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Count Raven lyrics

Album: Destruction Of The Void [1992]

 01  Until Death Do Us Part
 02  Hippies Triumph
 03  Destruction Of The Void
 04  Let The Dead Bury The Dead
 05 Northern Light
 06  Leaving The Warzone
 07  Angel Of Death
 08  The Final Journey
 09  No Ones Hero
 10 Europa
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Until Death Do Us Part
All the sorrows mine
Spitting on all mankind
What is this thing called love
A disgusting thing we all know

You made love to another
That night I cried
In lust You cheated me
That night I died
You say You're sorry
That You love only me
But that night when You did it
You weren't thinking of me
That night I died

Been dead for 15 years
Nursing my hate & tears
I'm sorry I didn't know
But my hate is always slow

One side of me loves You and keeps going on
The other side says no way, this is only wrong
I cannot live in this uncertainty
Love & hate that struggles over destiny
That night I died

I'm living in unharmony
Sitting & watching my TV
Oh God!
They say unfaithfulness doesn't mean a thing
How come that my hate keeps my growing?
As old as creation, This thing was sent
I'm the history, Past present
Listen! Past present

Only death will set me free
Living is a mad reality
I'm blind & I can see
Please ends this misery

This eternal prison I feel I've done my time
I want to get out now & make You all mine
Fear that I will one day end the beating of Your heart
How could You forget, Til death do us part
One night you're going to die
And I will cryback to top
Hippies Triumph
Peace & love & understanding,
was the cry of the mid sixties
Visions in acid showed the way,
we smiled at one another
Colours of the rainbow filled my head,
and I loved a beautiful princess
We lived for a better day & for a world
where we loved aech other
The freaks they really showed the way,
Gods children of the new tomorrow
Fight for a new society, or You will die in sorrow

This is a hippies thriumph, and at the same time
He fears the mistake of all youth

One mistake we made and so do You
All youth think they live forever
Life is short & runs away from You,
and You have no time to hate your neighbour
Think of yourself all the way, was the cry of the eighties
Corrupted minds ruled a whole decade,
let's hope it turns in the nineties

This is your father speaking
and as every parent I'll fear for my youth

So sick & tired, of hearing same cry
The youth they don't understand us,
they don't hear what we say
The younger says that they don't listen,
but You don't give them a chance to try
Use communication, on this I pray

Looking at the world today, no one loves each other
Hate instead of love we want they say,
from the cup of madness You are drinking
Spitting in the face of love,
then you spit in the face of creation
If You want a better world today,
then face it now & start thinking

This is a hippies thriumph, and at the same time
He fears the mistake of all youthback to top
Destruction Of The Void
Oh You wonderful people
I need you all today
I reveal myself to you
If that is okay

In my minds eye I see people they are not free
In my world I'm living in I feel no harmony...

Started out & raised a little family
I was happy for a while
Sadness struck I realised eventually
You're the family that makes me smile

I need You & You need us.
Together we break free
There's no other way to go
To feel the federaly

Listen people I had a vision
Help me before I go paranoid
Search your souls & help me in this descision
A total Destruction of the Void

My heart is an unfinished galaxy of dreams
Before I go I want to know just what this life meansback to top
Let The Dead Bury The Dead
You are an asshole, You're the worst kind of worm
That have crawled out of the ground
Your existence I'm sorry to say is everywhere
On the new job & on the beach, I find you there
The Antichrist is born of a Jackal they say
It seems that you've been born the same way

I can tell that You didn't plan to go far
I just want to know, who the hell You are

You suck the bosses dicks, a sad shape
You put the poor ones down, a human fake
Your whole life is a masquerade
All You are looking for: A better grade

The whole creation knows, You're Satan's slave
Who doesn't realise his sorrow & pain
A child of the grave

I tell You there ain't no use in denying
Life's short & one day You are dying
Then You stand trial to the maker
What will You say to the giver & taker
You believe the lies that fills your head
All I say is let the dead bury the dead

I'll tell what will be, Your biggest fear
No one will remember Your name
You weren't hereback to top
Leaving The Warzone
It's another day in my home town
In the center of all Hell
But tomorrow I'll be long gone
I bid the pain farewell

I'm leaving the Warzone
I leave it behind
My father is gone
Not a trace to be found

My neighbours children are dying
The Devil stroke again
On the streets women are crying
The curse of evil men

I'm leaving the Warzone
I'm leaving today
I'm leaving the Warzone
It is the only way

I see Your faces in sorrow
As I telling you goodbye
But here there's no tomorrow
No matter how I try

So listen to my story
Listen to what I tell
Some people think it's glory
But you know it's living Hell

I'm leaving the Warzone
I leave it behind
My father is gone
Not a trace to be found

FAREWELLback to top
Angel Of Death
So sorry, it got out of hand
Sometimes it happens, You understand
The prisoners broke free, inside of them was our experiment
Like LSD to go public it was never meant
Now we must, immediately close the file
All accusations, the usual way, we must deny
The shadow minds, gathered around the Pentagram
They always fight, a war, on our planet grand

Angel of death has come this way & to stay
Using his forces, & its resources, to spread the decay

The knowledge of the facts, are kept in the dark
A disease You can't see, still it's in Your body & heart
Panic buttons are pushed around the world
There's no solution, still they pretend like they never heard
There is no safe sex & condoms won't save You
Tell me brothers & sisters, what are You going to do
Now the world is entering a sad state
We see no difference between true love & hate

Angel of death has come this way & to stay
Using his forces, & its resources, to spread the decay

Children of love arise
Now's the time to use all understanding
Children of God arise
Now You've got to move faster than lightning

To help these people out, all minds are set
We pay no attention to those who haven't caught it yet
This is what really makes me ill
To prevent it to go further, it seems to be no will
There's only one way to go right now
You don't like it but listen anyhow
Give those people a country, help them build it well
Work this out or we will face global hell

Angel of death has come this way & to stay
Using his forces, & its resources, to spread the decayback to top
The Final Journey
Now the time has come for me to go
To the place that we all know
I'll travel with my silver machine
That was meant for every human being

The stars are in the sky
Here I go, I am going to die
A journey through the universe, to the sweet home of mine

No use to scream, this is no dream at all
The final journey, the final call
The greatest mystery & reality
And all You people are gonna join it with me

I'll be walking the streets of gold
The milky way is heaven I was told
100,000 stars with life today
You age 27 years to go that way

The stars are in the sky
Here I go, I am going to die
A journey through the universe, to the sweet home of mine

Farewell, my sweet friend
I am saying farewell to Youback to top
No Ones Hero
Where in Hell did You get so wrong
You're out to ban Rock 'n Roll songs
You want the people to follow You
Rule the masses, that's Rock 'n Roll too

A Christian You say You are
I sayin' that You're misusing His name
You're liar You've gone too far
When He comes You'll be the one to blame

The greatest crime of all time
Another fool in time
You say that You will follow the Lord
But when He comes You won't be heard
No no way

Talk about the blind leading the blind
You're not nice, You're evil & unkind
Your moral views has caused the pain
That's way
No one loves each other & You're to blameback to top
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