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Celtic Frost lyrics

Album: Parched With Thirst I Am and Dying [1992]

 01  Idols of Chagrin
 02  A Descent to Babylon (Babylon Asleep)
 03  Return to the Eve
 04  Juices Like Wine
 05  The Inevitable Factor
 06  The Heart Beneath
 07  Cherry Orchards
 08  Tristesses de la Lune
 09  Wings of Solitude
 10  The Usurper
 11  Journey into Fear
 12  Downtown Hanoi
 13  Circle of the Tyrants
 14  In the Chapel in the Moonlight
 15  I Won't Dance
 16  The Name of My Bride
 17  Mexican Radio
 18  Under Apollyon's Sun
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Idols of Chagrin
What kind of race, lack of direction
Just how lunatic, to have a nature so deceit
Bewail my reverie, a gambol untried
Lure of carnality and silence in forfeit
Animals, enslaved to pearls of fictionalized worth
Creatures, born from caves into simulated mirth
I'm talking, Idols of Chagrinrney Into Fear
Born of possession, complacement in disguise
Craving and candid, as to defy the character's fall
The kisses you drain, pedestrian pedigreen the Moonlight
What's thought is pain might be desire after allback to top
A Descent to Babylon (Babylon Asleep)
Babylon asleep, an everlasting foe
Striving to hurt, for flesh becomes dirt
Resting within, the sacred fire
I can't withhold, the lies untold

Dances and cries, a descent to Babylon
Wine in my hand, a descent to Babylon

All eyes must foul, in stench of fear
Killing to quench, Babylon's tears

We are whispering for holy wine
Innocence to reign, a world of shrines

This crazy dream, raging over ages
For only one belief. Killing - Suffer for a thought
In human blood, stretched out

A descent to a 1000 deaths
As sweet as snow, as cold as dew
A descent to a 1000 deaths.
Babylon asleepback to top
Return to the Eve
Lyrics not availableback to top
Juices Like Wine
Thirst and desire, to rule the light
For crossing heavens, a futile fight
Bound to storm, our minds wave
Fervent to sail in deserts of mist

Juices like wine, like the blood in the sands
Juices like wine

Born of earth, we strive for skies
Obsessed with lies, in arms of sleep
Earning dreams, we blind our eyes
Challenging secrets, ancient the cries

Juices like wine, like the blood in the sands
Juices like wineback to top
The Inevitable Factor
I stalk alone the burried seas
Dead and white, weak memories
Below zero, I'm turning blue
Why does the ice burn so hot

Frozen waters, a strange land
I know I live, as the frost bites

My eyes are closed, but I can't sleep
Moving forward, for sleep means death
A white shroud covers me
I buried myself to stay alive

Time's passing slow on my pale face
Beneath the snow, beneath the ice

I stalk alone the buried seas
Dead and white, weak memoriesback to top
The Heart Beneath
Heaven carries not
What the soul would reap
Growth of deception
Lined between the weeps
A thousand lusts luring in the heart
A desire in our sleep
A million lies striving to be shared
Escaping mindless leaps
An afterthought formed
First among fallen idols
Of the pandemonial storm
The heart beneath, the desire to die
Scepters of Scarlet, the eternal lie
Tormented eyes, perceiving relief
The shadow's light won't disappear
The mist reveals the shades of grief
The heart beneath, inside my fearback to top
Cherry Orchards
Dancing violet dreams. Joining nights of satin fame. Acting jewel games.
All forgiven, you streak my heart.
More than pleasure in ice cold flames. Crying soft, as love flies tame.
Swelling tears in diaries of lies. Fading lights, as songs die quiet.
Bleeding sweet for dying blind. Masking fears of silent decline.

Cherry Orchards. Ginger looks upon pain.
Cherry Orchards. August fades like tears in vain.

Winter's final shine. Dressing gold, one last time.
Seep from lace. Roses for an unborn face.

Cherry Orchards. Ginger looks upon pain.
Cherry Orchards. August fades like tears in vain.back to top
Tristesses de la Lune
Lyrics not availableback to top
Wings of Solitude
I'm sensing the paleness of lies
No rest to caress their eyes
In visions enthroning sleep
A mistress of eternal weep
Wastelands against the night
Bound in chains, a wish for light
Wandering beneath my fate my body slowly pales
Unleashed, with hands that cannot reach
The screams of heaven and shores
The sleep - sound of a shadowed search
Foresee the wings of solitude
The wings of solitude
Ages of bleeding in vain
Entrapped by the whine of the insane
Civilization - a vision of deceit
Misfits, emerged from the heat
The violet dances fade
Restless dreams of hate and a silent cry
Wastelands against the night
Bound in chains a wish for light
Wandering beneath my fate
My body slowly palesback to top
The Usurper
Lend me your steel-bearing hand
So I may reign the Jewel Throne
My soul feels the gods' demand
As the lost kings uphold my side

Blood and sand
Mark their way
The usurper's tears
Guide my sword...

Fantasia slept in my thoughts
As I was a son of infinity
The emperor, forgotten, rests in my dreams
As, back to the wall, I start the conquest

Innocence and wrath
Now lie far beyond
As we cross the deserts
To reach the fortress' gates

Tragical serenades
Are whispered in the wind
As eyes in fury
Grant us our strength

They're throning on the dignity of might
But the successor is to enter the hall
False truth saw them climbing the steps
But I remain the Jewel Throne's choiceback to top
Journey into Fear
Lyrics not availableback to top
Downtown Hanoi
Four arc lights. Moving stealth.
Two ride up north. Into the barrel fear.
Desire to share. My valiant care.
Downtown Hanoi.

We are drowning in purple wine.
Standing as one, as one we line.
Gold and light did stop their dance.
A fever obscene, a wicked romance.

I'm tasting sweat on my tongue.
Fane of wicked green.
Faith to the heart.
Passion and death.
Downtown's breath.back to top
Circle of the Tyrants
After the battle is over
And the sands drunken the blood
All what there remains
Is the bitterness of delusion

The immortality of the gods
Sits at their side
As they leave the walls behind
To reach the jewels gleam

The days have come
When the steel will rule
And upon his head
A crown of gold

Your hand wields the might
The tyrant's the precursor
You carry the will
As the morning is near

I sing the ballads
Of victory and defeat
I hear the tales
Of frozen mystery

The new kingdoms rise / By the circle of the tyrants
In the land of darkness / The warrior, that was me
Grotesque glory / None will (ever) see them fall
And hunts and war / Are like everlasting shadows

Where the winds cannot reach / The tyrant's might was born
And often I look back / With tears in my eyes
Grotesque glory / None will (ever) see them fall
And hunts and wars / Are like everlasting shadowsback to top
In the Chapel in the Moonlight
Lyrics not availableback to top
I Won't Dance
I did taste their only dream
As denial was still unborn
Secrets beyond those dethroned walls
And echoes of a martyr's scream
Deterrent vibrates the allurements face
As my barque drowns toward conquest

Don't quieten the elder's tears
For they've foreseen our past
Covered lies our remembrance
As symbols turn to dust

I won't dance
I won't dance
I won't dance within despair
I won't dance
The elder's orient

Journey into a wicked world
My body beneath the skies
Erotic wishes, my heart has failed
Incalculable is the surface's breath
Paralyzed form - the ring of death
Steps on the stairs to my silent ecstasy

Caress of the mental space
Thrones of fake life
Eternal addiction towards those eyes
(Gods) didn't you believe my earthbound call?
Slipping into the hidden sun
Intoxicated by an endless fallback to top
The Name of My Bride
Burning in a hell made of my own
Looking for the you I once knew
Your love is hanging over me
Like a big black cloud of misery
Oh mother I beg of you to set me free
Now, like the tempting snake of old
She has seduced my very soul
She took my rib she stole my heart
And hid it in her bosom's warmth
Oh mother hallowed be thy name
For u give birth to us in pain
Maybe I'm Adam with a paradise lost
Or maybe I'm Abel, maybe I'm not
But as sure as hell I know that I'll be chain
Wasting love and my life again
Oh woman of sorrow, you guide me on
into caverns, where I do not belong
Out of your womb, onto the earth
Oh mother of my life, please give me birth
Oh mother of pain, please let me go
For you must reap what you have sown
Oh mother, my mother yes I know
The name of my bride is sorrowback to top
Mexican Radio
Lyrics not availableback to top
Under Apollyon's Sun
The face of Nemesis
Under pandemonium's heat
Parched my yearning whisper
In this world of deceit

To lie, to cry, they die
To drown in their well of sighs
All their pain bears their name
Ignorance dies by its own lies

Tears of indignation
Crying under Apollyon's sun
In faith for love
Underground, a dream apart

Flesh from soil
Disparate, no less the same
Sift my tears
The lasting spring

We were raised to fade
To deluge by carnal claims

To lie, to cry, they die
To drown in their well of sighsback to top
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