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Dark lyrics

Album: Endless Dreams Of Sadness [1997]

 01  Nemesis Of Neglect
 02  Dawn Of The Gods
 03  When The Love Is Gone
 04  Gaias Masterpiece
 05  Fool
 06  A Taste Of Fear
 07  Brainsickness
 08  Embedded In Illusions
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Nemesis Of Neglect
There floats a phantom on the slums foul air
shaping to the eyes which have the gift of seeing
Nemesis of neglect nemesis of neglect
Into the specture of that loathly lair face it for your vein is fleeing
Nemesis of neglect nemesis of neglect
Red handed ruthless furtive unerrect
this murderous crime the nemesis of neglect
Darkness horror fear insanityback to top
Dawn Of The Gods
When the sky has turned to grey like a neverending decay
frozen tears in your eyes dawn of the gods thandle with care they said
this will be our last arise do you see the world's disguise
it looks like a grave of ice
Dawn of the gods has begun right now it's too late to regret your mistakes
If you don't give a damn to gods advise the flowers will fade to black
then you know for whom the bell tolls and the shortest straw will be drawn
no mercy no life you'll suffer 'til death
You've my master I'm your creature but you must obey to what I sayback to top
When The Love Is Gone
My love is lost she is gone forever now I'm alone for the rest of my life
My sweet love, I love you, until the end will fall
you're the only one, I will love you forever
I can't understand why you've changed those things
you left me without shedding a tear the remembrance in our past
is turning me insane
My dreams from eternal love are shattered I don't know what went wrong
the past is gone, but my life is going on... when the love is gone
Our separation has broken my heart but this is the real life
I thought that our love was made for eternity but this was only a lieback to top
Gaias Masterpiece
So far away there is a place untouched from human hand
saved from all bitterness
I had a vision I saw the light I felt the ease I saw Gaias Masterpiece
Is this the end? Will I meet my friends?
Life after death it's my final breath
My life has ceased
Tears are flowing my heart is bleeding don't forget me we will meet again
I had a vision I saw the light I felt the ease I saw Gaias Masterpieceback to top
Why do you play with fire and run towards disaster
your head is filled with drugs rid of all realizations
It slows time to a dimension you're flying through your brainspace
you've created a land of milk and honey where everything seems to be funny
You forget drugs' danger your life lost every kind of value
you fall into a hole but no one is there to help you
You're a fucking fool with drugs you are a tool
you're lying with your stinking breath sorry you are near to deathback to top
A Taste Of Fear
Moonlight burns your skin when you try to sleep
your sleeping dreams awake as nightmares
You fly across the sky on bloody wings of love
trying not to fall into a sea of sadness
A taste of fear
Moonlight turns to dust when all is said and done
now all love is lost before it has begun
Drowning in your tears suffocation's near
breathing your dead love like a taste of fearback to top
This hate goes back to the roots of mankind
but no one knows why it stays alive
This anger inside sick people's minds so many victims are already dead
The rage grows stronger when I see the pictures in the news
I cannot understand why no one stops these cruelties
They fight the wrong way for their political view
and if you're a stranger they'll also hate you
They celebrate death on all the streets of this world
together they're strong alone they've lostback to top
Embedded In Illusions
My sleep is unreal my dream is my life embedded in illusions
searching for the answer... to understand my life
What I see is weaved from my heart
emotions that I never felt before
Flames of water seas of fire a darkened sun and a burning moon
Red painted heaven white painted ravens whispering trees and burning seas
This is a world without hate this is a world of phantasyback to top
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