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Corpsevomit lyrics

Album: Demo [1999]

 01  Mind Scabs
 02  Waste
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Mind Scabs
Old wounds embrace the paths of new
Blsitered thoughts within the palace of scabs
Scars of birth embed my brain
Poisoned life absorbance indulge
Dead wisdom of centuries
Blissful shelter, disease impregnates
Diluted homage to all lost thoughts
Pleasured flights and bitter fruits
Of Selfish prosperback to top
Only life that's left is polluted
Waste is my world
I am the devil
I pollute myself for pleasure
It brings me happiness
The thunderous clouds above, couldn't persuade me to stop

What is pleasure without pain?
Drunkenness, happiness, pain, restlessness, pleasure
I praise the rain yet I piss in your lake
You think that you're beautiful
So, I spit in your face

Dirt is my crown
Fire is my wine

What is hypocrisy?
Pain is for life
Life is for pain
Strike me downback to top
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