goin down 1997, see the light, red
lasers rip through my neighborhood at
night, time is short.
Homocide is the number one sport.

Last days,
last days,
these are the last days.

So now that all the reality's soaked, I and
you start to reanalyze every word I ever
said, am I a racist ?
Or am I just someone who tells it how the
fuck it is ?
Well the truth of the thing is I was raised
on crime.
Walking through an environment so filled
with so much hate,
honesty I do not feel that you are able to
comprehend the magnitude of the evil.
But trip this, there were no white faces
Just blck on black genocide.
The only white men there were the cops
that showed up late in the fourth to out-
line the teenaged bodies in chalk.
So who do I hate ? Do I hate you ? Do I
hate myself ?
Or possibly am I intelligent enough to only
hold the conditions of the ghetto itself to
blame ? - Not!
Who creates the conditions ?
Who stops affirmative action and wel-
fare ?
Who loves the 3 strikes law ?
Didn't see 'em at the Million Man March,
Or the three hundred and fifty-thousand
man march, let your daddy tell it.
There's a lotta lies out there, what side
ya on ?
Armageddon is near,
I am the fourth rider of the apocalypse,
recogize game.

Last days,
these are the last days.
Last days,
these are the last days.
Last days,
these are the last days.
Last days.

[But maybe I'm all wrong, maybe everything
is ok. Maybe we're all just gonna get
along. Maybe I'm trippin, maybe life is
perfect - yeah right]


I hate you, you hate me, and what does
that equal ?
It equals nothing, and that's exactly what
we're gonna have,
nothing, i we don't make a change soon,
and who am I to tell you anything ?
I ain't nobody but a brother from South
who's had the opportunity to go around
the world,
and I found out that we're all not really
that different.
Racism is the number one enemyof
There's only one race, the human race,
and if we don't get it together soon, this
song is true.
We are all living in the last days.back to top
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