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Brutal Truth lyrics

Album: Perpetual Conversion [1993]

 01  Perpetual conversion
 02 Perpetual larceny
 03  Walking corpse
 04  Lord of this world
 05  Bed sheet
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Perpetual conversion2:59
Your subtle swing, afflicted mind
No control, flawed traits released from your obvious end
Next hand, start a new, or duck the shattered glass of your mind
Time for ... Change

Can't you see, see your fears of moving on
Clear of doubt, as on and the same regrettably
See your fears moving on, doubting the action
Long forgone
Controlled by inner games, with none to blame

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Walking corpse1:40
Accepting your role
Robbed of your and stripped of your soul
Fall into the same routine
Of drab existence, what does it mean?

Are you satisfied with the way that you exist
Every single day, like the one before
Don't you feel the need to express the way you feel
Wake your sleeping head, there's so much... More !
Just a walking corpse !

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Lord of this world5:01
You're searching for your mind don't know where to start
Can't find the key to fit the lock on your heart
You think you know but you are never quite sure
Your soul is ill but you will not find a cure.
Your world was made for you by someone above
But you chose evil ways instead of love.
You made me master of the world where you exist
The soul i took from you was not even missed.
Lord of this world evil possessor
Lord of this world he's your confessor now!back to top
Bed sheet9:43
Your fears of impending doubt
Your course of action follows reaction
Instinct, greed, lust... Sublime ?
All motivating, all progressive
Stand your ground
But will you face the truth ?back to top
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