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Christ Agony lyrics

Album: Trilogy [1998]

 01  Spell Of Death
 02  Hellspawn
 03  Eternal Desires
 04  Hail Darkness!
 05  Dying Star
 06  Elysium
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Spell Of Death
Here is the question
Which drains bloodied lips
Here is the delight
Which mingles sweat and torment
On the lips
Here is the sperm of the dark
Which everyone
Keep in their veins

The sperm of death
Poison wind's breath
The sperm of death
The power of eternity
The sperm of death
The power of voidback to top
Kingdom of mine
Is beauty and blood

Kingdom of mine
Is pride and power
Eternity they are

- No mercy I have
For those
Who mock their name
Of the only

- Despise
for those
Disrespecting death

Delight on lips
Dark's spawn
My sperm

Silent crown
Above my head
Torment it circles
And painback to top
Eternal Desires
Garden of delight
Depth of my sight
Garden of delight
Blood of my stare

Eternal desires... (x2)

Garden of delight
Humilation of my words
Elevation of thoughts
On the pedestal of beauty

Eternal desires... (x2)

Forgotten millenium
God's negation
Forgotten millenium
God's negation

In my kingdom
The winds
Only announce
The forgotten mysteryback to top
Hail Darkness!
Wings give to me
To invite the wind
In my arms

Wings give to me
To relief questions
Of my lust

You are the beautiful act
Of my inspiration

Beautiful you are in my eyes

Fire dimly light in my face
In madness it hides and in sin
More nudity
My eyes inhale
And nothingness
Covers my faceback to top
Dying Star
Dying star
You're my lover
At the heaven of tongues
I desire your light my lover
I desire your tenderness

You are the landscape of desires
The eye of the only truth

Dying star
Queen of the void
You've given me power
Of the only desire

You flow
In my veins
Till the end of my way
Till the end of the dayback to top
When beauty dies
Raise symbol falls
On the arms of sin
Faith's carried

Dead is the symbol
The magic...
Depth and the abyss...
Night is the redemption
In the arms of the lover
Blood on her lips
Unholy concern

When beauty dies
Lips dripped with
The blow of nothingness
Among the open gates
You will be the come truth

When beauty dies
blood on my palms
Covers the way with roses

This is my kingdom
Of sweat, tears are spit
Where only the whores
Keep boiling semen for dogs
In their mouthsback to top
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