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Cars lyrics

Album: Candy-O [1979]

 01  Let's Go
 02  Since I Held You
 03  It's All I Can Do
 04  Double Life
 05  Shoo Be Doo
 06  Candy-O
 07  Nightspots
 08  You Can't Hold On Too Long
 09  Lust For Kicks
 10  Got A Lot On My Head
 11  The Dangerous Type
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Let's Go
She's driving away with the dim lights on
She's making a play and she can't go wrong
She never waits too long
She's winding them down on her clock machine
And she won't give up 'cause she's seventeen
She's a frozen fire
She's my one desire

And I don't want to hold her down
Don't want to break her crown
When she says, let's go
I like the nightlife baby
She says, let's go

She's laughing inside 'cause they can't refuse
She's so beautiful now, she doesn't wear her shoes
She doesn't like to choose
She's got wonderful eyes and a risque mouth
And when I ask her before, she said she's holding out
She's a frozen fire
She's my one desire

CHORUSback to top
Since I Held You
I really love the way you talk
I don't mind saying so
Oo I love it when you dance
So silky slow, baby please don't go

I know you refuse to get involved
You won't help me out none
You run around like a paperdoll
Pretending it's fun, baby please don't run

Something in the night just don't sit right
Looks like I'm going to be up all night
It's been such a long time
Since I held you

I won't forget the way you said
It doesn't bother you much
Tutor impressions in your head
Just before the last touch that meant so much

CHORUSback to top
It's All I Can Do
One too many times I fell over you
Once in a shadow I finally grew
And once in a night I dreamed you were there
I cancelled my flight from going nowhere

It's all I can do
To keep waiting for you
It's all I can do

One too many times I twisted the gate
When I was crazy I thought you were great
I kept my renditions of you on the wall
Where holiday romance is nothing at all


You wait in the wing like a Saturday flirt
Protecting the judge, you don't want to get hurt
Once in a moment it all comes to you
As soon as you get it you want something new

CHORUSback to top
Double Life
It takes a fast car lady to lead a double life
It takes a slow star lady if you want to do it twice
You take your backseat rumble
Take your frontseat wife
It takes a fast car lady to lead a double life

It takes a light foot lady to lead a double life
It takes a good book maybe if you want to do it nice
When you idle at the stop light you better get the signal right
Light foot lady, you lead a double life

Lifte me from the wondermaze
Alienation is the craze
And it's all gonna happen to you
And you think it's a phase
And it's all gonna happen to you
When you drive in a haze

It takes a freeway lady to lead a double life
It takes some leeway lady if you want to do it twice
Neon blinking on the street
Everyone is bittersweet
Freeway lady, you lead a double lifeback to top
Shoo Be Doo
It's funny, honey, but you don't care
You never want to take me anywhere
You ride around in your cadium car
You keep wishing upon a star

Why is it you don't care
Don't you go making eyes at me
Don't remind me
Don't you tell me what to do
Shoo be dooback to top
Candy O I need you
Sunda dress, ruby rings
Candy O, I need you so
Could you help me in

Purple hum, assorted cards
Razor lights you bring
And all to prove you're on the move
And vanishing

Candy O, I need you so
The edge of night, distract yourself
Obstacles don't work
It's just a quirk

Different ways to see you through
All the same in the end
Peculiar star, that's who you are
Do you have to winback to top
Could be you're corssing the fine line
A silly driver, kinda off the wall
You keep it cool when it's t-t-tight
Eyes wide open when you start to fall

You go dancing in the dim lit club
Some pressure cooker crawls up on his knees
Flashing sensation like a one on one
STomping around in the jitterbug breeze

Oo, how you shake me up and down
When we hit the nightspots on the town

It's all behind you when you do catch on
You keep your lovers in a penny jar
A real romantic with a sultry stare
You keep messing with your blonde, long hair
It's just an automatic line

CHORUSback to top
You Can't Hold On Too Long
I can't put yout your fire, I know it's too late
I can't be up for hire, it's not my best trait
The gallow glass is cracking, it's starting to smash
How can you cry without blinking a lash

You're feeling cross and wavy on the edge of the cuff
You're pushing and popping, you don't get enough
You wish that it was over, you never slow down
You're looking for kicks, there's nothing around

You can't hold on too long, it's alright
You can't hold on too long, it's alright

You're surrounded by the laughing boys
They puncture your style
They send for their bandanas, you try for their smile
You'd like to come in colors, you don't know wich one
You can't be too choosy, it's just for fun

CHORUSback to top
Lust For Kicks
he's got his plastic sneakers
She's got her Robuck purse
He's got his butane flicker
She's got it worse

They're crazy about each other
Like a misplaced fix
They're mad about each other
They blame it all on the lust for kicks

He's got his own dumb waiter
She's reading one fell swoop
He gets around to it later
She fills the scoop


He's just a hit parader
She's just a cycle ride
He likes to masquerade her
And she tells him lies

CHORUSback to top
Got A Lot On My Head
I got a lot on my head
Most of it is you
I got a lot on my head
Can't forget about you

Lock me away where the silly boys go
I'm on top of my nerves, don't you know
Take me apart 'cause I'm out of control
Send me a letter on a midnight scroll


Dance by the window in flamingo pink
Go through the motions in your Romeo mink
Condition's red, disposition's blue
Why am I so attracted to you


Trip down the alleyway, take the back stairs
I know it's good but good isn't fair
That's what you said, flashbulb in your eye
How can I hold you whne you're waving goodbye

CHORUSback to top
The Dangerous Type
Can I touch you, are you out of touch
I guess I never noticed that much
Geranium lover, I'm live on your wire
Come and take me whoever you are

She's a lot like you
The dangerous type
She's a liot like you
Come on and hold me tight

Inside angel, always upset
Keep on forgetting that we ever met
Can I bring you out in the light
My curiosity's got me tonight


The museum directors with their high shaking heads
They kick white shadows until they play dead
They want to crack your crosswoird smile
Can I take you out for awhile


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