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Cat Stevens lyrics

Album: Prayers of the Last Prophet [1999]

 01 Prayers: Introduction
 02 Prayers: O Am Indeed Close
 03 Prayers: O Son of Adam
 04 Prayers: Prais Be to Allah
 05 Prayers: Be Mindful of Allah
 06 Prayers: Rabbi Ya Rahmnan
 07 Prayers: Chief of Prayers
 08 Night: Bedtime Prayer
 09 Night: They Forsake Their Beds
 10 Night: Night Prayer
 11 Dawn: Call to Prayer
 12 Dawn: Light
 13 Dawn: The Morning Prayer
 14 Dawn: If You Ask Me
 15 Dawn: Let Not Our Hearts Deviate
 16 Day: Istikharah
 17 Day: Soveregnty
 18 Day: Leaving Home
 19 Day: Travel Prayers
 20 Day: Visiting the Sick
 21 Day: Seventy Thousand Angels
 22 Day: Entering the Mosque
 23 Day: Truly My Prayer
 24 Day: Water, Ice and Snow
 25 Day: Prostration
 26 Day: Al-Tashahhud
 27 Day: O Allah, Help Me
 28 Day: Leaving the Mosque
 29 Day: Rivalry in Worldly Increase
 30 Day: Visiting the Graves
 31 Evening: Entering the Home
 32 Evening: Grant Us Wives and Offspring
 33 Evening: Prayer for Children
 34 Evening: Prayer for Parents
 35 Evening: In Sa' Altu
 36 Evening: Prayers for Eating
 37 Evening: O My Servants
 38 Evening: Prayers on the Prophet
 39 Evening: Blessing on Muhammad
 40 Evening: Salli 'Ala Muhammad
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