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Comecon lyrics

 1992 Megatrends In Brutality
 1993 Converging Conspiracies
 1996 Fable Frolic

· Aerie
· Anaconda Charms Grass Snake
· Armed Solution
· Bleed / Burn
· Bovine Inspiration
· Canvas of History
· Community
· Conductor Of Ashes
· Democrator
· Dispstick
· Frogs
· God Told Me
· Good Boy Benito
· How I won the war
· Icons Of Urine
· Imploder
· It wears me down
· Morticide
· Omnivorous Excess
· Pinhole View
· Propelling Scythes
· Slope
· Soft, Creamy Lather
· Sunday Stroll
· Teuton Tandrums
· The Dog Days
· The Ethno-Surge
· The Family Album
· The Future Belongs To Us
· The House That Man Built
· The Mule
· The Whole World
· Ulcer
· Wash Away The Filth
· Ways Of Wisdom (serves two)
· Worms

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