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Dark Opera lyrics

Album: The Day Of Pariah [1992]

 01  The Day Of Pariah
 02  Jonas Last Escape
 03  The Song Of Sadness
 04  The Firs Infinite Words
 05  Traveller In Time
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The Day Of Pariah
Take me from my fear
Life of sanity
Life... you're mine
Life... Death

Power and reign
Of my fear

Life... power

And where I live
We stone those who are different

Death... taken by,
Conquered all
Like my life...
It's fearback to top
Jonas Last Escape
The marble steps I climb
Twisted, humid, straight
To the gates of hell
I await the punishment for death

Dying eyes
Dawning eyes

I believe
Lying in the dirt
There's light
I remember
I always ranback to top
The Song Of Sadness
I am the Ghost of Evil
I am the Sadness
I can take you into Death
I can see how life dissolves

Temple of innocence
Smells stolen from gods
Footmarks on the cold floor

I pain Charon the promised coins
Don't ever mind power and reign
Now they are coming
Life leaves you

Song of Sadness
Song of Blackness
Black Matterback to top
The Firs Infinite Words
Give me the magic sign
So I can make the laws
I could show you
What is the truth

Life dissolves
Offend me
You'll die You the meek

Give me the throne
Give me a jester
Take away Life
And I can see you

I condemn you
Let them be grateful
for their livesback to top
Traveller In Time
Traveller in time
Flowing in a void of Fate
You have made the eyes of youth

Closed in your mind
Hurting it's so cold

What have you known
Closed in your mind

Traveller in time
For you is my fear
You will truly learn
To hate your mind

You'll die in hateback to top
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