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Cave In lyrics

Album: Until Your Heart Stops [1999]

 01  Moral Eclipse
 02  Terminal Deity
 03  Juggernaut
 04 The End of Our Rope Is a Noise
 05 Segue 1
 06 Untill Your Heart Stops
 07  Halo of Flies
 08  Bottom Feeder
 09  Ebola
 10  Controlled Mayhem Then Erupts
 11 Segue 3
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Moral Eclipse
Yellow turns this courage badge into a valentinal trash.
These are the crushes meant to crush you.
The contact was dry, but exasperating like a teething smile.
Pulse by pulse, i honor the we weather to myself into her hands,
and for an angel even she knew it well.
when my drool dropped past her lips.
A dead man floating in one in a forgetful moment.
She saw it haunted in my eyes when they finally opened,
coughing up blood like a throat.
No, lover let go of my neck.
We knew together that every crack in the wall
is a step towards release of the lascivious waters i no longer wade through.back to top
Terminal Deity
"something is slowing me down.
it makes its way through my arms,
and through these fatigued worn fingers
in fury-fevered lashings of claw.
i somehow manage to gain the strength it takes
to emit its evils onto the page.
blood-soaked desperate one-sided attempts
into the chill of all words.
let the sloth be told of horrid torment,
to watch him plagued in thought for all of our years.
in every time, a star of hope is shining its regards
as a sparkle of vain mockery,
in these pained attempts of self-alleviation.
to convert from the monster."back to top
Old places fade hard, and no matter how long you row upstreamm
the water still makes waves that carry the rest of us away.
You are what you weep, from your head down to the sleet.
Fell, tripped up the stairs to the place void in all ints of home.
Watch with your heart, run with your gut,
ever so careful not to lose the fragile beauties of motivation.
A whir of warning winds signal back to birth.
Watch with your heart, run with your gut,
ever so careful not to loseyour mold.
"They laughed all to the untrusive music,
they danced hard enough to wake from a fiction-based nap,
they killed me when i could't be a source of entertainment,
strung like a puppet to every degree of debt.
in social contribution by the migraine."
Our fight keeps using a voice taht needs rekindling.
I promised wet weather to myself.
From the moment i set foot into my own autopsy.
Past all the summer,
beyond the urine-stenched conglomerates of those wthout a set of eyes to make contact with.
"There is but the utter of all necessaries,
pushing ones that brimming light through the dregs of apartment life.
A necessity that leaves me short of breathe in the end.
Watch with your heart, run with your gut.
Primate winds blow me back to old bloodstreams.back to top
Halo of Flies
Reality rose like the sun, and still i slept through it.
"I can always witness it another morning...."
The thoughts like thse are cemented in procarastination.
Now this part of "she" is liquid form somwher on the floor,
as a self defiant need for a cure.
Diagnosed to emerge and roam away from roads thick as foam.
you wish to burn the candles that queitly service the arm.
another day with the shades pulled down until the swallow returns her to sleep.
A father knocks on the silent door while this part of "she" has become an inferno shame,
louder than we expect from shuch silent candles no so secret anymore.
Now the eyes of my eyes have opened.
Now the eyes of my eyes cling dear.
Never let the swallow return you back to sleep.
The smell of wounds have left you bug-bitten here,
and again i know reality shall rise tommorow.
This time i hope to be awake, for i cannot postpone another morning.
Never let the swallow return you to sleep.back to top
Bottom Feeder
"long walks with my temper take me down a dead end street
in contemplation; where do we start at the end?
before i could collect myself,
i'm vacuumed in by a figure's armspread with fiery gasps
of iron-air, cornered in my circle of friends.
won't he speak to you?
emptied on the floor were the shells of my defenses,
placing in his own bullets of condescendence.
those people shafted me of my own social weaponry."back to top
"all relaxed with nails bit to the quick
while golden was the silence,
like a foam filling the mouth of the exempt.
the burdened saw the damage,
absorbed with our legs lost to heated-white lies.
we remain to pull its frame from the ashen wreck of anxiety,
blown to conspicuous borrowed attacks.
we've got the nerve to live so low like this,
with nails bit to the quick and teething blood so warm.
the man who keeps sewing needles between his teeth
prefabricates every spoken word,
with no weapons to lay in front of me.
robbed of my skills of social weaponry, robbed.
impending was the omen, no choice but to sever dead skin.
you reap what you sow to degrees you'll never know."back to top
Controlled Mayhem Then Erupts
This moon was a planet just like the earth, only it is even deader.
The pistols of its flowers are the only protection against insetcs,
which were more preoccupied with the half rotted inhabitants soiled to the brim undet their own garments.
History tells us of their blood flowing down one leg and up the other.
Memories insoluble to their conscience, memories,
outside themselves in a twisted prank played upon them by dogs tired of chasing their food.
Thin oxygen curves their posture substantially.
Flashes of their purpose stripped to skeletal ornaments of meat
and resin from animal marks flciker over the loudscreen.
Machines hum quietly in the distance.
A few naive inhanbitants wander foolishly after sundown in search of black spots,
but no one leaves this moon carefree of memory.
Survivors often match their hands upward towards greater satellites,
wronged in the eyes by a million miles and a million more bodies to sift through.
The smaller creatures have the secret to pinning us down to the dirt:
When they breathe, they inspire, when we breathe, we expire.back to top
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