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Cele Kula lyrics

Album: The Moonlight And The Misty Night [1999]

 01  My Fantasma's Voice
 02  Avydia
 03  Justine' Lament
 04  Weak Hope
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My Fantasma's Voice
I never feel it...back to top
…Deep inside of meback to top
Justine' Lament
Dead flowers show,
tear crystals flow,
distances grow,
hiding our love,

Feeling so small,
hurts me nomore,
cell of the world,
grave for us cold,

Harrowing lies,
whispered cries.back to top
Weak Hope
Kill me,
so I shall tell you
how it is to die
Kill me,
so you might see
another star in the sky
Kill me,
kill the paper vampire
this is my boon
Kill me,
worship my desire
under the light of the moon
… but you see in my eyes
my hate and my insanity
… but i feel in your lies
your insecure vanity
Kill me,
lay a rose on my grave
Kiss me,
kiss the soul of your slave
this is my weak hope
an etheral praise
please, close your eyes
before my scope
… an eternal place
shall realize…
Kiss me,
until my last breath
hear me
lady of sorrow
before my mind
there's not tomorrowback to top
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