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Bright Eyes lyrics

Album: Letting Off the Happiness [1998]

 01  If Winter Ends
 02  Padraic My Prince
 03  Contrast and Compare
 04  The City Has Sex
 05  The Difference in the Shades
 06  Touch
 07  June on the West Coast
 08  Pull My Hair
 09  A Poetic Retelling of an Unfortunate Seduction
 10  Tereza and Thomas
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If Winter Ends
I dreamt of a fever
One that would cure me of this cold winter set heart
With heat to melt these frozen tears
And burned reasons as to carry on
Into these twisted months
I plunge without a light to follow
But I swear that I will follow anything
Just get me out of here
But you get six months to adapt
and you get two more to leave town
And in the event that you do adapt
We still might not want you around
But I fell for the promise
Of a life with a purpose
But I know that's impossible now
And I drank to stay warm
And to kill selected memories
Because I just can't think anymore about that
or about her tonight
I give myself three days to feel better
Or else I swear I'll drive it off a fucking cliff
Because if I can't learn to make myself feel better
How can I expect anyone else to give a shit?
I scream for the sunlight
Or a car to take me anywhere
Just get me past this dead and eternal snow
Because I swear that I'm dying
Slowly but it's happening
So if there's a perfect spring that's waiting somewhere
Just take me there
Just take me there
Just take me there
And lie to me and say
it's gonna be alright
It's gonna be alright
It's gonna be alright
It's gonna be alright
It's gonna be alright
It's gonna be alright
It's gonna be alright
It's gonna be alright
It's gonna be alrightback to top
Padraic My Prince
i had a brother once
he drowned in a bathtub before he had ever learned how to talk
and i don't know what his name was but my mother does
i heard her say it once, padriac my prince i have all but died from the
sheer weight of my shame. you cried but no one came and the water filled your
tiny lungs. appear, my dear, and cry for me. it was six years ago today that
we laid you in your grave, your sweet young skin was shining then too.
and so tonight to celebrate i will poison myself.
another coughing, shaking fit in a bathroom that is spinning.
so i close the door and rest my head on the tile floor,
sickness and sleep turning me cold.
i am still not sure, is there some better place i could be heading towards?
where the selfishly sick and self absorbed are welcome.
i saw the future once.
i was drunk in a phone booth.
my eyes were wet and red but i could not tell what was said
and through the screams of the traffic voices carried saying
i am sorry
on a day so gray its black inside
watching churches on tv
in a coma you don't dream you just hope that someone sits with you
babies turn blue when they are ignored like the sky on summer days
before you turn and walk away it has changed you
so tonight to compensate i will poison myself
another coughing, shaking fit in a bathroom that is spinning.back to top
Contrast and Compare
Between the busy ones and the ones who don?t care
Until there is no one
That you really know
So I drift through these days
Of appointments and promises made
They will all end up broken
And quickly replaced
Weeks are slow, days drag on
Even practice and parties seem long
but I find myself going
I guess there's nothing to do, oh well
Group of kids, line of cars
more will show up after the bars close
There?s this boredom that drowns everything
Bottles break, music plays
conversations competing for space
I look for a corner or a quieter room
There?s no heat in this house
I can?t breathe with these words in my mouth
But I?m not going to say them
Yeah, I've made that mistake before
On the stairs, she grabs my arm
Says whats up, where you been, is something wrong?
I try to just smile
And say everything?s fineback to top
The City Has Sex
with itself I suppose
As the concrete collides while the scenery grows
And the lonely once bandaged lay fully exposed
Having undressed their wounds for each other
And there's a boy in a basement with a four track machine
Heís been strumming and screaming all night down there
The tape hiss will cover the words that he sings
But they say itís better to bury your sadness
In a graveyard or garden that waits for the spring
To awake from its sleep and burst into green
Well, Iíve cried
And you would think I'd feel better for it
But the sadness just sleeps
And it stays in my spine
For the rest of my life
And Iíve learned
And youíd think Iíd be something more now
But it just goes to show
It is not what you know
It's what you were thinking at the time
This feelingís familiar, Iíve been here before
In a kitchen this quiet I waited for
A sign or just something
That might reassure me of anything close
To meaning or motion, with a reason to move
I needed something I want to be close to
And I scream
But I still donít know why I do it
Because the sound never stays, it just swells and decays
So what is the point?
Why try
To fight what is now so certain?
The truth is all that I am
Is a passing event
That will be forgottenback to top
The Difference in the Shades
Now that it's June
Weíll sleep out in the garden
And if it rains
Weíll just sink into the mud
Where it is quiet
And much cooler than the house is
And there's no clocks
Or phones to wake us up
Because I have learned
That nothing is as pressing
As the one who is pressing
Would like you to believe
And I'm content
To walk a little slower
Because there's nowhere that...
I really need to be
And I find that life is easier
When it is just a blur
With no details to confuse
Who or what or where I was
So when the ending comes
The full regret will be obscure
But these are days we dream about
When the sunlight paints us gold
And this apartment could not be prettier
As we danced up there alone
And this TV's old
The color's fucked
Do you see the difference in the shades?
But the green's still close to green, my love
And I believe we are the same
And weíll stay like this, all gold and green
Light collects and projects your heart on a movie screen
And if you close your eyes we will always be
The way we were that night you crawled inside of me
And you slept in my blood
The way you sleep now
The quietest hush
Has consumed this house
And when the doctors have gone
And you sweat through the bed
With all these pictures and pills
They piled around your head
Just rest now
And in a moment you'll know everything
Was it all a dream?
Itís too vague now to recount
An outline of the one you loved
In a life that was
That no longer will be
Stands above you
As you sleepback to top
, lying on the floor
Wishing this could last
Knowing that it canít
Soon you will leave
And I'll be on the floor
Watching the TV
Trying hard to find
A reason to move
Iím frozen in one place
Staring at the screen
Listening to the rain
Falling on the street
Some days go on too long
To know, no one can hang out tonight
Here, where the carpet's cool and soft
Underneath the clock
I feel my weary heart is put to rest
You gather around your friends
The connection that you feel
When the night has not yet died
You are new
(And near now to someone)
With a promise of a love
(You used to love)
you will probably never find
(When you were young)
(When all was gold and you two touched)
A touch that you can really feel
(And felt the flutter underneath your skin)
The brokenness inside
(You stood in glowing rooms)
(The light dripping from both of you)
As hope and less collide
(And nothing since has felt as radiant or real)
And nothing is real
Love, there's nothing more I want
Than just one night
Thatís free of doubt and sadness
One night, one night, one night
One night that I can really feelback to top
June on the West Coast
I spent a week drinking the sunlight of Winnetka, California
Where they understand the weight of human hearts
You see, sorrow gets too heavy and joy it tends to hold you
With the fear that it eventually departs
And the truth is Iíve been dreaming of some tired tranquil place
Where the weather wonít get trapped inside my bones
And if all the years of searching find one sympathetic face
Then it's there I'll plant these seeds and make my home
I spent a day dreaming of dying in Mesa, Arizona
Where all the green of life had turned to ash
And I felt I was on fire, with the things I could have told you
I just assumed that you eventually would ask
And I wouldnít have to bring up my so badly broken heart
And all those months I just wanted to sleep
And though spring, it did come slowly, I guess it did its part
My heart has thawed and continues to beat
And I visited my brother on the outskirts of Olympia
Where the forest and the water become one
And we talked about our childhood
like a dream we were convinced of
That perfect, peaceful street that we came from
And I know he heard me strumming all those sad and simple chords
As I sat inside my room so long ago
And it hurts that heís still shaking from those secrets that were told
By a car closed up too tight and a heart turned cold
And I went to San Diego, and the birthplace of the summer
And watched the ocean dance under the moon
There was a girl I knew there, one more potential lover
I guess that somethingís gotta happen soon
Cause I know I canít keep living in this dead or dying dream
As I walked along the beach and drank with her
I thought about my true love, the one I really need
With eyes that burn so bright, they make me pure
They make me pure, they make me pure
I long to be with you
They make me pure, they make me pure
I long to be with youback to top
Pull My Hair
Is the passion all gone?
Or is it still newly-wed?
If all this heat's doing
Is making us stick to the bed
Then there's no life to revive
But if the hunger's still there
Burried somewhere inside
Covered up by the boredom
Weíve been trying to hide
Then dig it up
And devour
And it'll seem more like a song
And less like it's math
When you pull on my hair
And bite me like that
It'll seem more like a song
And less like it's math
When you pull on my hair
And bite me like that
It'll seem more like a song
Yeah more like song
And the truth is that I can hardly wait
I donít care if we stay up too late
Donít answer the phone
Donít answer the phone
And it'll seems more like a song
And less like it's math
When you pull on my hair
and bite me like that
It'll seems more like a song
And less like it's math
When you pull on my hair
And bite me like that
And bite me like that
And bite me and scratch me like that
And the truth is that I can hardly wait
And It's so bad I canít concentrate
Donít answer the phone
Donít answer the phone
And it'll seem more like a song
And less like it's math
When you pull on my hair
And bite me like that
It'll seems more like a song
And less like it's math
When you pull on my hair
And bite me like that
And bite me like that
And scratch me and bite me like thatback to top
A Poetic Retelling of an Unfortunate Seduction
Seems to represent the light source well
How soft they speak and seem to be at peace
With the movement of the music and the madness
That is pulling me into this
And the shades of the lamps are woven red
The light, it stains and consecrates
Anointing all forgotten forms
Ahat swirl and smoke and haunt this place
The girls in gowns all nurse the dark
Pulling it near to their swelling breasts
And watch as it seeps to their hearts
And beats within their virgin chests
And here I know seduction breeds
From wanton hearts that would seduce
And grows and spreads its vine and leaves
Embracing those who might have moved
But now remain to drink the night
From vials black and thick with steam
Such intoxicating delights
That leave you drunk inside this dream
And you watch them take the light from you
And you find yourself
On a velvet couch
Tasting the skin of a foreign girl
Her eyes are black
And wet like oil
And she ties your hands with a string of pearls
And you tremble like a frightened bird
As she closes in and captures you
To place you in the silver cage
Deep within her poisoned womb
And once you're safe inside
She might let you out to fly
In the circles around the room
But it's always night
And there is no moon
And you wonder if you are alive
And you?re not sure if you want to be
But you drank her sweat like it was wine
And you lay with her on a bed of blue
And it's awful sweet
Like the fruit she cuts and feeds to youback to top
Tereza and Thomas
Letís sail away
Past the noise of the bay
Letís sail away
Past the birth and death of the day
Letís sail away
To where the blues and greens
Swirl into gray
Letís sail away
Letís sail away
Past the cradle of these waves
Letís sail away
Past the tide and its slow decay
Letís sail away
To where the water goes
Some endless open space
Letís sail away
Take only what you need, my love
And leave the rest behind
Donít be afraid of where we go, my love
I promise we'll be fine
Now you are the only one that's mine
Letís sail away
Past the reflections of the light
Letís sail away
Floating weightless through the night
Letís sail away
Like a photograph
Fading to all white
Itís finally all right
Forget all the mistakes, my love
They wonít be made again
Leave the photos in the drawer, my love
We no longer need them
We both know where weíve been
Letís sail away
Disappearing in the mist
Letís sail away
With a whisper and a kiss
Or vanish from a road somewhere
Like Tereza and Tomas
Suspended in this blissback to top
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