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Catch 22 lyrics

Album: Washed up and Through the Ringer [2001]

 01  Straight Forward
 02  To Be Continued
 03  Sincerely Yours
 04 One Love/People Get Ready
 05  Leaving
 06  Hard to Impress
 07  American Pie
 08 What Goes Around Comes Around (live)
 09 Hard to Impress (live)
 10 It Takes Some Time (live)
 11 Arm to Arm (live)
 12 Thinking About Things (live)
 13 American Pie (live)
 14  No Love for the Roadie
 15 The Death of My Blood Is Your Indulgence
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Straight Forward
No right turn no left turn
no U-turn. Itís my turn now.
No right turn no wrong turn.
Now youíve turned back and Iíve turned around.
Inside out and upside down.
My feet canít seem to touch the ground.

Iím at that point now in my life.
Where all Iíve said and all Iíve done.
Doesnít seem to be enough: At least thatís what she said.

Hey get off my back.
Iím living for the moment cause Iím thinking thatís all I have.

This picture I painted has faded long ago with age.
As I lie here patiently you never change.
I turn the page.back to top
To Be Continued
Close your eyes real tight
underneath the city lights
You can hear the noise below your room
Take a real deep breath
get those feelings off your chest
Work it out
and wake up in each others arms

Underneath its never over
(looking back over my shoulder)
Looking back over my shoulder
(underneath its never over)
I always said that we would meet again
when we were ten years older

Close your eyes real tight
underneath the city lights
You can hear the noise below your room
Take a real deep breath
get those feelings off your chest
Work it out
and wake up in each others arms

Underneath its never over
(looking back over my shoulder)
Looking back over my shoulder
(underneath its never over)
I always said that we would meet again
when we were ten years olderback to top
Sincerely Yours
10:00 I was gonna write a letter but at 1:00 is when I opened up my eyes. 3:00 turned into 5:00. I watched the day pass me by. 6:00 I was changing through the channels. And at 8:00 the stationary called my name. 9:00 the time I stopped impossible that day I didn't speak. Dear loving friend I meant to write shoudl've but the time just wasn't right. Some things I'd rather leave unsaid and I'm sorry that I did. So here's a letter that I never sent with all the words I never said. I never wanted you to leave but you left said I never wanna hold you back but I want to hold you back. Sincerely yours.back to top
I'm leaving here today. I'm gonna go real far away from here. I'm gonna find a girl like the one I met in high school. But she's not gonna get away this time. I'm gonna keep her by my side. Not gonna lose my grip on you. I'm gonna somehow make it through this time. Not gonna fuck up like I did back then. Maybe I'll even fall in love again. [Chorus] And when I try to make things right. I always seem to lose the fight. Can't seem to hold on to my life. So I go on through the pain. That's why I'm leaving here today. Won't make it any other way. Cigarettes & sleep are the only things that keep me from losing my mind maybe in time you'll know that. Without you I am nothing I have always acted blind. I'm never coming home because you left me all alone last night and you never even showed up in the morning. And so I try to find a way to hold it in. I guess you win this time. Good friends are hard to find. [Repeat Chorus]back to top
Hard to Impress
You say that you don't know me and you couldn't if you tried and your ignorance amazes me with every single lie. You say one thing and mean it then but then you can't decide. I would like to know. What did I do to earn your disrespect? An overrated importance of superior intellect. The words I say are not as big but does that mean a thing. I guess that I'll just stop. Trying to impress. [Chorus] I look at you and wonder what you're thinking. And what you say when I turn my back to you. Your arrogance powers your ego. You say that I don't know you but I've tried and tried and tried and I don't know what you're thinking when you look into my eyes. Is it positive or is it negative the trend. And it's funny the way you thought of me when I thought that we were friends. I'm glad it all worked out. The way I knew it would. I'm glad that I can stop. Trying to impress. [Repeat Chorus]back to top
American Pie
[Don McLean cover song]
Bye bye Miss American Pie. I drove my Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry. The good old boys were drinking whiskey and rye. Singing this will be the day that I die. This will be the day that I die.back to top
No Love for the Roadie
Hmmm C22 These punk motherfuckers now a hip hop crew? Naw, we just having some fun. A little somethin' we wanna get done. Anyone say a word, better shut your mouth biotch. We'll kick your punk ass to the curb Sit your stupid ass on the couch And nod your head to something new Feel it? Na? Fuck you, we do We're on a mission, to beef with anyone who fucks with our ambition So check it and give a listen and let me explain Yo E-rock bring back that instrumental refrain.

Seven different members, meaning seven different names, meaning seven different mouths speaking seven different ways All common goals reamin Still pigeon-holed status quo sucks cuz I haven't changed.

No love for the roadie?
Yo man, you're the roadie, you don't... seven members, seven members, that's it. That's all you got.
Eight! Eight!

Lick a shot-shot. Boom 5 4 3 2 1 wanna make you jump up, it's like a clean cut Slicing through the track with a machete Ready set go A Derringer cover Cover me, cover you I'll take it slow and easy, indiscreetly, I'm completely numb Come come Surburban ragamuffin with a dancehall twist, I'm saying I'm saying I'm saying nothing This Shot a licka say it again kick it and come back for one I'm running I'm running I'm running I'm running It takes some time It's like a dream come true I'm in heaven again We're right here jumping with you Once again again, once once again again


Yo man, I work.
Dude, you don't work.
I work.

Yo, so let me come in real slow. Like 1, 2, I bet you thought you knew about the style we present, so intense cutting through with precision never watered down but you're bound to drizound coming around your town rocking a crowd with the sweetest sound you ever heard fool there aren't no other You wanna talk shit I have your running for your mother Coming in quick you little bitch Throwing a brick up in your window to get your affection So pay attention, learn your lesson on this whole next session When I grip the mic I spit my shit like a veteran Wait stop the beat a second Now bring it back again Catch 22 has come to bump your party and get you jumping and keep it bumping Nah forget about the bump, I'm gonna go and blaze it up


YoI'm saying that's not right.
Step back punk you ain't got no place here...

I'm the one they call Perm so listen learn Gonna make you twist and turn with this beat that I kick it South River, Trax East Fuck with me you'll be deceased 6 foot underground is where you'll be to say the least East Coast Pride until I decide I come in strong gonna bust you in the eye My piece of pie is all I'm looking for Gotta get the door I came to let you know All I rock is eckou Yo what up Bean (Yo what up bro) So let me finish this up quick cuz shit be getting thick So let me go out nice and slick Perm signing off so hand me my sticks I'm not down with this motherfucking microphone shit.

Yo dude, uh, you gonna sing the chorus?
No dude I don't like singing the chorus.
Just sing the hook.
No, no, dude.
Try that.
No, I really don't... check it. Peace.


You'd better recognize man, that ain't right.
Yo bump that man and get behind that table and sell that t-shirt.
It's eight, I said eight, yo.
Na, I don't think so. It's seven.
Whatever, dude.

It's the P-a-t-r-i-c-k with the t-h-c m d-m- a So listen while I wreck it Then listen to the record Check it wait another second this won't take all day I'm the dank natty dread deep banana head Making a six string sing is hard done than said Cuz saying it and doing it just ain't the same They're like fire and rain It's like night and day But at night or day in the AM or the PM You know I'm hitting TM I call 'em like I see 'em So rewind the rhyme stick it in your eye and let the old school open your mind one time


Yo I ?? represent.
No you ain't busting no rhymes, man. The only thing thing busting is your ass if you don't sell those records & tapes, kid.
I do my work.

You ladies better run for cover, cuz I'm the lyrical lover I stimulate and penetrate you like no other I'm a hip-hop transformer, a sexual performer Best get out of my way Cuz I'm turning the corner So let me start with my present I'm the phat Illmont resident, getting more play than our current president Ladies start the bump Let's get the bass to thump I'm Ian and I'm calling out the motherfucking chumps Cuz I'm badder than Darth Vader I'm called the Terminator Lyrically you all know that I'm the dominator You're not ready for me and all that I bring cuz I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee So now you all know it's true that the C22 crew is coming for you with a beat that's brand new That's right cuz I'm the big smooth and you be feeling my groove Yeah I'm the motherfucker showing Jordan his moves.


Yo I'm not saying it again, I want props.
Yo you best step away from the mic before I get Ike Turner on your ass.

Aw fuck You wanna get jumped chump punk? Come press your luck by our whole crew we all stone you, own you, for a while you just wasn't looking But what you gonna do? (Whoo, is that Mingus over there?) Yeah you hear me talking Spitting out the candy for your ears Move your rears to this Ghetto booty shaking Taking it all and yo raking the dough in ho And me and my boys in 22 you just don't know we be pimping in the clubs with my man Jeff singing reggae dub with Perm, TM, Ian, and KG, Kirk E. Fresh, me I'm Mingus and our boy J-E.

Merch guys and roadies around the world this is your time so grab your girl It's time to show you what we do We're not your little tools TDE is down for me as I kick it old school. East coast Jersey represent don't fuck with me cuz you can't repent What you say will come back to you If you doubt me just test my crew Don't break my trust cuz I'm no fool and you starting rumors doesn't make you cool Just a punk ass bitch with too much time and until you talked shit everything was fine But now it's too late what's said is said, You're getting fucked up this is the end. Biotch.

Eight different members, eight different names, eight different mouths speaking eight different ways All common goals remain, still pigeon-hole status quo sucks cuz we haven't changed.back to top
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