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Coroner lyrics

Album: Grin [1993]

 01  The Lethargic Age
 02  Caveat (To The Coming)
 03  Serpent Moves
 04  Status: Still Thinking
 05  Paralized Mesmerized
 06  Grin (Nails Hurt)
 07  Host
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The Lethargic Age
... roses that never bloom
wheels that never spin
bells that never ring
hands too far to reach ...back to top
Caveat (To The Coming)
... children
fragile minds
beware this world
is about to cut
your hair ...back to top
Serpent Moves
... this will be
my last call,
i am with
a different
tribe now ...back to top
Status: Still Thinking
... why do
i hate you?back to top
Paralized Mesmerized
... i will smile
while you
still cry
i'll be in the
while you still
hide ...back to top
Grin (Nails Hurt)
... peace
to reload
a gun ...back to top
... as its temple
and its victim
my blood runs
on marble floors
just like some
insane circulation
back into
my coroded
heart ...back to top
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