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Darkening lyrics

Album: Awake [1996]

 01 Last Glory
 02  Frozen Time
 03  Master
 04  Silent Souls
 05  The Evil Black Lord
 06  Secret
 07  The Nameless One
 08  Walpurgisnight
 09  The eye on the throne
 10  Planet Of Mine
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Frozen Time
The Journey of dreams is for real
feel the senses, look inside
No fantasy to steal
Is this for real, or all in the mind

The essence no longer exists
Look in the mirror, your reflection is no longer there

Frozen time, light everywhere
is this for real, or fantasy
Peaceful light, so familiar
This is where you wanna be

No fears, never been here before
Everything is so beautiful here
Not able to compare

Far beyond the limits, seems like there's no way back
Reaching the border, you're body starts to shiver
Reality - inaccessible
Searching for a helping hand
Don't wanna go back to earth againback to top
By day and night
Always in fight
Within yourself...

The blackness of light
Shadows in sight
Within yourself...

Never ending story
What is over what is done
What will bring tomorrow, what will come
One rule that will all
Control all of your thoughts
Never contradict your master... master

Piece by piece
You gather your thoughts
Within your minds...
The resolve the mystery

It has been hidden for so long,
I cannot stand the light
Now that you must stay out of the sight

it will surprise, it will attack
You can't defend, do not show lack
Facing your...
Look him straight into the eyes
He will know all of your lies
Now... Masterback to top
Silent Souls
In the shades of darkness
Behind the gloomy sun
Silent souls will rest...

Playing the story
Someone else has made
They will break out fast...

One more in a million faces
Their hatred will no longer fade
No longer many graces
The end has already been made

In the lateness of the hour
Stars will fade away
Silent souls will rise...

They will mangle, they will fade
They will kill, they will raise

You scorn death
But you'll never breath again
Cause the silent souls won't let youback to top
The Evil Black Lord
High on the cemetary mountain
Where evil dwells in vain
Darkness rules eternally
And the Black Lord prevails

The black, the white
They will all die in pain
Evil rules, Satan gardes
Crucify in his name

Hell is where evil dwells an they shall come back
back from the death to dethrone the one you call,
God of Lies
I shall fight on his side to kill
and maim in the name of Hell

The Evil Black Lord
Blackened will be the sky
All men shall live in sorrow
And on that mountain
A black Emperor rises
He will rule together

On the blackest night,
we're ready to start up the fight
To destroy God's heaven, we will enslave them all
And as the heaven falls, creation is back on line

The Evil Black Lordback to top
Filled with fire, the eyes of mine
Cutting deeper than a knife
No tears, no emotions
In the darkness of my soul

They are secluded of the secret that I hide
I will take it to my grave when I die
No one has the key that fits the end
What happened can never be mend

The story goes on and on
Like a king never runs out of pride
But I would if I could
Stop the suffer, the suffer in my heart now

Remember the primordial
Like a king never runs
Like a king never runs out of prideback to top
The Nameless One
The Gods are awake
They are going to torture one
They gonna take a name
That they can sleep again

The nameless one
Shall agonise with death
The nameless one
Shall deprevate and die

Every fifth century
When the sun astized
They come to earth
And perish the soil

Then they search for his soul
And dishonour him
Then they rise above the ground
And return to there homeback to top
Midnight, Satan
The demon witch will rise
call from the skies
Hear the bodies cry
See the virgin die
Watch your soul...

The grave will be broke
The final word is spoken
Beware of the night
Walpurgis, Walpurgis, Walpurgisnight

Sinner Sodom

Prepare for the attack
God comes never back
Rape the dying whore
Rule the heavens war
Burn the Cross...

Beware of Satan's force
He will show no remorse
Stay out of sight
Walpurgis, Walpurgis, Walpurgisnight

Satan holds your life in his hands
Hear the evil sound rising up from hell
demon or belial, he feels no remorse
Praying for disaster, rule the Satan wars

Our minds are filled with hate
Hold high the blade
Hail the priest of hell
Sound the demon bell, laced in sin...
Another victim will die
Wear the sign of the scythe
Walpurgis, Walpurgis, Walpurgisnightback to top
The eye on the throne
The Beautiful Queen
Mistress of the Gods
Lady of all Harlots of Ur
Bright Shining One of the Heavens

The passed the Seven Watchers
With haste the entered the Palace of Death
And they beheld terrible sights
The demons of all the Abyss lay there
Dead but dreaming they clung to the walls
Of the House of Death
Faceless and terrible
The Annunnaki stared out
Blind and Mad Azag

The eye on the Throne
The dark Waters Stined
The eye on the Throne
The Gates of Lapis Lazuli

In the Dark
Unseen Monsters
Spawned at the Dawn of ages
Spawned by Hubur
Lead by Kingu
With haste they fled
Through the Palace of Death

Beloved of Enki
Lay hung and bleeding
From a thousand fatal wounds
Sensing there presence
Armed with Fire
Looked upon the Queen of Corpses
With the Ray of Fire
Armed with Flame
Locked upon the Queen of Graves
With the Rays of Flame
and Ereshkigalback to top
Planet Of Mine
Millions of people, will there be one
Holding the key, can it be done
No one has reached that state of mind
This planet, this planet of mine

Your sky turns purple
Now it colours black
As chaos rules and death attacks
You blind fool
The losing one
You have closed your eyes
Far too long

As the Gods of Darkness rule
And lay there will on you
A new world is about to be born
The one that you have scorn

Give up hope or change the rules
That would be so wrong
I can't blemish this planet of mine
What can be more wrongback to top
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