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Alice Cooper lyrics

Album: Welcome To My Nightmare [1975]

 01  Welcome To My Nightmare
 02  Devil's Food
 03  The Black Window
 04  Some Folks
 05  Only Women Greed
 06  Department Of Youth
 07  Cold Ethyl
 08  Years Ago
 09  Steven
 10  The Awakening
 11  Escape
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Welcome To My Nightmare
Welcome to my nightmare
I think you're gonna like it,
I think you're gonna feel
Like you belong,
A nocturnal vacation,
Unnecessary sedation,
You want to feel at home
Cause you belong,
Welcome to my nightmare.
Welcome to my breakdown.
I hope I didn't scare you.
That's just the way we are
When we come down.
We sweat, laugh and scream here,
Cuz life is just a dream here.
You know inside you
Feel right at home, here
Welcome to my breakdown.
Whoa, You're welcome to my nightmare,
Yeah, I think you're gonna like it,
I think you're gonna feel
That you belong,
]We sweat, laugh and scream here,
Cuz life is just a dream here.
You know inside you feel
Right at home here,
Welcome to my nightmare.
Welcome to my breakdown. Yeahback to top
Devil's Food
Get ready for the lady,
She's gonna be a treat.
Simmer slightly 'til ready,
Make her soft too, make her sweet.
I kiss the tears off from your chest,
I felt the poison fright
That's in your breath
I knew your precious life
And I know your death.
I squeeze the love out of your soul,
All the perfect love
That's in your soul,
You're just another spirit on parole.
Devil's Food.....back to top
The Black Window
These words he speaks are true,
We're all humanary stew,
If we don't pledge allegiance to
The black window
The horror that he brings,
The horror of his sting,
The unholiest of kings,
The black window.
Our minds will be his toy,
And every girl and boy
Will learn to be employed by
The Black window.
Love me,
Yes, we love me,
Love him,
Yes we love him,
Love me,
Yes we love him.
He sits upon this throne and picks
At all the bones of his husbands
And his wives he's devoured.
He stares with a gleam,
With a laugh so obscene at the virgins
And the children he's deflowered.
(Repeat 2nd verse)
Our thoughts are hot and crazed,
Our brains are webbed in haze,
Of mindless, senseless, daze
The black window.back to top
Some Folks
Some folks love to see red.
Some folks never talk about it.
Some folks crave a blue lady.
Some folks know and still they doubt it
I'm just no good without it.
I'm not a man at all,
It makes my skin crawl.
Baby, baby,
Come on and save me, save me.
My, my baby, baby,
Come on and save me now.
Some folks love to feel pain.
Some folks wake up every morning.
Some folks live for no reason.
Some folks die without a warning.
(Repeat 2nd verse)
I just can't live without it,
Just can't live without it,
I don't want to think about it,
Don't want to think about it,back to top
Only Women Greed
Man's got his woman to take his seed
He's got the power,
Oh, she's got the need,
She spends her life
Through pleasing up her man.
She feeds him dinner
Or anything she can.
She cries alone at night too often.
He smokes and drinks
And don't come home at all.
Only women bleed....
Man makes your hair grey.
He's your life's mistake.
All you're really looking for
Is an even break.
He lies right at you.
You now hate this game.
He slaps you once in a while
And you live and love in pain.
(Repeat 2nd verse)
Black eyes all of the time,
Don't spend a dime,
Clean up this grime,
And you there down on your knees
Begging me please come watch my bleed
Only women bleed.....back to top
Department Of Youth
We're in trouble all the time.
You read about us all in the papers.
We walk around
And bump into walls a blind delegation.
And we ain't afraid of high power,
We're bullet proof,
And we've never heard of Eisenhower,
Missile power, justice or truth.
We're the department of youth,
Your new department of youth,
We're the department of youth,
Just me and youth.
We talk about this whole stupid world,
And still come out laughing,
We never make any sense,
But hell, that never mattered,
But we'll make it
Through our blackest hour,
We're living proof,
And we're never heard of Billy Sunday,
Damon Runyon manners or Couth.
(Repeat 2nd verse)
We're the department of youth,
The new department of youth,
We're the department of youth,
We've got the power,
We're the department of youth.back to top
Cold Ethyl
One thing I miss
Is cold Ethyl and her skeleton kiss.
We met last night
Making love by the refrigerator light.
Ethyl, Ethyl,
Let me squeeze you in my arms.
Ethyl, Ethyl,
Come and freeze me with your charms.
One thing, no lie -
Ethyl's frigid as an Eskimo pie.
She's cool in bed,
She's gotta be 'cuz Ethyl's dead.
(Repeat 2nd verse)
Come on, cold Ethyl, freeze me baby.
One thing - it's true,
Cold Ethyl I am stuck on you,
And everything is my way,
Ethyl don't have much to say.
(Repeat 2nd verse)
Come here, cold Ethyl
What makes you so cold ?...OO..So cold
Cold Ethyl, cold, cold Ethyl
If I live 'til 97,
You'll still be waiting
In refrigerator heaven,
Cuz you're cool, you're ice.
Cold Ethyl - you're my paradise.back to top
Years Ago
Here I go again, up and down alone
All my friends went home years ago
All my toys are broken and
So am I inside Mom
The carnival has closed years ago
I'm a little boy
No, I'm a great big man.
No, let's be a little boy.
For a little while longer,
Maybe an hour ?
No, Steven, we have to go back now
Isn't that our Mom calling ?
Steven, come home !"back to top
I don't want to see you go,
I don't even want to be there.
I will cover up my eyes
And pray it goes away.
You've only lived a minute of your life
I must be dreaming,
Please stop screaming.
I don't like to hear you cry.
You just don't know
How deep that cuts me.
So I will cover up my eyes
And it will go away.
You've only lived a minute of your life
I must be dreaming,
Please stop screaming.
I hear my name. (Steven)
Is someone calling me ?
I hear my name. (Steven)
That icy breath,
It whispers screams of pain.
I don't want to feel you die,
But if that's the way
That God has planned you,
I'll put pennies on your eyes
And it will go away, see ?
You've only lived a minute of your life
I must be dreaming,
Please stop screaming.
(Steven) (Is someone calling me ? - No)
(I think I hear a voice,
It's outside the door.)
(Steven) I hear my name.
(Steven) (Is someone calling me ?
I hear my name.)
(Steven) (What do you want ?)
(Steven) (What do you want ?)
(What do you want ?) (Steven)
(I hear my name.)back to top
The Awakening
I wake up in the basement,
I'm so hungry, I'm dry,
I must be here sleepwalking,
Mustn't I ?
Getting up from my easy chair
Looking for my wife
Following a trial of crimson
Spots that lead into the night.
Suddenly I realize,
I see it all through real eyes -
These crimson spots
Are dripping from my hand
And makes me feel like a manback to top
Paint on my cruel or happy face.
Hide me behind it.
It takes me inside another place
Where no one can find it.
Escape, I get out when I can.
Escape, anytime I can,
Escape, I'm crying in my beer,
Escape, just get me out of here
Don't get me wrong, don't get me right
I'm not like you are.
When I get home from work at night,
I'm blacker and bluer.
So I escape.
(Repeat 2nd verse)
Where am I running to ?
There's no place to go.
Just put on my make-up
And get me to the show. Yeah.
My doctor said just come around,
You'll be taken care of,
And while he ran my problems down,
I stole his mascara,
That's how I escape.
(Repeat 2nd verse)
Escape.back to top
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