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Bouncing Souls lyrics

Album: Bouncing Souls [1997]

 01  Cracked
 02  Say Anything
 03  Kate Is Great
 04  Low Life
 05  Chunksong
 06  East Side Mags
 07  The Toilet Song
 08  Single Successful Guy
 09  Whatever I Want (Whatever That Is)
 10  Serenity
 11  Party at 174
 12  Holiday Cocktail Lounge
 13  The Screamer
 14  East Coast Fuck You
 15  I Like Your Eyes
 16  Shark Attack
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I'm gonna crack one day
I'll just leave and go my way
They might say i quit
ask me if i give a shit
I'll put it out and place one bet
the day i crack i won't regret
I know it's time to be a man
and deal with things the best i can

In fact i'm only seeing red
everytime i turn my head
empty vessels staring back
life is getting to me lately
as you can clearly see
and i don't think i stand a chance

There's no place i can go
to leave this behind
this fucked up world
is all there is on my mind
this i how it had to be
something's canged
inside of me
I always want to run and hide
dig a hole and crawl inside
it's not that i'm feeling blue
i'm sure you got your problems too
I'm not a jerk i'm not a dick
maybe just a little sick
one of these days i'm gonna snap
then you'll know that i'm crackedback to top
Say Anything
I wanna make you know
i can do everything
but idon't ever show you
how i really am
i wish i could say
i have no regrets
i wanted to much from you

I don't wanna be this way
i kick myself i wish i could say
that I have no regrets today

But i'm so nervous that i lose my cool
everytime i pick up the phone
and try to call you
standing out in the freezing cold
until i'm numb wondering why
i'm always acting so dumb

I don't wanna be this way
i kick myself i wish i could say
that I have no regrets today

Things just happened
to turn out this way
i can't say that i have
no regrets todayback to top
Kate Is Great
i used to have a home with a room
and a bed a porch and a driveway
and a big garage but i traded it in
i kept some faith laid my head down
every night and it seems so far away
Remember me now cuz things always change
5 long years are gone
i've done some time sleeping
where i fall i know i'll never be the same
I learned some things
about the place's i saw
i learned some things about myself
i guess it came the hard way
now i know what counts
i've got one prayer
it's in your confidence
i know all the places i don't want to be
everyone's gone but me
Remember me next time i go away
for the first time in my life i wanna stay
i could count one hand here today
the only things that matter to me anyway
and it seems so far awayback to top
Low Life
last week your pockets where fat
spending on this and buying that
the week is over and i'm not so flush
i'd save some money if it wasn't a lush

you didn't plan to fail
you just failed to plan
i'm livin' tha lowlife again

Last week it was pints of guiness
now i'm drinking quarts of piss
end of the month you've got no money
kill my landlord ain't it funny?

you didn't plan to fail
you just failed to plan
i'm livin' tha lowlife again

so this ain't your finest hour
i found some cereal but the milk is sour
things look bad but this isn't the end
someday i'll live large againback to top
To old to bother
to young to care
standing all alone
lost in my mind somewhere
so many unknown questions
i've got to take another step
on this sole adventure

why is it i can't see
what i need to be
i wish i had some ideas
about my detiny

I don't know what it is i'm looking for
i can't find it anywhere
i never felt like this before
i got no ideas what is i try to find
i've got a strange feeling
i'm lost in my own mind

why is it i can't see
what i need to be
i wish i had some ideas
about my detiny

To old to bother
to young to care
(a bunch o' times)back to top
East Side Mags
Ride! Ride! Ride!....
comin' out through the park
past the dog run smell of shit
burning in the sun
watch the cab dent his door
happy hour here let's pick up jorge
lock 'em up three cold beers in a cup

Inside Coney something ain't right
too many people on a friday night
i can't see straight in the flashing lights
i got a feeling there's gonna be a fight
wrap it up, pack it up saddle up
full tank of liqour in our guts

Drinkem down we gotta a ride
going through the lower east side
day or night mags on the run
looking for trouble
looking for fun
BMX we got suss
when we ride don't mess with usback to top
The Toilet Song
Who's gonna throw the toilet off the roof?
we already smashed the tv witha guitar and a vaccuum
lighting fireworks throwing bottles upstairs in the red room.
Dave carried it up from the cellar, bowl tank and all now we
just have to take it on the roof we can watch it fall.
The landlord says you've got your your laws
and i've got mine nobody's gonna have anywhere
to live things are getting out of lineback to top
Single Successful Guy
i'm beatin' down doors stumbling down the
street dialing the telephone.
Up all night up all morning right here is my home.
But i know i don't even have to try i'm a single sucessful guy
lonely with my friends lonely with my favorite girl
lonely when i'm all alone
if you're gonna talk i gotta listen because right here is my home
it's easy i don't have to try i'm a single sucessful guy.
My ears are ringin loud but i can't hear a sound.
I'm carrying all i own and my heart is heavy in my chest.
Right here is my home its easy i don't have to try i'm a single sucessful guyback to top
Whatever I Want (Whatever That Is)
Pride's alot to swallow when you've been beaten down to the ground. You'll be back in a flash this won't be the last you'll find what there is to be found anyway that's what they say i don't know what i'm supposted to be in. You've gotta be in it to win it when it's your last chance sin. There are people with stuff and some without but in the end what does it mean to win. Ok so i'm here making the best of it there's no such thing as a "sin" i guess i'll do whatever i want whatever that is then i know i'll win. You've gotta be in it to win it when it's you last chance sin...back to top
I spent some time saying some things i didn't want to say
convincing someone of something about me not a lie but not
the truth in a way. Slipping into a suit and tie or walking
in some shoes i got lost in that disguise i guess i had
something to prove but the proof is there in what i do talk
is cheap and clothes make the man if it's not a disguise and
you know where you stand. I'm a clown
i'm a monkey maybe i'm a jerk
whatever you make me out to be but i know the difference
and what you say dosen't matter to me. I don't care what you
think i'm gonna do what i have to do. Say what you wanna say
talk's a waste of time with you.back to top
Party at 174
We're gonna have a party and it's gonna pay the bills.
There's gonna be some beer we're gonna have a show let's
go call the wall let everybody know! Ernie ate five frittah's
he's dyin for anothuh we won't invite your dad
but we will invite your mutha!
Stevie D. showed up in his gremlin
he's runnin from the pigs we tried to
clean up the backyard but we got no help from wig!
ill-phill deville and
cool hand bill they came to dance and they came to swill
tim chunks got lost on route 8 he can't drive he's from queens.
The sticks and stones crew brought some wine
they'll be here for a while
the dog is dancin in the driveway picken chiken style.
The dairy swill girls and the demo's are here
pablo's playing darts
colt 45 works everytime,lando's breakin heart's.back to top
Holiday Cocktail Lounge
Happy Hour's next door but you'll have to brave the downpoor
i'm staying here where i can get a song free with my drink to
smooth thing's along. The bartender he looks kind of sauced
but he always knows what's going
down it's how you carry yourself at the holiday cocktail lounge
i didn't talk or say much but i got to know alot the greatest
delicacies of spain the effects of rain on your brain.
i got another free drink with my free song the usual things
they come and move along here at the holiday cocktail lounge.
I heard some places can change how you feel
it's not something you can see but i
think that it's real words that were spoken
of passing thoughts in the mind
somebody just rolled through and they left them behind
maybe they sat in this
very stool and didn't make a sound
they just came and went here at the holiday cocktail lounge.back to top
The Screamer
2 shots of expresso (cold),
3 scoops vanilla ice cream,
Choclate syrup, a dash of ronny king
on the hammond organ for flavor mix
ingrediants till real smooth top
with whip cream shake well dance and enjoy..back to top
East Coast Fuck You
You may think we're weather martyr's but snow and ice makes
us rock harder punkers should be pale and pasty the pizza
here is fierce and tasty East Coast! Fuck You! we go out
west and play some shows then we know it's time to go.
Pack the truck and head on back, New York's better and
that's a fact.back to top
I Like Your Eyes
I love your eyes so much i wanna poke em out
i love your legs so much i wanna break em off
i love your hair so much i wanna rip it out

you played a game with the wrong motherfucker
violent love my violent love

love ya so much i wanna kill ya
i love your face so much i wanna smack it off
i love your pants so much i wanna pull em down

got nothin but love today whip it out and fire
away can you feel the pain in my heart?

look at me again and i'll hit ya
hate ya so much i wanna kill ya
love you so much i wanna love ya
touch me again and i'll kick ya you're my
precious little girl you mean more to me than the worlback to top
Shark Attack
Shark attack! shark attack! quarter pounders
and big macs shark attack! shark attack!
when we eat steaks our heads roll back.
Bouncing Souls are on your block first
we eat then we rock close your windows
lock your doors we like food better when it's yours.
Feeding frenzy at your mom's just sit still
and stay calm it's too late you let us in
let the eating games begin! Shark attack!

feeding frenzy in the street drinking beer
and eating meat when were hungry watch
your back as we plan our next attack..back to top
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