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Catch 22 lyrics

 1998 Keasbey Nights
 2000 Alone in a Crowd
 2001 Washed up and Through the Ringer
 2003 Dinosaur Sounds

· 12341234
· 9mm and a Three Piece Suit
· Alone in a Crowd
· American Pie
· Arm to Arm
· As the Footsteps Die Out Forever
· Beguile the Time
· Bloomfield Ave.
· Chasing the Moon
· Chin Up
· Day in Day Out
· Dear Sergio
· Dreams of Venus
· Dripping Faucet
· Giving up Giving In
· Good Times
· Guilty Pleasures
· Hard to Impress
· Intro
· It Takes Some Time
· Keasbey Nights
· Kristina She Don't Know I Exist
· Leaving
· Motown Cinderella
· Neverending Story
· No Love for the Roadie
· On & On & On
· Point the Blame
· Regression
· Rocky
· San Francisco Payphone
· Sick and Sad
· Sincerely Yours
· So Cold
· Sounds Good, But I Don't Know
· Straight Forward
· Supernothing
· Thinking About Things
· This One Goes Out to...
· To Be Continued
· Walking Away
· What Goes Around Comes Around
· Wine Stained Lips
· Wreck of the Sloop John B.

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