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Cancer lyrics

Album: To The Gory End [1990]

 01  Bloodbath
 02  Cancer Fucking Cancer
 03  Witch Hunt
 04  Into The Acid
 05  Imminent Catastrophe
 06  To The Gory End
 07  Body Count
 08  Senteced To The Gallows
 09  Die Die
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I am possessed by death
Perveted to unbelief
Showing no remorse
Killing all those pigs
Slicing at your throat
Hacking at your face
Ungodly thoughts arise
Women I despise
Cadavers domain
Where I once stood
None remain
Apart from blood

Visions of their deaths
Bloody bodies lie
See the wounds on the flesh
It's you who's next die
Watch you die in pain
I look with no shame
No hope for her to be saved
I laugh when others are grieving

So, I came, to you, for death
Blood I spill, what's left? Cold Fleshback to top
Cancer Fucking Cancer2:58
Gather round all to see
Reborn misery
Doctors stand in my way
My path to death
Ready to die
Take your last breath
Rotting corpse
Cancer fucking cancer

Cancered guts
Spilled out with therapy
Chemical injections lab poisons

Praying for death
As you can see
Your life fading

Lying there
In a terible state
As the cancer's growingback to top
Witch Hunt2:51
Branded with a reward on his head
As he flees the night
Scattering words of unholy sin
Down trodden in mankind
Punished through humillation
Against the religious type
Now it's time to pay the price
As you wait die
See you run
In fear
False appear
Protected by
Hide from
The Witch hunt

Though your life is ruined now
People won't forgive
Now you're in reality
Your pressures won't give
Fucking your mind with paranoid
But you'll never sleep
Waiting for time to come
But you know you won't be freeback to top
Into The Acid2:27
Acid spilling all around
Flesh decaying falling down
Your criminal friends have left you now
Death grates you with gory hands
Eyes gone yellow facial burns
Limbs rotting terrible pain
Vomiting guts bones deacay
Your intenstines break and spray

Time to see what it's done to me
Contamination of my bodyback to top
Imminent Catastrophe5:30
Living on a knife's edge
For a thousand years we have known
Destruction in a nuclear sense
As time will now cease to flow
Warheads beckoning
Armageddon with behold
As the world dies
People regret their unholy faults

Population extermination
Millions to die
As the dust settles over death
Legacy of humanity
Terrible sight catastrophe

Imminent catastrophe

Bodies lie entombed
In a radiation pit
Festering from open wounds
Blood pouring from your soul
Plunged into darkness
You can see there is no light
Satan you have just met
No eternal lifeback to top
To The Gory End4:45
Hooks cutting, through your flesh
No comparsion, of pleasure and pain
Black box, is a gory treat
Mutilation from hell
To the gory end
As they make you ride the blade
To the gory end
As your life will now fade

Crave for blood, unnatural greed
Stuck in hell, forever more
Ultimate pain, blooded corpse
Living memory, know deceased

See the masters
Of gore
Stricken with pain
In Hellback to top
Body Count3:38
He stalks the night
For his prey
He'll maim and kill
While you pray
Legacy of his tragedy
Born to live for his mother's sins
Twisted mind living to kill
Now you'll die, blood will spill

Another victim
Hacked to death
No warning
When he'll strike

The body count continous

He terrorizes
Through innocence
As you see
Another deathback to top
Senteced To The Gallows4:05
I am waiting
In this cell
Thinking of killings
I was supposed to have done
See them buld that wooden frame
As i wait to die
Morbid thoughts ang round my neck
Sentenced to the gallows

See them coming
To take me
I climb the staircase
Into Hell

Visions of the past
Sweep my brain
As the lever is pulled
I love the painback to top
Die Die4:48
Die, Die
Running through the night
Your screams are my delight
Torture is my game
Fucking you insane
Warped is my brain
People I do maim
Breaking bones for fun
Seeing the blood run
Stabbing, I mutilate, Die, Die
Bodies filled with hate
Ripping out your soul, Die, Die
Burning in hell's hole
Smashing through your skull, Die, Die
Pulling netrails from
Bleeding carcasses in hell, Die, Die
The Devil I do tell

Killing and making pain
Death is my game
Terror sure to find
Deep within your mind

Ripping flesh from bone
Loosing all control
Slaughtering innocent victims
Breaking holy rules
Bastard of the world
Killing all the time
People are to rip
I never sleep

Die, Die
Die, Dieback to top
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