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Daemonarch lyrics

Album: Hermeticum [1998]

 01  Lex Talionis
 02  Of A Thousand Young
 03  Hermeticum
 04  Call From The Grave
 05  Saniyaza
 06  Nine Angels
 07  Incubus
 08  The Seventh Daemonarch
 09  Hymn to Lucifer
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Lex Talionis
Rising above the searching of love visions
I felt this,
Darkness resonance
Nailing a thousand nazarenes
Screaming through your thousand faces

Robed in black,
From this ritual madness.
The demons of the heart
I have learned to obey.

I have learned,
I have learned to obey

War is declared
There's blood everywhere.

???fast part???

[First verse]


War is declared. There's blood everywhere.back to top
Of A Thousand Young
thousands of
no one
bow together

Of a thousand Young

all we're good for

As we fall,
As we fall

Holy Mary and all the children
They lost the ?????

The ripped vagina of this world
Resists the sex of one thousand young

??? angles I behold
fathers mixed wih blood

I am what i am
into the ???? I speak

the only faces....

?? has come so farback to top
My House [my heart?]will become our shelter.
[Now that you took] inside my head.
Soon the levy wanes
And my fears grow [grovel?] in the dark.
as the seal I am in disguise.
I look down and there's my face
I look down and i fear
down on my hands in fornication

We'll be the rise and touch the earth.
with our crown
-----------------the ground

we'll fornicate

And you will see through me again

through me again

oh how we'll see
Join hands and-------
---------wash him away
in the silver light [night]

You can ??
you shall not feel
You feel ??
You'll fall ??
You will not see
You will not see
Your love
Our loss

Your Loss

When all is done
The voice of the mute will
The blind will see again
When all is to dark to be seen
The deaf will listen
When all is to loud to be heard
To finally follow their guilty gods

I fear
I lust
I hide
and seek [in sin]

When all is done

You'll see my face again
When all is done
dead corpseback to top
Call From The Grave
[lyrics by Quorthon]
(modified a bit by Langsayer to be a little different then the Bathory version)

God of heaven
Hear my cries of anguish
I'm in pain

I've suffered a thousand deaths
But i live on
In vain

Death would greet with eternal sleep
my soul will
Come to peace

My life has ceased, the time has come
Can no one
Hear my pleas?

Lowered down in the moist ground
Into the dark
And cold

My heart beat is the only sound
[Pain] tears my limbs
And soul

I scream for mercy, hear my cries
Lord don't
Abandon me

I'm so tired
Grant me the
Eternal sleep

Buried and forgotten
In a cold and nameless grave
If death is what's awaits me
I feel no fright

Buried and forgotten
In a cold and nameless grave
If there's a Lord in Heaven
Hear my call from the graveback to top
Saniyaza, touch me
The bowels once apart
And I will invent for you a victim
never conceived [those years?] before --- ?

Sanyaza ???
Will you ever be involved?

???? angel
small creatures
each one of us will have a new ??

Will you ever get involved?back to top
Nine Angels
[intro Portiguese??]



My first plight to infinite
??? springs to eternity
I'm the second one to tell of his glory
A world apart, in all its glory
Dessicate the messenger
This is a power with no end
The forge is a weapon -???_

Every light has its flame
And all the world will blame
For this ?(number)? will reign on mercy
to the ones who ask in vain.

Four is a number

and desist ?
is a perfect symmetry.

{fast part)

?? guards the truth
I'll succumb before your life is done

whispered (??)

Blood of Nine Angles
(Blood of Nine Angles)
Blood Of Nine Angels
(Blood of Nine Angels)back to top
Want to see a thousand wings?
Open, you'll see behind you
Open them all at once for me
Be prepared for what you see.

I wil die before.
I will live untouched

Listen to my thousand tongues,
Amplified by a thousand screams
Speak them all at once for me
Be prepared for what you hear.

Incubus, succumb to me.
Succubus incube with me <>
Incubus, Succubus

There is another
That will be a meaning
When you'll discover
Your time will be lost, but we'll see.

There is another
That will be a meaning
Incubus spreads with your disease
Succubus under a mass reveal
There is much more than I really mean
There is so little to be [a few]

(fast part)
Succubus incube with me I want to be your symmetry
Succubus arise in me I want to be the harmony
Succubus arise in me I want to touch in harmony
Succubus you've got to me I've got to feel the anarchy

(Whispered) Incubus succumb to me

Want to see a thousand wings?
Open, closing behind you
Open them all at once for me
Be prepared for what you see.

Listen to my thousand tongues
Amplified by a thousand screams
Speak them all at once for me
Be prepared for what you hear.

[chorus twice]back to top
The Seventh Daemonarch

Arisen by a silver sword
that lost its battle shine.
As i walk into the gate
I left that world behind.

My father wakes me with his calls
Rotten vile human pride
with fire rival the earth shall die

--- a thousand times
I was tempted by the fire
And with fire I shall depart.

(low chorus)
Always breathe and
feeling the tears

Arisen in my father's womb
Life sustain me for his might


No one can ever imagine
?? embrace the earth and sky
But you are drowning in fire
Through our invisible heart

I am Immortal
I cannot die
So help me Father
Your heart [heir?] is mine.


Tears run down my closing eyes
And all that fire burning inside

And ?? waits for the next to go.

(low spoken)
Hear me my beloved son,
I can not teach you
any further

A new Aeon
has began
Your the next to rise The Earth's Son!back to top
Hymn to Lucifer
I've had no spring, no asks, and no end
This body, above the light radiant
When novel passions send solicitors
Swept out the dark lust sweet passing
And there is no end to deal without curse
And blessed with sorrow the true source is
We're alive inside the universe
Where love and knowledge flow out innocent
The key of joy is:

(whispered) Disobedience

[Heavy Part]
[Your guess is as good as mine]

?? and the acts of sin

[same as above]back to top
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