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Candlemass lyrics

Album: Tales Of Creation [1990]

 01  The Prophecy
 02  Dark Reflections
 03  Voices In The Wind
 04  Under The Oak
 05  Tears
 06  Into The Unfathomed Tower
 07  The Edge Of Heaven
 08  Somewhere In Nowhere
 09  Through The Infinitive Halls Of Death
 10  A Tale Of Creation
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The Prophecy
"Holy was the star from which you were born,
to a world where darkness and fear take form
A lonely soul with a heart of light to find
beyond reality, forgotten in time
Seek the heart, seek in your dreams
visit your nightmares and realms yet unseen
You are alone, the last one to be
a representative of mankind to decide the final destiny
Will you be saved or will you stay blind
deep in your soul the answer you`ll find"

The words were spoken, I cried in my hands
the bringer of wisdom, or the one who condemns
Can I succeed where the mighty have failed
and re-create the harmony from where salvation hailsback to top
Dark Reflections
A black star fell down the night I was reborn
a last chance to save us, a last chance to turn dusk to dawn
The vultures they cried out their welcome to greet my arrival
the shadows they danced for my death at the nightmare`s trial
The demons of fear tearing my sad soul apart
a horned winged creature laughed out its scorn to the dawn
The sun wasn`t able to send down its light, swallowed by thoughts in my mind
Dark was my conscience, I was the last of my kind

I was dead
awake in hell

A lonely corpse
to break the spell
A soul in flames
a heart in chains

Can`t you see
You must believe...
The witchbrew was drained, I couldn`t escape my fate
wrong was this place full with awful disgrace and hate
Sweet ancient memories, fragments of times that have passed
came to my mind like a blessing with grace for my eyesback to top
Voices In The Wind
"North is cold, summer is late
South is sorrow, surrounded by hate
West is far, a dream you are creating
East is here, and your fate is awaiting"back to top
Under The Oak
Deep was my anguish for those words
they froze my blood and chained my soul
the master had spoken, the truth, not any lies
The devil gives and evil takes
the things in life that man forsakes
a throne in hell, a price or a sacrifice?

Still the wind was blowing soft
and gentle here under the oak
which gave me shelter and rest for my trial

"I`m not strong, weak is my mind
a new beginning, where to find?
I`m the last one on earth, please forgive us our crime"
It was a time, when love was mine
now it`s time, to sacrifice
My heart, bleeding for my race
the traces of mankind swept out by the hands of our lord
I cried, for the ones I had lost
Midnight in paradise, grief, away goes my hope
I cried for, the ones I had lost

"Hear my prayers, climbing on the clouds above
Silent cry, reach the inner halls of truth
Give me a sign!
A crimson sky, bless my eyes
up goes the sun, my time has come
It has come"back to top
My tears were flowing down to the ground
a sad stream of silver is a mournin` man`s gold
And where the seeds of sorrow soon were found
a flower of light, the omen saw the world

Step into the dreams of wonder
Open up the gates of wonder
Stare into the face of wonder
Free yourself from the spell you`re under now!!!

I blessed the sign yes my prayers were heard
I laughed as I watched that tiny thing grow
Over the rainbow and up to the stars
A tower of dreams, waiting to come true

I saw this divine gate between the worlds
waiting for me to take away my soul
I was no longer what I wasbefore
A chosen one that opened up the doorback to top
Into The Unfathomed Tower

I Dance of the fay
II Magic/Entering the tower
III Dance of the fay (Reprise)
IV Soulsflight
V Towards the unknown
VI Choir of angels
VII Outside the gates of heavenback to top
The Edge Of Heaven
A shapeless form
A mindless soul
Senseless with no control
Eyes so closed
A heart that sleeps
A memory, a thought that is gone

I am born
Still I`m no more
A dying illusion
In the dream I am fading

"Oh Lord! This must be heaven"
tears in my eyes
A sweet dream bathing in sunlight
never to end

Shapes of angels
visions of grace
Promised love and delight
Let me be

There at the edge of heaven
where darkness begins
Twilight was calling my name
A cry in the night

I felt a chill in my heart
come to me
Somebody danced on my grave
Let me be

At the edge of Heaven

A faceless shadow
A blinded fool
Lost in the twilight zone
Dream or madnes
Heaven or hell
A riddle the key to the spellback to top
Somewhere In Nowhere
Here I am
In this strange world
A different universe
Nowhere in time
I`m captured in my dreams
On this lonely journey
To find the morning light
To be me
Eternal life
Beyond the death we know
A restless soul
But am I dead?

Lost in nowhere, timeless prison
Will I ever find the reason
I wish that I could escape this dream
Can I ever return to reality

This labyrinth
of my own feelings
A misty ocean
But where`s the shore?

I know that I exist
But somehow I don`t
Can`t find the morning light
Can`t be me

Here I am
In this strange world
A different universe
Nowhere in timeback to top
Through The Infinitive Halls Of Death
I know that my old life is ending
very soon I`ll lose my breath
But raise up high or slow descending
is the question after death

Death is a forecourt to hell, where the lost of humanity dwell

In the realm of the other side
I saw some spirits a force of might
Black and white and side by side
they will take me beyond the light

Through the shadows of my soul
walking in an endless cave
searching for a deep black hole
to find my destiny or grave

Doomed to hell
Misery and death, pain and sorrow
The air was poisoned by the smell of burning flesh
I saw the beast
A great shadow surrounded by black demons
Satan he laughed as he saw me burn


"Suddenly I awoke. I must have fallen asleep under the oak,
where I used to sit and dream as a child
The dawn was soon to come, and the air was crisp and cold
Yet I felt warm
I remembered my strange dreams and knew I had the strength and
love in my heart to create something in my life. The world was waiting
I was reborn"back to top
A Tale Of Creation
On that day, that day of birth
in the morning, the dawn of time
it down to rest a moment
when a song came to my mind
As I sat there I could feel it
from within the magic came
With my voice the mountains rose
with my breath came lovely air
With my tears the rain fell down
with the rain came the sea
With my blessing the first rose spread out
with my feelings innocence

In solitude, a song was born
By magic our dreams were living on
A heart of light wasfound, it brought delight
to my soul. My faith had made me whole.....again

With my song the sun was born
out of darkness giving light
From my heart came love and joy
and all the beauty you could find

With my tears the rain fell down
with the rain came the sea
blessing the first rose spread out
feelings innocence

In passion I saw the light
a soul filled with harmony
The creation of a new world
my anthem my symphony

I sat there to watch the daw
all the birds began to sing
I left my song to rise and grow
It was time for me to goback to top
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