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Confessions Of Obscurity lyrics

Album: Dehumanization [1994]

 01  Fucking whore
 02  In sickness...
 03  Cannibalistic intent
 04  Horror
 05  The Morgue Feast
 06  Meat
 07  Dance Macabre
 08  A Serial Killer Memoire
 09  The Spree Killer
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Fucking whore
Crucified against my wall
Here we go...
HAHAHA You disgusting whore

Slowly, accurate - my knife enters your flesh
Blood is flowing - bones seeking daylight
Your lips are gone - the skin is removed
Your last stinking breath in my face

Slowly inch per inch - I'm carving from your throat till your pussy
Once I'll arrive - your most desired part will be separated
Carving, snatching - the whole gets bigger
Legs are gone - everything is falling on the floor
A half empty body is all what remains

HAHAHA... here we go ... stupid bitchback to top
In sickness...
Creep - suffer
Splatter - gore
Shocking - pain
Cruesome - filth
Cuts - stench
Putrified - rotback to top
Cannibalistic intent
Mutilated... are the bones
Decaying... is the flesh
Horrible... is the view
Emotions... are bizarre

The stench is unbearable
But the hunger is stronger
Eating her skin, licking her cold pussy
Guts are now torn apart

Her entrails are swallowed
The tongue yet digested
Once she was pretty and filled with life
Now she's slayed and cooked

The cannibals are hungry
More butchering will follow
Maybe you'll be their next dinner
Or do you make those dinners?

Mutilated... are the bones
Decaying... is the flesh
Horrible... is the view
Emotions... are bizarreback to top
Hor-rorback to top
The Morgue Feast
Decomposed people crawling on the floor
Entrails smashed against the wall
Shopped heads - blood spitting necks
Blood out of veins - shit out of asses
Dismembered bodies - dissected organs
Putrefied, unbearableback to top
Meeaaaaaaaaaaaat.....back to top
Dance Macabre
Eyes staring into the night
Decaying faces, rotting flesh
Putrified entrails, mutilated cadavers
Rotting organs, disgusting sickness

Around the altar, the macabre is dancing
Innocent victims will meet the face of death
They scream, they crawl but there's no way out
The macabre is dancing soon shall the feast begin

Butchering, screaming, the victims are yet deformed
Carved and snatched the bodies are yet dismembered
Blood drops of the altar, excrements smeared over the rests
The sacrifice is made, new cruelties are created

Around the altar, the macabre is dancing
Decaying faces, rotting organs
Putrified entrail, disgusting sickness
The macabre is dancing... the feast has began.back to top
A Serial Killer Memoire
I took the 4 year old boy by the arm
Told him we would play nice games at my place
Once the door was closed his nightmare started

I took a knife and planted it in his leg
With another knife I made small wounds in his face
I drank the blood that came out of it and chewed off his ear
His tongue I pulled out, his skin I scalped

Dead he lay on the floor, his pants full of shit
I took a pot and cooked an ear, the lips ans skinparts
Together with tomato juice and some herbs I ate it all
Delicious... that boy was delicious...back to top
The Spree Killer
I am the master I am the almighty
Creep into your worst nightmare
Suffer my diabolic shadow
Just for the fun i decide...
Who may live and who must die
I don't care who, how and when...back to top
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