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Crazy Town lyrics

Album: The Gift of Game [1999]

 01  Intro
 02  Toxic
 03  Think Fast
 04  Darkside
 05  Black Cloud
 06  Butterfly
 07  Only When I'm Drunk
 08  Hollywood Babylon
 09  Face the Music
 10  Lollipop Porn
 11  Revolving Door
 12  Players (Only Love You When They're Playing)
 13  B-Boy 2000
 14 Outro: WWW.Crazytown.Com
all Crazy Town lyrics

This is crazy town...
We're not evil
We just cause trouble and have fun
We're not evil, we're not good
We're somewhere in between
We live within the friction of life
Yeahback to top
(seth binzer, epic mazur, doug miller)

Catch a fire, fire it up
Corrupt stirring it up
It's burning hot, drifting
Hitting every slot
With a drop kick, it's toxic
Trouble, like your girl in a mosh pit
I've lost it and that the only way that we rock shit
Banging heads and ripping threads
If I wasn't rocking shows
I'd be better of dead
With a one two
One word can destroy your whole crew
And that's toxic

Toxic, loud and anxious
Crazy town's toxic
With that, rock your block shit
Toxic, popping more lip
We love to talk shit
Rocking you block with that straight out the block shit, toxic

A buddha, ballistic
Blacklisted twist of faith
My vocal's fatal
As naughty block concoctions rock your cradle
I thought I wait 'til the time was right to ignite
Cause people like me we only come out at night
I rock the main line and party with fine bitches
Which is a dirty job
But somebody's got to do it so, who the crew with?
More has than vivid lyrics explicit
So fuck the critics
We leave them hanging like inxs.


Toxic thresholds of columbian gold
You can't roll how we roll
We possess you soul and push the panic
Is it godly or satanic?
Toxic or organic?
Manic minds refined or frantic
Just the way we planned it
See we be stomping around the planet and we stand alone
We infiltrate your chromosomes
No clone our dna has got a strain of it's own and it's toxic .

Chorousback to top
Think Fast
(seth binzer, bret mazur, doug miller, rust epique, percy washington, torshawn roland)

You know that bitch baby he's talking shit about our clique but he don't crazy
You see the writing on my dick
You know that trick,tracy
Yeah, she's making me sick living that life
We used to do the same shit, shit gets drastic
Some kids need help some need there ass kicked
And some would never learn to earn their own way living of their daddy had he not been rich
They'd be broker than a joke and forced to switch
You gotta change your tune or change your pitch
Because life ain't easy man
Life's a bitch, shit is harder than hard about as hard can get
Keep on going where you're headed you's alive to regret it
Yes it hurts to face the truth and realize that the worlds got your neck in a noose if things ain't like they ought to be
You've got to think fast the aftermath of your actions whiplash.

I know you all tired of these wannabe thugs claiming the real be running, grabbing the steel
Thinking they're going to peel
My niggas cap roaming the streets with black hats
Chrome straps sipping on brew
Ready to react of any nigga they see that nigga could be me
Capital i.c.e. got a muther fucking .357 to put eleven holes in their chest
Thinking they could test a real riderfrom the west

I roll flossin' me and my girlfriend nina ross and the ghettos' been good to me
But you've got to take precautions
Brothers get what they least expect it or neglect it
You'll never catch the dirty in the streets without protection
Nowadays you got to pull shit
Haters on some bullshit jumpin' out of cadillacs and low lows with a full clip
If your tool spits
Shake the spot or get your duck on
Cause if you press your luck on
Stupid is what you're stuck on.

That girl shelia got a daugter
She be clubbing every night
Sheila had her daughter young still that just ain't right
Plus she rides the white horse
She used to ride my pony
If I hit it now, I'd break it
'cause sheila's just too bony.

Smoking speed released the lions
I'm not lying I'm not sober
I'm still trying
Hiding the truth
With substitutes a hundred proof
A fuck up, face it
One of l.a.'s wasted youth
Label me as an enemy of the lost star
My family's not too happy with the trouble that I've caused
See we be breaking the law
Smoking on non-menthols thinking fast so I'm ready for any all out brawls
And ya.
Brothers get your hustle on
Ballers and get your shit tight
House parties get shot up
And turned up before midnight
Drive-bys and fistfights
Zig zag and crack pipes
There's a fifty fifty chance
That tonight will be your last night.back to top
(seth binzer, bret mazur)

Dreamlands of danger
Darkside pleasures bad behavior
Dreamlands of danger
Darkside pleasures at their best (x2)

Punk rock, shell toes horns and halos
Wicked white wings and pointed tails
Devil's eyes and nine inch nails
Nocturnal renegades the enternal drug raid
I go by the name of mr. shifty switchblade
Getting paid in the shade as lyrics ricochet, of the walls from the celling to the floor
Off the door and down the hall
I'm evil like knievel
Kicking white trash
Psycho cerebral, palsy ballsy bad ass
Dress in black from the wrong side of the tracks
Crazy town
Yo. we strike like deep impact.

Why can't you see? I cannot feel till you bring me down
Dream lands of danger
Darkside pleasures
Bad behavior
Dreamlands of danger
Darkside pleasures at their best.

My subconscience launches me into evil territory
I'm surrounded by voyeures and crack smoking lawyers
No shame, burnt lips
Tripping on acid rain
Legally insane, deranged, some people, never change.


Nasty na na , ha, ha darkside marijuana.
Fueled of the drama
Drifting on the darkside
I'm the black eye bomber
Do what I do on a darkside rendezvous
Raising hell, out the shell of fantasies I never tell
Dispersin' untamed perversion
My bad brain's working
Circle jerking, rocking riddles
Sex pistol, sexperts acting uncivil.

Chorousback to top
Black Cloud
(seth binzer, bret mazur, doug miller, rust epique, bernard williams, jay gordon)

Now people say I'm jinxed I got some kind of voodoo hex
Life is so complex there's no telling what could happen next
Life on the edge, fuels the sickness in my head it imbeds the type of thoughts that got a lot of brothers dead
The smarter brother knows to keep his foes close and I'm the type of brothers that smarter than most
A cold hearted overdose of lyrical antidotes
The cure to make sure my karma can't take me down
Up to the same old tricks I wonder if I'll stick around is a penny really lucky
If you find it on the ground?
What's the problem with this town?
I can't figure it out my karma's crashing down in the form of a black cloud.

I've got a little black cloud, that follows me everywhere I go it takes over me (x2)

I'm sick
I've got an ill disposition my intentions are pure but there's a cure for my condition
My decisions put me in the wrong positions
Chasing pipe dreams of fame and recognition
The epic
Not only a name a definition
My game remains no matter the pain
I stay the charmer
The don of karma
I navigate like the dalai lama
I ain't a saint but I've got joi de vie and I'm the one to blame if the cloud rains on me
I can't complain about it or even let regret
Provoke the energy it takes
For me to get upset
A bad boy since birth so I can't forget what goes around comes around and it ain't got me yet
I've gotten wise in my age and tame the threat of my rage
I've got allot to learn and I've got money to spend to pretend is reaping more than sewing ever could mend.

Trade my torches for a dime.
The pressure's fading away now.
Black cloud's lifted for the light the pressure's fading away now.
A thousands cigarettes won't change the way we feel
The pressure's fading now, can you bare the though of knowing truth?
Knowing truth?

I was rapping in the rain hoping that my luck would change and if there's any truth to all those all sayings
Cuz if I kill a spider would my house catch on fire?
If I walk under a ladder would it matter?
I tend to laugh when black cats cross my path
Break mirrors in half just to test the aftermath
Now here comes the rain
I protect my pain
Trying to make sense of these crazy things
I'm a diamond in the rough could I suffer enough?
I'm getting high for a living not giving a fuck
These hard times got me stuck, stuck in a jam
I'm the monkey on your back and the crack in the dam
Took time to master this and the past is just a map to capture this
In the darkness I'm force to adapt to this
I would change the past if I could have one wish.

Trade my torches for a dime.
The pressure's fading away now.
Black cloud's lifted for the light the pressure's fading away now.
A thousands cigarettes won't change the way we feel
The pressure's fading now, can you bare the though of knowing truth?
Knowing truth?back to top
(seth binzer, bret mazur, antonio kiedis, flea, john frusciante, chad smith)

Come my lady
Come come my lady, you're my butterfly
Sugar baby (x2)

Such a sexy,sexy pretty little thing
Fierce nipple pierce you got me sprung with your tongue ring
And I ain't gonna lie cause your loving gets me high
So to keep you by my side there's nothing that I won't try
Butterflies in her eyes and the looks to kill
Time is passing
I'm asking could this be real
Cause I can't sleep I can't hold still
The only thing I really know is she got sex appeal
I can feel too much is never enough
You're always there to lift me up
When these times get rough
I was lost, now I'm found
Ever since you've been around
You're the women that I want
So yo, I'm putting it down.

Chorus: (2x)
Come my lady
Come come my lady, you're my butterfly
Sugar baby,

Come my lady
Youre my pretty baby, i? ll make you're legs shake
You make me go crazy

I don't deserve you unless it's some kind of hidden message
To show me life is precious
I guess it's true
But to tell truth, I really never knew til I met you
See I was lost and confused
Twisted and used up
I knew a better life existed but thought that I missed it
My lifestyle's wild I was living like a wild child
Trapped on a short leash paroled the police files
And yo. what' s happening now?
I see the sun breaking shining through dark clouds and a vision of you standing
Out in a crowd, so


Hey sugar momma, come and dance with me
The smartest thing you ever did was take a chance with me
What ever tickles your fancy
Girls me and you like sid and nancy
So sexy....almost evil
Talkin' about butterflies in my head
I used to think happy endings were only in the books I read
But you made me feel alive when I was almost dead
You filled that empty space with the love I used to chase
And as far as I can see it don't get better than this
So butterfly, here is a song and it's sealed with a
Kiss and a thank you miss.

Come and dance with me
Come and dance with me

Come and dance with me
Come and dance with me, aha

Chorusback to top
Only When I'm Drunk
(ricardo smith, eric brooks, james robinson)

I get drunk and I stumble to the phone and conjure up a bitch to bone when I'm alone
Fucked up, tore back I need to take a piss
Only when I'm drunk? I sing a song like this
My grandma and your grandma... sittin by the fire
Hold on, turn that beat off!
No, keep it going
Crazy town, yo y'all just not known'
I get drunk and start talking more shit and when I got a gun in my hand
You better get...out 'cause my brain just ain't what it used to be
Forget trying to rationalize, cover your eyes.

I get ....(uh!)... damn I'm drunk.
I need a chunck, no better yet a hunk of that funk
I get ....(uh!)... damn I'm drunk.
I need a chunk, no better yet
A hunk of that funk

Yeah I'm good bad, dope I'm freaky fresh
I make hip-hop fans say yes yes
Crazy's comin' thru you know we're gonna blow up
Hold up wait I think I'm gonna throw up, na' false alarm
I'm getting all ladies with my cool charm
When I get drunk I might even call my daddy a punk
Yeah , but only when I'm drunk.

Yeah, only when I'm drunk
Only when I'm drunk it happens only when I'm drunk.

It goes, one for the chronic two for the amnesia
I'm that crazy white boy with the drinks in the freezer
Bust a one out, two out blitz type of rapper
That will get you out of your seat quicker than a car jacker
Sippin' colt forty fever when I'm coolin' with my people
Got ho's in east columbus when I'm billy d. rico
Cause I move like I'm smooth like like I'm harry belafonte
Lookin' for them suckers that jumped my homey le le
All up in this bitch with the gin and tanqueray dink like mr.wendal smoke bud like dr dre.
But that's cause I'm old enough to do that of shit
God damn. I gotta piss
I pass the mic to mr. shift.

I get drunk and can't nobody whoop me
I'm trippin' it must be that brew that iwas sippin'
Kickin' in, guess I shouldn't have mixed it with the gin
'cause when I'm laying on my back I can feel the room spin
One too many, I reckon feelin' I got to hurl any second
Want to get up but can't move
Feels like I'm stuck in a groove
What the fuck was I trying to prove
I got a knack for downin' four-o's
All the hos know them doobie bros
People call me shift I keep a fifth in my trunk
I might fuck an ugly bitch, but only when I'm drunk.

Yeah, only when I'm drunk
Only when I'm drunk it happens only when I'm drunk.back to top
Hollywood Babylon
(seth binzer, bret mazur, mad lion)

If you got an itch to catch some havoc there's mayhem in the plastic
City of la la I mean the land of holy zsa sza
The wood is hot and you can spot the flocks of people like sheep
Those with dreadlocks to jocks with reeboks, fleeing hard rocks
A la cafe, bambatta flashy fashion
Imagine crashing bashes with bitches that be bad and wishing for the fame and recognition
There on a mission for self, baby
Were like the twelve, my tribe is crazy deep we got the beats that are hot were like clinique
Foundation resonates when I speak
And if by chance you catch it then listen, the wisdom
Epic, open hitting, choking up you've done it now and woken up
The giant scientist of hits that make you jump like a lunatic
On pogo sticks, waving your fists
So if you catching a fit
I really don't know but you better scram hurry in a double.

It goes on and on and on hell rasing hollywood welcome to babylon
It goes on and on and on the party don't stop till the mysteries gone.
I've seen it all, I'll see it again I shake allot of hands but I don't got allot of friends.
It goes on, and on and on hell raising hollywood welcome to babylon.

Live from the city of lights sunny days and late nights
Dope, designer drugs, porn stars and bar fights
I drop. makes the bells rock I'm mr. shifty shellshock
Call me the man of the hour in the land of the lost taking the money and the power
Cxt, we hold our own all eyes on us, crazy rise rain like brimstone kicking up dust
I grab the mike with a firm hold in a world of shattered goals, pot holes, broke fokes and bank roll
Pole position
Daddy rolling, rolling causing havoc so, ready set
I'm more than set like morissette to maverick
Gotta, she's got to have it, habbit sick, I leave them stuck
I'm getting high for a living not giving a fuck.


I'm screaming out the call of the wild I'm speaking in tongues
I am the child of the sun the power of one
I beat the drums of the crazy town click
It's the third eye sitting on the tip of the pyramid flipped
Now I see a little shorty illuminati front dead bodes in my trunk.
Unraveling the source
I travel in to self
Gauge my wage and you try to debate my wealth
The consequences linger and I'm fingering the perpetrators
Hey yo, my nature was bread on the cross fadder
It's the seventh house
Armageddon trudger ready for death it's the brimstone slugger

Chorusback to top
Face the Music
(seth binzer and bret mazur)

Now we push rhymes, crazy rhymes
Words forced fed to your mind trace the source brother, brother
Face the music, don't confuse it for another
Nothing comes close to this
Kiss the sky.
These grands change hands as our fans multiply we push rhymes
Ppeople gather round when we kick them go boy
Shifty stick em, ha ha ha stick em
Burning bridges, smoking ism
Losing my religion, shooting the breeze, we got these mc's ass kissing
If you can't take the heat get your ass out the kitchen
I freak it off the wall crammin,' slammin', points of view into your fucking skull bitch
That's why we stick em.

Stick em ha ha ha stick em, ha stick em, ha ha ha
Stick em, ha, ha, ha stick em
Stick em stick em stick em
Stick em ha ha ha stick em, ha stick em, ha ha ha stick em.

Well I tapped you on the spinal with an anesthetic epic is the definition written into grooves of vinyl
It's called survival, when I drop the stylish into friction/tectonic traits drifting like the plates
It shakes like the quakes in cali
The mystic maharaji
Mission of the kamikoze come back kid
Producer supper status
I'm here to claim my rein as the baddest beat peddler
So place your bet middler
The rough is a blaze and yo, were smoking out the fiddler
We're sippin on a hundred proof liquor welcome to the dooms day dawning
Hot like the sun, no time to relax we pack the dooms day gun.


Call me a drifter, richer when I hit you with the stick em
I'm talking shit, the pit starter a wanted man
The one who cuffed your daughter to my bed stand and I talk a lot of shit because I know a lot of shit
I know, I said I'd quit but I just want another hit
It's madness pimpin like gladys
The baddest maintainer status that is no question
Releasing tension as we step into the seventh dimension
This jabber jaw's jaws are slapping
We's what's happening
The bones are breaking and fingers snapping
The pressure is on with non stop action whether banging your head or steady maxing.

Chorusback to top
Lollipop Porn
(seth binzer, bret mazur, nicole lorenzo)

Dancing with the devil in the 13th floor
Non stop knocking on heaven's door
Thinking faster flirting with disaster plastered
I'm your puppet master pushin' proper data
Watch the city steal your soul as the drugs take control and the problems of the world put your life on hold
You should have known by now that it just don't stop
You like that rock
Hip-hop you make me crotch.

I got a lollipop porn bitch
Dead on arrival a hardcore sex bitch turned suicidal
All caught up now taking my chances playing my song
While the devil dances 'round me beggin' me to play along.

Now over the years I've learned to love the pain
I'm what you call a lady killer with the gift of game
Triple x true that you do dat dat
Let it ride bring it back over 24 tracks
We're gonna rock the fuckin' block tonight we're gonna rock that shit gonna make it right
Diggi, diggi, damn right, we's dynomite
So we can do this or you can do what you like
I grab the mic and make it mine I grab the mic and make it hype
So we can do this, or you can do what you like.


Riding on the 3rd rail, taking risk, life is risky
The e stands for epic and the s stands for shifty
So let the good times roll, there's no controlling us
Walking on water and kicking up dust
The boisterous, causing panic in the land of lust
The shellshock lollipop crazy down to make your body rock
Sugar I love the way your body talks
Now, whoever said that sex was overrated
Love leaves me devastated, life's so fuckin' complicated
Shifty say what, epic's a beat slut and I got so many rhymes I can't keep my mouth shut.

Chorusback to top
Revolving Door
(seth binzer, bret mazur)

Now ladies come, ladies go out my revolving door
Some ladies never come back
Most come back for more I've got a house in the hills
With a door that spins
Goes in and out, out and in
'round 'round again.

I live a life these player haters would love to be living since a kid
I've been surround by beautiful women and slippen' in them to win them
The unforgiven
Still some thing's missing, cuz deep inside I'm suffering of a lonely
I could find a girl that would take me away from the chaos of the city and the everyday part that I play
Tell me why lay low, why say no when I got girls serenading at my window
Ladies good to go
We's major league, the new breed no so-so.
Highly advanced and got the game to get in and girls
Pants and romance her stone
Cuz I more than hold my own they call me shifty capone
I make them moan
Yes, I'm the one between the sheets
I amaze and stun ain't no need for me to brag about the way that I'm hung
Let's just say I got the skills to get the flyest girl sprung
Or to take and more
An older lady feel young.


I keep my girls in rotation door rotating
You looking for a good time
I'm always on vacation
You could stop by baby
If you want to try your luck
But don't waste my time, unless you're doown to fuck, unless your coming back for more
Well then you know what's up
You know the routine
Girl, you're not the one
You're just a one night fling
Some ass to hold casanova over till the right girl pass, I'll drop this lifestyle fast
Cuz what I'm looking is the one that will last and make my present past
My adolescence surpassed by the will to chill
I'm looking for something real
In a world of fake ho's in high heels
I'll drop that hot wax on you nipples causing trouble and when you ride me
Yo'll I'll be throwing that triple double
My sex drives kicking I'm sexually exploring
So many possibilities
It seems my life can never get boring
Cuz I'm not fucking around
I'll run down the right way I'll rock your world nightly
So, can I hit it lightly?
Yo girl I like it like that let me hit from the back
I'm a natural aphrodisic better know as a mac.

Chorusback to top
Players (Only Love You When They're Playing)
(seth binzer, bret mazur, a. valli, bernard williams)

No doubt I'm the one your mama warned you about
I'm know for taking ladies home and turning them out
Like kissing all the girlies and making them cry
I'm a wise guy with wits
The opposite of shy
Make your girl's pussy shiver when she looks in my eyes
So uh.
One's for the money two's for the honeys
Three's for the pimp's players and the playboy bunnies
You best believe I throw down
Ain't no need to slow down
You name the place and the time
Find mr. shifty at the show down
Tearing you up that's why all the fly girls just can't get enough
Said I loved you, and you believe it was true
That's hilarious but you mother should have warned you about guys like us
Freak, freak y'all yeah, you know what I'm saying
'cause players only love you when we're playing.

Now players only love you when we're playing
These women they will come and they will go and all you players know just what I'm saying
It's amazing just how many girls we know.

I know it ain't right
But I don't want to change I've got so many dames, I can't remember their names
But don't be confused cause girls are players too
So, we're going to tell you about a girl we knew
She was a pretty rebel a punk rock girl with a wicked sex drive and the mind of a devil
Like agent 99, under cover all the time
You want another kiss you better rack another line
Unique in design this freak was kind of fine but she's not the only one
There's plenty of her kind.
Ain't nothing funny baby her games so tight she can make the sun shine in the middle of the night
She knows what she wants and she gets it when she wants it
She knows that you want it
She's got it, so she flaunts it
So, get up on it
You know the old saying
Players only love you when they're playing.


Only the strong survive I come alive and hit my mark
The after dark player caper can't lie, I'm on the take
A heart breaker tonight the ladies call me mr. right and others call me a freak girl, it's ok if you bite
Some like it violent
Mr. mysterious type
Strong and silent
King player
I cast a hex
Inebriated talk of sex
(epic, I'm so into you)
I'm talking triple x rated
Sophisticated, I'm game to elevate your mind
An understated flirt
The chemistry's hot
You can't deny and realize the size of it
I can see it in your eyes I'd love to touch you baby
And taste the essence of you
You want to play?
Now, let me hear you scream out my name
Players only love you when they're playing.

Chorusback to top
B-Boy 2000
(seth binzer, bret mazur, doug miller, rust epique, a. volli, krs-one, bernard williams)

This is the last trip
This is the last trip
Cxt krs-one
Boogie down
Crazy town.

I'm a bad as b-boy two triple o
A space age hip-hop superhero.

I rock the block with glocks and brass knuckles
A pocket full of weed and a b-boy belt buckle
Space age rage
To rattle your cage
Running amok as we fuck up the stage
Taking hip-hop to a whole new level
8-0-8 bass over twisted metal
Shifty, the rebel.
A mac with a pull
Act a fool excalibur
Destroying m.c's with my vocal algebra
We got something new for you, for you to take your ass and move it
Hit to lose it
It's that crazy crew
Talking you on a hide to the other side
Check it
Bar codes on freaks
Programmed to freak mode
Black holes of lost souls
Let the story be told
I rock a b-boys stance
Cuz it's time to explode.


If you ever want to know what time it is, compared to what time it isn't
When you hear krs in the house just runs and get our ticket
Because when you come into this jam, the party will be kickin'
All the wic wacs and dj's in the house jealous it get so sickenin'
Now cxt are some cool guys
Still getting paid without no ties
At least no jack and I can't hack it when you gonna ask the question why
I never liked working at mickey d's
All my life I got b's and c's
Down with the crew called bdp
Shifty, and e.p.i.c
Now when you be?


Put you mind over matter 'gather round the sound
Yeah gather 'round the sound
It don't get better, gather 'round the sound
Come on. gather 'round the sound.


I roll at light speed through
Space and time with a boom box of beats and a book of rhymes
Cosmo kinetic
I just don't get it
These fools want to rock
But their rhymes are pathetic
The epic, digital bliss.
The mega sound consists of a hard drive bits
Written under ground
Crazy town rock so hard, you'll go berserk with the sound that travels around the universe
I'll thoughts disperse we're the first and last
High class, white trash
Rolling a classic hover craft
In strong days the wickedest ways
Because the norm but it's far from the norm
When we perform check it
B-boys make some noise
Get connected
Respect it, you should expect the unexpected
B-girl reping at the front of the show. I'm a bad ass b-boy two triple o.


Dope thoughts come when I hear a kick drum a bass beat transforms
The level of the street and the lyrics
Boulevard status
Yo, I'm the baddest beach front punks
They insist I'm the raddest thing to hit ever since l.c.d
Hallucinate while I dominate
I bring satan to table
When I rock, there is not a label for it
Critics adore it
Homicidal as it gets your wrist slit
When I make suicidal imprints on your brain
I induce pain, so I'm insane
Hell bent burnt you like acid rain
Extraordinarily, I lyricize specialize
In body rocking rapping and macking two triple
O, I come to get down with my clique
Crazy town we came to get down
Yes, yes y'all we come to get down.

Put you mind over matter
Gather 'round the sound yeah 'gather round the sound
It don't get better gather 'round the sound come on, gather 'round the sound
Put your mind over matter
Gather round the sound yeah gather round the sound
It don't get better 'gather 'round the sound come on gather 'round the sound.

Cxt this the last trip.. this is the last trip.back to top
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