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Confessions Of Obscurity lyrics

Album: Infected (Split with Last Days Of Humanity) [1994]

 01  Necrophile
 02  Disguisting Sexual Lust
 03  Childbutchering
 04  Dance Macabre
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Hear the sound
The seal is broken
The bodybag now open
The swarming infected mass discovered
Putrified stench in the nose
Nauseous vomit in the throat
The remainings of the pussy spread wide open
The dick in the mass
Embrace the deadback to top
Disguisting Sexual Lust
Innocent and gentle she lies in the crib
Probably her own little paradise after the womb

Then it happened... it hurts

Her legs spread wide open - her little bones now broken
Her virginity she lost - her entrails severly damaged
Her blood is flowing out - she cries, she screams

That's how he slays, that sick pig called father
With his dick in his own baby

Her just started life is flowing away

An extremely deformed little cadaver is all what remains.back to top
Highly pregnant she walks into the supermarket
In the toilet she delivers her baby
The new liveform - she puts in a bag
And smashes it against the wall

Bones are broken - bodyparts separated
Blood and slime flow together
The whole porridge she then throws in a dust-bin

A few times she did, she slayed a few of her children
A few times she slayed her own flesh and blood
Before she was caught by the authoritiesback to top
Dance Macabre
Eyes staring into the night
Decaying faces, rotting flesh
Putrified entrails, mutilated cadavers
Rotting organs, disgusting sickness

Around the altar, the macabre is dancing
Innocent victims will meet the face of death
They scream, they crawl but there's no way out
The macabre is dancing soon shall the feast begin

Butchering, screaming, the victims are yet deformed
Carved and snatched the bodies are yet dismembered
Blood drops of the altar, excrements smeared over the rests
The sacrifice is made, new cruelties are created

Around the altar, the macabre is dancing
Decaying faces, rotting organs
Putrified entrail, disgusting sickness
The macabre is dancing... the feast has began.back to top
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