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The Casualties lyrics

Album: Underground Army [2001]

 01  Unemployed
 02  No Rules
 03  Stay Out of Order
 04  Sell Out Society
 05  No Room for the Youth
 06  Underground Army
 07  Rejected and Unwanted
 08  American Justice
 09  Political Sin
 10  Kill Everyone
 11  Here Today...
 12 Punk Unite
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Casualties - Unemployed

back to unemployment you are going through a fall
fall from society you don't care at all
blind to the truth you have to pay your way
beg on the streets for the life that you lead

want to slave your life away
we don't want your fucking work
want to work another day
we don't want your shitty pay
want to live day by day
we don't want your lazy ways
want to live your life in vein
we don't want you

into the music but can't go to the shows
can't buy no records or even clean your clothes
blind to the truth that punk is here to stay
out for the summer then you hide yourself away


out here we struggle to get by day to day
jobs pay you money but bills take it away
proud to be punk and now i have a say
beg on the street and that say gets ripped away

chorusback to top
No Rules
Casualties - No Rules

the fucking system tells you how you should really be
the fucking system tells you how you should really act

stay punk stay free
and this is our only scene
they won't change me
making rules in anarchy

chorus 2 (x2)
can't you understand we have different causes and beliefs
can't you understand we are here for the same thing

now the scene will tell you how you fucking really should be
now the scene will tell you how you really should act
spreading gossip creating conflict
a bunch of nuisance isn't for me
making rules making laws
no more fun in the scene

chorus 2

we don't want to fucking tell you
what you fucking really should do
we don't want to fucking tell you
how you fucking really should act
punk is think for yourself
not who is who or what is what
they destroy our movement
they destroy our scene


repeat verse 1

they destroy our movement
they destroy our scene
they destroy all we have
they destroy all of it

chorus2back to top
Stay Out of Order
Casualties - Stay Out Of Order

you always feel discouraged about the system we have
to go to school and train you for the upper class
the money that they give you is enough to keep you alive
so you can keep training for the master plan

stay out of order...step out of their plans
stay out of only live once
stay out of order...come and have some fun

you finish school and get A to B if you can find one
break your back for others so they can have the cash
form a family and reproduce for their kids to have some fun
is that what life is all about
it's not in my plan


now you're old and grey they tell you to enjoy life
whatever left you have
you look back in anger what a waste of time
you were just a puppet there's no second chance


go out on weekends, i go out every night
they tell you what to read, i read behind the lines
the money that they give you is enough to keep you alive
so you can keep training for THEIR MASTER PLAN

chorusback to top
Sell Out Society
Casualties - Sellout Society

making something out of nothing
with punk we have a start
you can see it in our faces
we're here to kick society's ass
rejected by the masses
and rejected from the upper class
we finally have a say
a voice for the lower class

this society...will sign your life
this society...for the business man
this society...don't fall in their trap
this society...for fame and cash
this society...for fame and cash

business man smiles draining away all the life we have
he's at meeting planning what other scenes we like to attack
your following is dying and so will be your cash
soon you will be forgotten
don't expect respect from us



no you say that punk is dead
drain the life of someone else
hardcore and ska for the masses
easy cash for the bosses
the best of us you couldn't take
our way of life is here to stay
you sign the scene life away
you got no self respect
repeat 1st verse
chorusback to top
No Room for the Youth
Casualties - No Room For The Youth

you dredge to work, put on your boots
your boss says you're a mess today
sometimes you feel like a rat in a cage
working so hard for minimum wage

chorus (2x)

no room for the youth
cause the youth don't care
no room for the youth
no room for the youth

you're disappointed with what's around
your feelings and views start to drown
fed up with us, fed up with you
fed up with nothing else to do

1st verse
chorusback to top
Underground Army
We all know it's a great song, so I'm gunna make drum and bass to this
song later so a whole band can play!

Gangs from the suburbs,
and the underground,
they're punching and kicking everybody around,
don't give me none, of your two-faced shit,
don't agitate me cause this is it!

they'll do anything to see what they can find
as long as it leaves some poor bastard blind
you kick him in the guts and leave him laying in the streets
then stab him in the back and they turn on the heat
oohhh we're the underground army- tell me what you want to see
we're the underground army- just be what you want to be
we're the underground army- and do what you want to do
we're the underground army- and no one cares about you!!

they roam the streets, late at night
all they want to do is destroy and fight
they don't care what goes on
they'll do anything as long as it's wrong


when you go out, don't go alone
you'll end up under a tombstone
fighting out of desperation
leads to more agrivation

[Chorus]back to top
Rejected and Unwanted
Casualties - Rejected And Unwanted

we are people with minds of our own
rejected and unwanted
so don't be afraid to show your thoughts
rejected and unwanted
to be an individual is rough in this world
rejected and unwanted
the best men in this world weren't clones
rejected and unwanted
they kick us in the head, they kick us in the balls
we're the punks
they make loud jokes they make you feel small
we're the punks
they're ignorant and afraid of our cause
we're the punks

well i learned from past history
rejected and unwanted
those who try to change suffer a lot
rejected and unwanted
so i won't conform to rules or laws
rejected and unwanted
the best men in this world weren't clones


now my mind is very clear
rejected and unwanted
you bastards live off our fears
rejeted and unwanted
your wise ass comments make me snear
rejected and unwanted
the best men in this world weren't clones

Chorusback to top
American Justice
Casualties - American Justice

creating laws creating bills
the working man is always paying the bills

American justice- it aint for us, it aint for us

they waste your money they waste your time
down in court the poor don't count
the laws they make are to protect the rich
the land of the free is not for me


american justice- for the rich
american justice- for the ties
american justice- full of ties
american justice- it's not for me

Chorusback to top
Political Sin
Casualties - Political Sin

Helicopters dropped us in the bush
run for cover with an adrenaline rush
moters crash tearing up the ground
bodies lay lifeless on the ground

fighting a war we can't win
goverment commits the ultimate sin

boys running screaming in fear
wounded screaming dragged to the rear
here comes the enemy with big guns
we're the wounded the lucky ones


political sin send you off to die
can't ask the goverment any questions why
I don't support no goverment
that's full of hate and human torment

Chorusback to top
Kill Everyone
Casualties - Kill Everyone

punk has gone through changes
the tribes all get along
from working class to politics
destruction for us all


all these fucking boneheads
they think they know it all
they're just fucking jocks
destroying all the shows


they're always on the streets
panhandling off punks
these crusties with big boots
but they're brains are too small


don't gove me alternative
don;t give me any rules
we look it and we love it
to all of you i say fuck off


Oi!back to top
Here Today...
Casualties - Here Today

united preach to us before
don't change or sellout, that's what you said to us
a blinded following, naive kids don't understand
our music, our style, is all taken away
our fashion, our style, you have all sold it away
and here we stand, our teacher has gone away

Chorus x4

punk and skin, united until the end
but junkies and nazis a part of our scene again
they're fighting eachother, is the Oi! scene of today
from punk to skin, the fashion also changed your brain
our music, our style, is all taken away
and there we stand, our teachers have gone away

Chorus-1st verse-Chorus-Bridge

seen it before in '77
seen it again in '82
will you keep it alive?
it's all up to you
posers come and go
i've seen it all before
will you keep it alive?
better not conform

Chorusback to top
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