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Crimson Moon lyrics

Album: Into The Nocturnal Forset [1995]

 01  Nocturnity
 02  Veins Of Immortality
 03  Transcend The Darkness
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As the darkness calls out I awaken to the pack
Wandering the world of shadows I indulge in what he (God) forbid
Drinking the Blood of Mortals as a Full Moon reigns the night
Raise thy Chalice feed with lust, immortality is achieved

Power surges in me, guiding me with hate
I am the night that lasts forever
The cold winds of Nocturnity that haunt the feeble and weak

My senses are enhanced are enhanced as I thrive in the moonlight
The Sun shall rise no more, forever the immortals walk
Inherit the Earth to destroy, no mortal shall be spared
As their God is impaled on the inverted cross

Drink the Blood of Christ, not his impotent wine
His Angels are Forsaken, as we desecrate his bread(flesh)
The Horns of the Goat are nailed in his Skull

I am the ominous, the plague of the Christian fate
I am Darkness, forever Nocturnity.

(By Vampir Scorpios May 1995 Serpentlust Arts)back to top
Veins Of Immortality
Feasting on the Blood, Penetrate the flesh
Jugular open wide, spurring immortal life
Surging with the power, your blood makes me strong
Drinking from the Veins of Immortality

You will bleed for me, as I start to feed
Gushing from your soul, the blood that I let go
Join us in ritual to drink from these veins, for it is everlasting life.
We must feed amongst the living, and walk amongst the dead

(By Vampir Scorpios December 1994 Serpentlust Arts)back to top
Transcend The Darkness
Transcend the Darkness Dust to Dust, 1000 Moons old, rebirthed in opposites.
Confined to this World of Shadows, a journey amongst the dead.
Free from the harm of time, feast on the crimson wine.

Uncontrollable feeding, I must go on.
Dormant by Day, arising at dark

Fly with me, into the moonlight, entranced by it's opaque twilight
It's calling to me, with radiant control.
I levitate for the Moon my soul.

(By Vampir Scorpios December 1994 Serpentlust Arts)back to top
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