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The Casualties lyrics

Album: Stay Out of Order [2001]

 01  No Way Out
 02  Proud to Be Punk
 03  Street Punk
 04  Fight for Your Life
 05 Time to Think
 06  Violence
 07 Same Fucking Song
 08  Just Another Lie
 09  Authority Is Dead
 10  Preachers
 11  Way of Life
 12 Society's Fodder
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No Way Out
Casualties - No Way Out

oi oi oi!
we are the fuckin' punx the the fuckin' streets
we are the fuckin' punx that make u get down on ur knees
u wanna fuck with us well we will meet you on the streets

just so u fuckin' no there is NO WAY OUT

you fucking crazy from head to toe
your fuckin crazy i just want u to no
your fucking crazy
thats wut i say
your fuckin crazy
oi oi oi!

[repeat chorus 3x]back to top
Proud to Be Punk
Casualties - Proud To Be Punk

Cornered in the alleyway,back street kids live for today
We're kinda weird to you,you can't stand anything we do
We have the right to choose,'cause were born to lose
We may be fucking sick,at least we know were free

My mind is not for rent, I won't listen to what you say
You better take a hard look, we are sick of your rules
By the ink on my skin, you can see that im the real thing
Up the fucking punx, our sound is fucking strong


You can put us down
You can call us names
Try to divide us
By trying to classify us
Call me many names
Tell me punk is dead
The more you try to bring us down
The stronger we will getback to top
Street Punk
Casualties - Street Punk

The crew is out tonight
Scarred for life, what a sight
A generation with no hope
This concrete jungle
Can be rough

Street punk Oi!
Street punk Oi! Oi!

They're on the streets
Breaking the rules
From broken homes,
We're nobody's fools
The legion's out tonight,
The kids are looking for a fight
Nobody seems to care,
You can smell the fear in the airback to top
Fight for Your Life
Casualties - Fight For Your Life

Our ripped up clothes is pain
The holes in my shoes are no trend
The low paying jobs we get
Our noise has to be heard

Fight for your life
Don't ever give up the fight
Our time will come one day
"Life is easy", nobody ever said
But I'll make the best of it that I can

Fight for your life
Put your head up high
Never give up the fight
So let them all fucking know
We'll stand up for our rights

Fight for your life
The time is fucking right
To stand up and fight
Our sweat will not be in vain
Our screams have to be heardback to top
Casualties - Violence

Don't let them fuckin kick you down
Together we can kick them out
They control the fuckin scene
They control your fuckin life

VIOLENCE! In the streets!
VIOLENCE! In your life!

Together we can fight!
Keep those fuckers out of sight!
Don't let them fuckin kick you down!
Together we can kick them out!

[repeat]back to top
Just Another Lie
Casualties - Just Another Lie

You put your army on the street
But I can't see the peace they keep
They beat you up and gun you down
The mayor wears the golden crown

Call it Justice, Call it law
It's just another lie

Try to fight 'cause they're corrupt
You speak your mind, they'll lock you up
How long can this shit go on
They'll kill us all before too long

They prey on the poor, they prey on the weak
These vultures that patrol the streets
They'll take a bribe and they won't think
They'll shoot you down won't even blink

Don't go outside the cops are there
There's law and justice everywhere
Look out for justice dressed in blue
'Cause next time they'll be coming for youback to top
Authority Is Dead
Casualties - Authority Is Dead

We dont need no law and order
What happened to the freedom punk gave us
What happened to the no rules class
What happened to the individuality that punk gave us

Aythority is dead think for yourself

They come in the name of peace and hate
Trying to brainwash the youth of today
You better watch out with what you say
If you dont think like them they'll make you pay

Authority is dead think for yourself

Always getting hassled by the man in blue
For looking different and not following the rules
Always looked down upon by the man in the suit
I'd rather me be than be a 9 to 5 fool

We don't follow any rules or laws
We are the ones you hate the most
We don't follow and leaders or groups
We are the punx of today you cant use as tools

You were given the right to chose and not to follow any trends
So think for yourself
You were given that right to choose
So just be yourself and don't follow any rulesback to top
Casualties - Preachers

Fucking preachers at your school
they all know what's right for you
Fucking preachers at your work
They know what's right or wrong

Fucking preachers at your church
In the name of God they control the poor
Fucking preachers in the scene
I know your political scemes

Preachers at your school
Fuck all the schools
Preachers at your work
Fuck all kind of work
Preachers at your Church
Fuck their religious wars
Preachers in the scene
Fuck them all

Fucking preachers at your school
Trying to brainwash all the youth
Fucking preachers at your work
Give us numbers to keep us under surveillance
Fucking preachers at your church
They are the devils hand, God hates them the most
Fucking preachers in the scene
I know your fucking political schemesback to top
Way of Life
Casualties - Way Of Life

Getting putdown by everyone, we are on our own
You can hear all the scenes talking against us


Way of life, way of life
It's a fucking way of life

Boot boys mohicans with studs and spiky hair
While others have the same fucking patches and roll in the dirt


Life ain't fucking easy for the punx of today
Even at our own fucking shows, we take their shit


Nazis of the past wore boots and kicked you in the head
The new nazis wear punk clothes and talk a lot of shit

[Chorus]back to top
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