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Cars lyrics

Album: Door to Door [1987]

 01 Leave or Stay
 02  You Are the Girl
 03 Double Trouble
 04 Fine Line
 05 Everything You Say
 06 Ta Ta Wayo Wayo
 07 Strap Me In
 08 Coming up You
 09 Wound up on You
 10 Go Away
 11 Door to Door
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You Are the Girl
why don't you dream anymore

what's in the way

how come you point to the door

and ask me to stay

why don't you flash that smile

like you used to do

why don't you stay for awhile

it's up to you

you are the girl

that keeps me up at night

you are the girl

that makes me feel allright

you are the girl

you give me a twirl

you are the girl

in my dreams

why don't we talk anymore

what did i say

how is it what i came for

is floating awayback to top
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