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Celestial Season lyrics

 1993 Forever Scarlet Passion
 1994 Split with Lords Of The Stone
 1995 Solar Lovers
 1996 Sonic Orb
 1999 Chrome
 2000 Lunchbox Dialogues

· 21:20 Desire
· Above Azure Oceans
· Afterglow
· All wrong
· Alooka's Boulevard
· Astral Dub
· Boarding Music
· Body overdrive
· Cherish My Pain
· Comfortable mess
· Coming Down
· Dancing to a Thousand Symphonies
· Decamerone
· For Eternity
· From the plains
· Icarus with you
· In Sweet Bitterness
· Jupiter
· King Lizard
· Lonely Man Burning
· Mary meets the sky
· Millenarian Drive
· Monumenta
· Mother of All Passions
· Ophelia Bitter Reprise
· Outshine
· Pegasus
· Retrosky
· Sharks and razors
· Soft Embalmer of the Still Midnight
· Solar Child
· Stardust
· The Celestial Dragon
· The Merciful
· The Scent of Eve
· Together in Solitude
· Trancewagon
· Vienna
· Who Sent the Workers Back Underground
· Will you wait for the Sun?

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