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Cathedral lyrics

Album: The Etherial Mirror [1993]

 01 VIOLENT VORTEX (intro)
 02  Ride
 03  Enter The Worms
 04  Midnight Mountain
 05  Fountain Of Innocence
 06  Grim Luxuria
 07  Jaded Entity
 08  Ashes You Leave
 09  Phantasmagoria
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Lack-lustre vacuum magnetises the land,
scopeless material in ruthless demand,
concrete spectacle superficially grand,
divine animation buried in sight.

We'll rise from the ashes of stagnation,
crystal warriors of damnation.

Nullified grafters manufactured from the womb,
out of the repro-clinic into household tomb.
Drag the nothing tiring through coal-dark underground,
drive the wheels of iron round and round.

Repeat Chorus

Scouring eyes sear through that book of lies,
and to the truth, well our search is dignified.
Whilst the yawny drone of physical machinery
march in robot mode to terminal destiny.
Microscopic observance, forsaken innerland,
spiritual inertia, absorbed in bland,
well our significance shan't sink in their charade,
'cos through their drab pantomime I say we're gonna ride!

Repeat Chorus.back to top
Enter The Worms
Adorned daggers, ruby hilted swords,
unfailing crucifixes, striking mortal cords,
huge violent serpents in volumes rolled,
all holy poisons poured in cups of gold.
Ooh these instruments so blessed and old,
here lay death's sceptre - truth untold
without mercy or

Love, forgiveness - exile me,
blades of goodness set me free,
madness my destiny,
alone forever exile me.

Sharp swords, bright lightings set brave souls free,
past God's blind eyes through infinity,
of all these vessels transformed to clay,
rich ashes blown to dust - swept away!
Now take me steel to the gift of skies,
deliver me from weakness from this flesh that rides.
Without pity or;

Repeat Chorus.

Ooh to think how pleasant your touch would be,
in that all my lovely limbs would fall away,
and drop to nothing in their soft decay.
Unto my frail heart, the worms shall find a door,
enter the weary pulp - into the core!
As all of my flesh lay soft on the floor,
released this soul from me, forevermore!
Into the loud tide screaming silent words,
out of this dreary world in screeching awe, without earthly

Repeat Chorus.back to top
Midnight Mountain
Sliding down a mountain, as dusk passes to day.
The antidote of elation, now lifeless masses wake.
Jaws of suxiety open, the luring vampire of agility,
a fatal invitation, sight hazing from me.

Oh midnight mountain, I require,
inner re-location, back to pinnacles high.

Drowning in empty faces, sinking in banal.
I crave the isolation of eventide when perception climbs,
I just need the injection, a dose to boost my flight,
a sonic blast of moonlight, nucleus ignites

Chorus 2:
Oh midnight mountain, now I'm revived,
stimulus transcending back to pinnacles high.

Screaming at doleful skies, absorbing all my sighs,
responding to my cries - downcast a thunder of reprise,
won't let the next sunrise, signal my landslide,
from ecstatic highs, I'm on top of their demise.back to top
Fountain Of Innocence
Fountain of youth, lifespirit flows
into a well of truths, of cold and dim repose.
I craved to be as high as the pillowy clouds,
to walk amongst the tall, who used to look back down and frown.

Now here I stand by the wasteland, where our dreams began.
From these once golden fields our curiosity ran...

I chased the sugar claw through temptation's door,
the bitterness I found...sweetness I taste no more
From the play ground to the slayground,
the sombre middleground absords the emptiness.

Chorus 2:
Look back across the marble sea of discovery,
a fountain of innocent flows in juvenescence.

I'm resident in corridors of sentiment.
I face the wall - discovery terminal,
but there's no more false truths I wish to discover,
and I am physically unable, to tread back down those corridors.
Fountain of youth, oh how I bathed in your innocence,
and now in cold repose, I must face the bitter truth...back to top
Grim Luxuria
Cold sin and fire, burning wrath and anger,
this crippled splendour of lust so dire yeah!
Insane visions of beauty, groanings so empty,
wriggling in agony, the frail corpse of love that's me.

Hair and eyes limbs and faces,
bending hard in fierce embraces.
Ooh this loveless rage, come give me pain -
arcane exotica, ooh grim luxuria.

Twisted lust on fire,
love the bastard liar.

Sick grins of pleasure, warped torsos in heaven,
bending tongues - saliva, licking lifeforms of grotesque.
On the floor bones cracking, like evil dogs mauling,
grunting in this ecstasy, - shaking, screaming, clawing me!

Pleading eyes mangled faces,
torn apart, in growling places.
Ooh this seething cage, white light in vain,
arcane exotica - grim luxuria.

Twisted lust on fire,
love - the bastard liar.
Oh sweet sanctity, -
hell is pouring over me.back to top
Jaded Entity
Here, gibbering alone...oh the earth and heavens,
they so tire me, tomorrow's dreams encased in a velvet sanctuary.
The crumbled throne of worldly gain,
is glory forgotten, and now just nothing remains.

We've come too far, we are so close,
one soul, inside, one forever weeping.

As the vain morning dawns all life fades away,
you can take me now, beyond the violet veil,
and whatever flames the night in these deeds I've done.
In fate's control, at last my time has come.

Repeat Chorus.

Death is death, the little host that squirms,
smell the dark - the coffin's closed,
and I so soft - ooh so soft, no movement,
and no breath, no ears, no nose - no eyes.
Death is death, in life's sepulchre -
no sight, no sound, no cry, and
always...always... death is
death - yeah! (Alive again).

Eeeaaergh - damp skin in greying sheets, decaying bed absorbing me,
bleached white ceiling above - dehydrating visions of love.
Vitality slides back down the walls, saturating the velvet floor,
numbness writhes in all I adore, wasting here, can't see the door...back to top
Ashes You Leave

Your face, the furnace of my soul
The endless lies that we told
Clear blue waters in which we bathed
The yesterdays we failed to save

Still I see how we cannot be

Ashes you leave as you ascend from me

The leaves that fell unto our graves
And with the love that we made
The tree that filled my eyes
Tomorrow's yesterdays in stone engraved

Still I see we cannot be

Ashes you leave as you ascend from me

Oh the black you gave me
The love you gave me
The anti-fears of pain (???)
Our love's my shelter
I try to fill up
Clouds of dust ???
It was a lie
Snow in those eyes
I tasted that wine too much
And now I sit
Beside our graves
And hold her hand ???

Weep for autumn skies shrouded in misty air
Weep for thy solemn dearth and for thy chill despair

Ashes you leave as you ascend from me

Demons ???


As shadows pass
In the misty night
Over though, on and moving fast
Ashes to life

Into darkness into night

[Thanks to Robert and Akash for their input]back to top
Rowntree's Ad Lid into LSD.

Here are four different versions of the lyrics of 'Phantasmagoria' that were
send by fellow Cathedral nuts. Phantasmagoria means a 'constantly shifting
complex succession of things seen or imagined', according to my Franklin
dictionary. The lyrics themselves seem to be about the nightmarish appearence
of some jellied master as far as I can pick them out. Having four different
versions already indicates that it is everything but easy to make out what is
being sung here. In addition to this it seems to me that Lee is changing the
consonants in the words every now and then (I wonder if this has anything to
do with the consume of this funny tobacco stuff...). Well, anyways, here it
goes. Questions, remarks, and additions are welcome.


Hear the calling,
Any other way.
A faint slithering....
A form blooming,
A vision or nightmare?
Shadows motioning.

Bled hollow/holler (?)
Agents so hateless (?)
Eyes all grown ordained (?)
Reflections frozen,
Smiles so darkless,
And for the days contained.

Oooh it's creeping closer,
Oh it's here again.
Break - your wealth - has fallen,
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
?????????? (seriously don't know here : o ) )
Drenching down the halls.
Bleeding angels...?...of heaven,
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. blood and see,
That sin has come to call!

And hunger for the blade.
A wriggle purple,
Anguish and mourning,
Squelching for the chain (?)

I sunkered, greend lips mulching,
Hunger trickling.
Into the gates - The Jelly Master
Wobbling, Jiggiling.

Smooth and soft,
I'm all sweet.
?????...just too brave for meeah!
Shredding, rotting in the face of death (?)
A vacuum slide ---Awake Again!

And all my heart,
Absolved in filth.
A rested anguish - sorrow and woe
Into nothingness (?) - so low

Paint earth this groaning, oh! (?)
Mottled rapids ??? ...drowning snow (?)
All lonely on the word alone (?)
Towards DoomWards -
Here I go!
Oh so low

Roaming through,
This liquid maze.
Slithering path,
Ancient pay/pave (?)
To the stinging place,
The loving phaze. (?)
Jiggling master,
Take me on my way.
All but butterflies here,
This wriggling haze.
Beyond decay (?) ??????

To nothingness and nether-peace...
???? - I scream and roar.
(goodnight master)


Daylight crawling
And, the other way-
A faint slithering...

A form looming,
A vision of nightmare,
Shadows motioning.

Led harder (?)
Vengeance so ageless
A rising ?? (sounds like "scrotal king")

Reflection frozen
In smiles so dauntless
Another dirge contained!

Oooh, it's creeping closer...
It's here again!

(Rip your will apart)
?? farther!....yeah yeah
(For this frown, this heart)
Traipsing down the halls
(Bleeding angel bleed)
?? heaven... oh yeah oh yeah!
(wake in blood and see)
? has come to crawl.

Rotting ?? sounds like "showness"
A hunger for the blade

A regal purple
Anguish and mourning
Waltzing in the jade

Eyes sunken
Green lips mulching
Hunger trickling...

Into the gates
the jelly master,
wobbling, jiggling!

repeat chorus.

Ooh, smooth and soft
and almost sweet
?? just too grey for me
spreading rotten in the face of death
In ? of flesh, the end of rain (reign?)
Await again!

From the sky, when my stars have fell.
And of my heart, a tolling bell
? of anguish, sorrow and woe,
Into ? - so low!!

Faint mirth is growing, oh!
From the ?, droning so.
Alone beyond the word alone,
Waltz doomwards, here I go!!

-Oh, so low!-

Roaming through
this liquid maze
Slithering past
the ancient grey

To the stinging place
longing face
jiggling master
send me on my way
All but butterflies in
this wriggling haze
Beyond the gates every ? sounds like "tray"
Knows only ? and these visions cease sounds like "buttons"
Nothingness and never peace
The flags of death that scream of more!

(oooh, jelly master).....


They are crawling under your doorway
A faint slithering

A form looming, a vision of nightmare
Shadows motioning

Red horror vengence so ageless
Arriving ______ ordained

Reflection frozen in smiles of darkness
Above the dirt contained

Ohhh it's creeping closer
It's here again


Write your will upon lost fathers(????)
Yeah yeah

All this rot that is trapsing down the halls

Bleeding angels flee from heaven
Oooh yeah yeah

Awake in blood and see that Santas(????) come to call!

Rotting shoulders, loathsome _______
Hunger for the blade

A regal purple, anguish and mourning
Waltzing in the chain

Eyes sunken, green lips munching
Hunger trickleing

Into the gate, the jellied master
Wobbleing jiggleing!


Smooth and soft and almost sweet
Target just to great for me

Shredded rotting in the face of day
In the bones and flesh and in the brain
Our shattered soul awaits the death

From the sky all my stars have fell
And on my heart and soul a knell
They rest in anguish, sorrow and woe
In gelati(????????) so low

Baked mud is glowing on
Bottle top is drowning sound
Lonely on the word alone
Holds too much, here I go

Oh so low

Drowning through this linguid maze
Slivering path, ancient grail, to the stinging rays
Love it fades, jiggleing master, send me on my way
On with butterflys in this wriggleing haze
Beyond the dead ______ tray

No ______ _______ this visions see

___________ (couldn't get this bit!)

The blades of death that scream out raw

Jellied master


??? are crawling
Under your doorway
A faint slithering
A form looming
A vision of nightmare
Shadows motioning

Red horror
Vengeance so ateless ???
Arriving ??? ordain
Reflections frozen
In smiles so dauntless
And for the dirge contain

Oooh it's creeping closer
It's here again

Break your world apart
I was falling oh yeah oh yeah
For this ??? this heart
Drenching down the halls
Bleeding angels fleeing of heaven oh yeah oh yeah
Awake in blood and see that ??? has come to crawl

Rotting ???
Loathsome and ???
A hunger for the blade
A regal purple
Anguish and mourning
Waltzing in the jade

Eyes sunken
Green lips mulching
Hunger trickling
Into the gates
The jelly master
Wobbling jiggling


Smooth and soft
And almost sweet
Torture just too great for me
Shredding rotting in the face of day
In the bones and flesh and in the brain
???? awake again

Oh from the sky ???
And on my heart a tolling bell
Rest in anguish, sorrow and woe
Into night, so low

??? is growling oh
??? drowning ???
Alone beyond the word alone
Or else doomwards, here I go

Oh so low

Roaming through this liquid maze
Slithering past the ancient ???
To the stinging place
Longing face
Jiggling master send me on my way
All but butterflies here
This wriggeling haze
Beyond the gates in every ???

Those holy virgins their vision sees
To nothingness and netherpeace
??? that scream and roar

Oooh good night master

(10) IMPRISONED IN FLESH -Jennings/Dorrian-
Wishing that the sun would shine,
flesh wasting dreams inside.
In this prison burning light,
which fades on the outside.

I only want to believe,
that there's a place better for me,
a union where lost souls meet,
where I can share this flame with thee,
hide and reach beyond entropy,
in all that you seek - burn with me.back to top
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