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The Clash lyrics

Album: Give 'em Enough Rope [1978]

 01 Safe European Home
 02  English Civil War
 03  Tommy Gun
 04  Julie's Been Working for the Drug Squad
 05 Last Gang in Town
 06 Guns on the Roof
 07 Drug-Stabbing Time
 08 Stay Free
 09 Cheapskates
 10 All the Young Punks (New Boots and Contracts)
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English Civil War
When johnny comes marching home again
He's coming by bus or underground
A woman's eye will shed a tear
To see his face so beaten in fear
An' it was just around the corner in the english civil war

It was still at the stage of clubs and fists
When that well-known face got beaten to bits
Your face was blue in the light of the screen
As we watched the speech of an animal scream
The new party army was marching right over our heads


There you are, ha ha, i told you so
Says everybody that we know
But who hid a radio under the stairs
An' who got caught out on their unawares?
When that new party army came marching right up the stairs

When johnny comes marching home again
Nobody understands it can happen again
The sun is shining an' the kids are shouting loud
But you gotta know it's shining through a crack in the cloud
And the shadows keep falling when johnny comes marching home

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Tommy Gun
tommy gun
you ain't happy less you got one
tommy gun
ain't gonna shoot the place up
just for fun
maybe he wants to die for the money
maybe he wants to kill for his country
whatever he wants, he's gonna get it

tommy gun
you better strip it down for a custom run
tommy gun
waiting in the airport 'till kingdom come
an' we can watch you make it
on the nine o'clock news
standing there in palestine lighting the fuse
whatever you want, you're gonna get it

tommy gun
you'll be dead when your war is won
tommy gun
but did you have to gun down everyone
i can see it's kill or be killed
a nation of destiny has got to be fulfilled
whatever you want, you're gonna get it

tommy gun
you can be a hero in an age of none
tommy gun
i'm cutting out your picture from page one
i'm gonna get a jacket just like yours
an' give my false support to your cause
whatever you want, you're gonna get it

boats and tanks and planes, it's your game
kings and queens an' generals learn your name
i see all the innocents, the human sacrifice
and if death comes so cheap
then the same goes for lifeback to top
Julie's Been Working for the Drug Squad
Title: Julie's Been Working For The Drug Squad

It's lucy in the sky and all kinds of apple pie
She giggles at the screen 'cos it looks so green
There's carpets on the pavements
And feathers in her eye
But sooner or later, her new friends will realise
That julie's been working for the drug squad

Well it seemed like a dream, too good to be true
Stash it in the bank while the tablets grow high
In their millions

And everybody's high (hi, man...)
But there's someone looking down
From that mountainside
'cos julie's been working for the drug squad

And it's ten years for you
Nineteen for you
And you can get out in twenty-five
That is if you're still alive

An' then there came the night of the greatest ever raid
They arrested every drug that had ever been made
They took eighty-two laws
Through eighty-two doors
And they didn't halt the pull
Till the cells were all full
'cos julie was working fob the drug squad

They put him in a cell, they said you wait here
You've got the time to count all of your hair
You've got fifteen years
A mighty long time
You could have been a physicist
But now your name is on the mailbag list
Julie's been working for the drug squad

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