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Cemetary 1213 lyrics

Album: The Beast Divine [2000]

 01  Firewire
 02  Union Of The Rats
 03  Silicon Karma
 04  Antichrist 3000
 05  Linking Shadows
 06  Sunset Grace
 07  Dead Boy Wonder
 08  Anthem Apocalypse
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out of the flames
burned black from shame
we rule again
no need to hide
the purest pride
we kill again
whatever's lost - at any cost
we claim our ground
what blood may spill
the perfect kill
without a sound

annihilation's pretty sweet
our hearts are pure hate
you can't stop the beat

the bastard sons / the no. 1
not of man but pure machine
the antisoul / the antiblood
compassion's dead and so are you
flick the switch - the killing itch
now watch it burn, burn, burn
the antisoul / the antiblood
not of man but pure machine

with blazing eyes and havoc cries
we storm the world
the 13th freeze
down on your knees
we crush the world
our ice cold fear
the darkest sphere
so blessed be
antimatter thru
connects the crew
we're your destinyback to top
Union Of The Rats
it's always finders keepers
this moves too slow
down with the crawly creepers
what you borrow you owe

- now here we go -

set the pace / set the tone
the stangest thing
you've ever known
nothing left to die for
bitter seed / sour grapes
the point from where
there's no escape
nothing left to die for

undead & unfamiliar
they trim the fat
unlocked & unpeculiar
we're the union of the rats

- we're the union of the rats -back to top
Silicon Karma
the last decision
just couldn't fail
in an icebox prison
too blue to set the sails
from out of nowhere
they came around
then what do you care
if i'm above or beneath the ground

it just can't stay the same
blow it all away
just can't take more for less
when you're always dying

nightmare nirvana
before my eyes
silicon karma
the implants make us high
chromatic virus
deep in our hearts
now who cries for us
when the whole thing falls apartback to top
Antichrist 3000
the fury five / dead not alive
cryogenic speak
electroshock / the slaughtered flock
now watch us hit our peak
one last goodbye / with snipers eyes
a winning murder smile
so neatly bound & gagged
diced / cut up & bagged
electron burning trial

we're the guilty ones
take command / all systems go
we're the hand of god
nuclear angels watch us glow
the radiation kings
our reign is closer than you know
the one true clean machine
pull the plug / all systems go

so state the case / no interface
to cover for your loss
so reconcile with suicide
in glittery shiny gloss
resistance whore /
bitch you ain't that pure
that virus looks pretty neat
a prison for the board
static overload
the one killer eliteback to top
Linking Shadows
call murder one
what's done is done
god's fallen son
the nowhere man
i know you can
dead masterplan
draw one thru one
what's done is done
now it's all gone
last call to kill
i know you will
the sweetest thrill

put some passion to it
put that bullet in me now
put some feeling to it
pull that trigger

- pull it now -back to top
Sunset Grace
call to remember
dark december
falling flat
sure went down like that
ain't the way i see it
ain't nothing 'bout it
coming down of the ground
you know it never disappears
'cause the truth is out there
now looking back i see
there's something wrong with me
all bouncing back again
from way back then

under stick and stone
let them curse my bones

call to remember
that red december
falling flat
it was just like that
as they kept screaming
and i kept fireing
one by one 'til there was none
all 4 one and one 4 all
watch the mighty start to fall
and that's the way i see it
ain't nothing to it
so pull me down into the groundback to top
Dead Boy Wonder
my time is gone it's been too long
ounces to tons i'm not that strong
the visions bleak / the vision's pale
a losers streak that's born to fail
bring it on / bring me down
scar the face of the clown
it's a fact / it's a fear
it's a pact / then it's clear
come little closer to the ledge
a midnight waltz at the razors edge

desire burns again
all alone and trapped again
someone get me out of here
the skies are cold alight
a millions ways to die tonight
someone get me out of here

- someone get me out of here -

one final sleep / the seconds slip
to play to keep / one final trip
the sun burns red / the sun burns wild
to be free from you - then dying's mild
bring it on / bring me down
scar the face of the clown
it's a fact / it's a fear
it's a pact / then it's clear
no turning back / unveil the end
come down the shack / come let's descendback to top
Anthem Apocalypse
burning - i kill on demand
sweet .16 in my hand
await the command
closer - and closer by far
now i know who you are
the gemini scar

this is our world
this is our time
grab a gun / come on let's go
this is our world
burning bright
come on let's end it all tonight

bleeding - a sad sight to see
pale and down on your knees
i'll set you free
fire & flame draw the blood
leave you dead in the mud
now where is your godback to top
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