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Candlemass lyrics

 1986 Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
 1987 Nightfall
 1988 Ancient dreams
 1990 Tales Of Creation
 1992 Chapter VI
 1998 Dactylis Glormerata
 2005 Candlemass

· A Cry From The Crypt
· A Sorcerer's Pledge
· A Tale Of Creation
· Abstract Sun
· Aftermath
· Ancient Dreams
· Apathy
· At The Gallows End
· Bearer Of Pain
· Bewitched
· Black Eyes
· Black Stone Wielder
· Crystal Ball
· Dark Are The Veils Of Death
· Dark Reflections
· Darkness In Paradise
· Demons Gate
· Dustflow
· Epistle No.81
· I Still See the Black
· Incarnation Of Evil
· Into The Unfathomed Tower
· Julie Laughs No More
· Karthago
· Lidocain God
· Mirror, Mirror
· Mourner's Lament
· Samarithan
· Solitude
· Somewhere In Nowhere
· Soothe Me into Oblivion
· Tears
· Temple Of The Dead
· The Bells Of Acheron
· The Dying Illusion
· The Ebony Throne
· The Edge Of Heaven
· The End Of Pain
· The Prophecy
· The Well Of Souls
· Through The Infinitive Halls Of Death
· Under The Oak
· Voices In The Wind
· Where The Runes Still Speak
· Wiz

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