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Bright Eyes lyrics

 1998 Letting Off the Happiness
 2000 A Collection of Songs: Recorded 1995-1997
 2000 Fevers & Mirrors
 2002 Lifted or the Story Is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground
 2005 Digital Ash in a Digital Urn
 2005 I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning

· A Celebration upon Completion
· A Few Minutes on Friday
· A Poetic Retelling of an Unfortunate Seduction
· A Song to Pass the Time
· A Spindle, A Darkness, A Fever, And a Necklace
· All of the Truth
· An Attempt to Tip the Scales
· Another Travelin' Song
· Arienette
· At the Bottom of Everything
· Bowl of Oranges
· Contrast and Compare
· Devil in the Details
· Don't Know When But A Day Is Gonna Come
· Down in a Rabbit Hole
· Driving Fast Through a Big City at Night
· Easy/Lucky/Free
· Emily, Sing Something Sweet
· Exaltation on a Cool, Kitchen Floor
· Falling Out of Love at This Volume
· False Advertising
· Feb. 15th
· First Day of My Life
· From a Balance Beam
· Gold Mine Gutted
· Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh
· Hit the Switch
· How Many Lights Do You See?
· I Believe in Symmetry
· I Watched You Taking Off
· If Winter Ends
· June on the West Coast
· Land Locked Blues
· Laura Laurent
· Light Pollution
· Lila
· Lover I Don't Have to Love
· Lua
· Make War
· Method Acting
· Nothing Gets Crossed Out
· Old Soul Song (For the New World Order)
· One Straw (Please)
· Padraic My Prince
· Patient Hope in New Show
· Poison Oak
· Puella Quam Amo Est Pulchra
· Pull My Hair
· Road to Joy
· Saturday as Usual
· Ship in a Bottle
· Solid Jackson
· Something Vague
· Sunrise, Sunset
· Supriya
· Take It Easy (Love Nothing)
· Tereza and Thomas
· The 'Feel Good' Revolution
· The Awful Sweetness of Escaping Sweet
· The Calendar Hung Itself...
· The Center of the World
· The City Has Sex
· The Difference in the Shades
· The Movement of a Hand
· Time Code
· Touch
· Train Under Water
· Waste of Paint
· We Are Nowhere and It's Now
· When the Curious Girl Realizes She Is Under Glass
· You Will. You?Will. You? Will. You?Will.

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