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The Counting Crows lyrics

Album: Hard Candy [2002]

 01 Hard Candy
 02 American Girls
 03 Good Time
 04 If I Could Give All My Love -Or- Richard Manuel Is Dead
 05 Goodnight L.A.
 06 Butterfly in Reverse
 07 Miami
 08 New Frontier
 09  Carriage
 10 Black and Blue
 11 Why Should You Come When I Call?
 12 Up All Night (Frankie Miller Goes to Hollywood)
 13 Holiday in Spain/Big Yellow Taxi
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If anything it should have been a better thing
From underneath you staring at the ceiling
There's another world of chocoloate bars and baseball cards
That hides inside of all this tension that I'm feeling

Yeah it's all inside of you.
It was all inside of you.

Surprise, surprise.
I miss your hair, you miss my eyes
All all this solitude is my confidence eroding.
So we slide inside of someone's mouth and someone's eyes
Until, there's the sound of something intimate exploding.

It was all inside of you.

I wish that I was anesthized and sterilized
Then I wouldnt have this evidence congealing.
Surprise, surprise.
Another pair of lips and eyes.
And that is the consquence of actually feeling.

It was all inside of you.back to top
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